A Few of My Favorite Patterns

These are patterns that have been released recently from some of your favorite designers.  They are guaranteed sales for any shop because these ladies already have a following.  What is not to love???

Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings has been busy!  Not only does she have a new book out, she has created several new patterns this season.  These table runners are great handwork and take along projects – and a terrific way to introduce your customers to wool.  Check out our website for even more selections.

Item #PRI311  Retail $7.00

Item #PRI312  Retail $7.00

Edyta Sitar is as creative as always!  She thinks outside of the box and creates new techniques that makes it possible for everyone to make heirloom quality quilts.  Her color sense is the best in the business.  I love the way she combines batiks and reproduction fabrics – wow!!!

Item #LBQ0241  Retail $ 11.00

Item #LBQ0239  Retail $10.00

Amy Butler has been busy designing a home dec project as well as clothing.  You will love the results.  Both projects showcase large prints to their best advantage.

Item #AB046HB  Retail $ 12.95

Item #AB)45SJ  Retail $ 16.95

The gals that came up with the ever popular Snap Happy concept have two more hits on their hands.  They have now figured out how to use the tape measure closures in pockets – clever and fun!

Item #60BI  Retail $8.50

Item #61CC  Retail $ 9.00

Bareroots has several new wraps and candle mats out.  They are just adorable – and make great gifts.  Make one for every season. They are so affordable – you won’t be able to stop at just one!

Item #BR185 Retail $ 5.50

Item #BR188  Retail $5.50

And, last but not least, Meg at CrabApple Hill has been productive as always – and created some amazing embroidery patterns.  Enjoy!

Item #CAH263  Retail $25.00

Item #CAH260 (Block of the Month) $25.00

Item #CAH261 Retail $8.00

Item #CAH262  Retail $8.00

A Few of My Favorite Books….

I love books!  Who can resist curling up with the latest from one of your favorite authors and dreaming of your net project?  Following is a list of new releases from my favorite designers that are proven sellers.  I will share more as time allows, but didn’t want you to miss out on the latest books NOW!

I love everything that Kim Diehl does.  She has the most amazing color sense and the quilts in this book showcase her unique sense of style.

Item #B1034T  Retail $28.99

Karla Alexander has revisited her classic – Stack the Deck.  Her techniques has become a classic – and makes for a great class or demo.  You will love this version!

Item #B1074T  Retail $ 18.99

Barri Gaudet has just produced a classic.  She is famous for her beautiful embroidery projects.  Now she has published a book of instructions.  The next time a customer walks into your shop and needs some help, be prepared!

Item #BR183  Retail $ 16.99

Barb Adams and Alma Allen’s latest book includes beautiful quilts intertwined with mouth watering recipes.  What quilter doesn’t love to EAT & SEW???

Item #KCS237-1  Retail $26.95

Alma Allen has been busy!  Simply Vintage has her sense of style – and this time she partnered with Cherie Ralston for another classic!

Item #KCS13884  Retail $24.95

The latest addition to the Strip Therapy series – #5 – has striking quilts that are 2 1/2″ strip friendly.  Each quilt is a lesson in color – the cover quilt alone is worth the price!

Item #BPP520  Retail $20.00

And last but not least,Lisa Bongean has teamed up with Carole Charles to create Summer Gatherings.  I can’t resist her wool projects – and her booth is packed at every show.  Find out why she is so popular.  The textures will make you drool!

Item #PR1208  Retail $ 28.00

Creative Grids House Ruler by Quilt Branch

Creative Grids introduced a new ruler we call the “house” ruler since it is in the shape of a house. Watch the video and see all the shapes you can cut with this.

This video is rather long and takes awhile to load

Cut every shape under the roof! The House Ruler cuts half- square triangles; quarter-square triangles; trapezoids; parallelograms; diamonds from squares & rectangles; house shapes and barn shapes fast, easy and accurately. Designed by Susan Knapp & Mary Jane Mattingly of the Quilt Branch.

Creative Grids House Ruler 9-1/2in x 12in
List: $25.00

Item QB145
Six Halves Make A Whole Sampler
Retail: $14.50

Checker Open House – Save the Date August 23, 2010

This is our biggest party of the year – and we can’t wait for you all to come!  This event is all about demonstrations and education.  We have 20 demonstrators coming who will show you how to use the latest products, organize classes and demos around them, and have a whole lot of fun in the process.  In this case pictures, are worth a thousand words – so meet some of the vendors that will be coming:

Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day

Item #1082QD  Retail $ 29.95

Nancy Halvorsen of Art to Heart

Item #ATH541B  Retail $18.00

Kathy Brown of Teacher’s Pet

Item #B976T  Retail $22.99

Patsy Thompson of Patsy Thompson Designs

Item #FA1  Retail $29.98

Penny Haren – Pieced Applique

Item #L11249  Retail $27.95

Mary Jane Mattingly and Susan Knapp of Quilt Branch

Item # QB145  Retail $14.50

Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction

Item #AB12300  Retail $29.99

Nancy Johnson-Srebro

Item #10728  Retail $ 21.95

Mimi Shimp, Demonstrator for Simplicity

Item #881979  Retail $37.99

Karla Alexander of Saginaw Street Quilts

Item #B1000T  Retail $ 26.99

Rital Fishel – Creative Grids Goddess and AQS author

Item #AQS7079  Retail $ 22.95

Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs

Item #LGD127  Retail $12.00

Pat Barry of By Design Quilting

Item #Z0614  Retail $27.99

Karen Montgomery of The Quilt Company

Item #TQC272 Retail $8.50

Kim Templin of Double Diamond Ruler

Item #BQNDRULER  Retail $21.95

Annie Unrein

Item #PBA175  Retail $9.95

Karen Eckmeier of The Quilted Lizzard

Item #QLCF7  Retail $9.00


Item #SX656820  Retail $399.99

MorninGlory Designs will be sharing some new jacket patterns that are sooo new, they aren’t in our system yet!  And Carol Poland will demonstrate all of the new Clover products.  We will pull many of the products being demonstrated so you can take them home that day – as well as shop the thousands of bolts of fabric.  Consider pre-ordering batting and ORMD items and pick them up that day to save on shipping costs.  This is just the Monday line-up.  There will be classes and lectures on Sunday as well.  I will let you know the details as soon as everything is confirmed.

Personally, I have attended most of the national wholesale and retail shows – but this is my favorite – bar none!  This show has personality – what other show offers free parking, free admission, hotels across the street, fabulous door prizes, educational opportunities, a catered lunch, AND gives you beepers so you don’t have to wait in line.  Come and let us spoil you for a day – you will be glad you did!

A Few of My Favorite Notions…

These are some products that caught my eye at Market.  Some are available in new scents or packaging.  Some are just plain new.  I will let you know more when I get a chance to play with them – but if you want to be in on the fun, order them now so your customers can check it out.  Not everything is available – but most of it is in stock or on its way.  Be the first to share!

Mary Ellen’s Spray Starch has come out with a new scent that I just love – Linen Fresh.  It smells fresh and clean – you will love it too!  It is available in all of the sizes as your other favorites.

Item #560066  Retail $3.99

Katahdin is a mountain in Maine – the home of Bosal – and the inspiration behind this line of batting.  It has no scrim or resin and is 100% cotton – and can be quilted every 8″.  Everyone at market loved it – see what you think!  It is available in a multitude of sizes.

Item #397B-WHT  Retail $25.75 90″ x 96″

Sue Pelland has designed a series of rulers that were the talk of Market.  These will be the star of your demo day.  These rulers let you cut leaves and ribbons perfectly every time.  Just prepare your fabric with your favorite fusible and cut a multitude of leaves in minutes.  A simple repositioning of the ruler cuts ribbon tendrils that will add the awe factor to all of your projects.  They come in three sizes.

Item #MGL15  Retail $ 19.95 (Petite)

Item #MGL18 Retail $21.95 (Norme)

Item #MGL24  Retail $23.95 (Galore)

Roxanne’s Glue has a new non-clog package.  Before storing, squeeze the bottle to release air through the nozzle to remove any glue.  What a great improvement on a favorite product!

Item #RX-GL1  Retail $7.50

Transfer-Eze is a great product that has a multitude of uses.  I have a feeling, the light bulb will go off and you will come up with even more uses – it is so versatile!  You run this product through a printer and transfer your pattern directly onto the paper.  Then, you iron it to the fabric and stitch right through it.  It is easy to needle and easy to remove as soon as the stitching is done.  No more tracing required!  It is available in 10 and 30 packs.

Item #TE30 – Retail $40.00
Item #TE10 – Retail $15.00

Sizzex is a new product that makes affordable machines and dies to cut shapes from your fabric quickly and easily.  It comes in two sizes – a home and commercial version.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.  The dies are created to utilize the most of your fabric – and are very affordable.

Item #SX656815  Retail $99.99

Any or all of these products could be the star at your next demo day or shop hop.  Order them now so you have time to play…..

Creative Grids Curves For Squares 6in x 24in Ruler

Here is the last new ruler for Creative Grids Rulers that Karla Alexander has designed.

Creative Grids Curves For Squares 6in x 24in Ruler
Retail: $25.00

Item SSQ399
Square Borne
Retail $9.00

Item SSQ406
Wavy 9 Patch Hour Glass
Retail $9.00

Item SSQ404
Retail $9.00

Machine Quilting with Patsy Thompson

Patsy Thompson knows how to make a sewing machine sing – and I am talking a full choir!!!  Most of you are familiar with Patsy because she has a series of DVD’s on machine quilting.  These DVD’s are our top sellers in that Market.  Her latest C.D. – Free Motion Fun with Feathers – is a double disc set with over 3 1/2 hours of instruction.  This one showcases different border techniques that will make your borders the true showcase for your entire quilt.  After all, borders are the frame for your quilt – so lets give them the attention they deserve!

Item #FMWFW4  Retail $44.95

Now Patsy has added author to her resume – and you will love the results!  “Feather Adventures!” is 140 pages of full color pictures of her exquisite quilting done in a multitude of colored threads on vibrant backgrounds.  The designs turn relatively simple patterns into works of art.  This book is simply eye candy for the soul!

Item #FA1  Retail $29.98

In this example, Patsy quilted a wreath, added quilting using heavier, decorative thread, and then embellished it with crystals!  How beautiful!  The days of quilting in neutral colors so it blends into the background are over!

Hyper quilting is when you quilt a piece and then go back and embellish it with even more stitching in decorative threads in a multitude of colors.  This has become Patsy’s signature.  She was one of the first to experiment with this technique and make it an art form.  This book showcases that aspect of her work.

Item #HQ  Retail $19.95

But for those of you – like me – who are intimidated by the quality of her work – and don’t know where to start…..Patsy has designed a series of stencils.  Some of us just have to take baby steps – but when an expert like Patsy is holding your hand – and the end results are this spectacular – who cares!  I love to hand quilt and can’t wait to incorporate some of these into my projects – there just isn’t enough time in the day!

Item #PT32L  Retail $5.20

She has also designed stencils for borders and those odd places that just need a little more pizazz.

Item #PT23L  Retail $ 5.20

Item #PT28L  Retail $3.35

The quilting really does make or break a quilt, so give it the time it deserves!  Let these products jump start your creativity.

Creative Grids Curves For Rectangles 6in x 24in Ruler

Here is another great ruler by Karla Alexander

Cut gentle curves from six different sizes of rectangles easily. Use these pieced, curved rectangles to replace any rectangle in a traditional block – add a sense of movement for a dramatic effect. The finished rectangle is 1in less than the cut size. Designed by Karla Alexander. Made in USA

In stock for immediate delivery.


Retail $25.00



Retail $9.00



Retail $9.00

Needle Threaders are soooo Last Year

Meet a new generation of needles!  The spiral eye needle has arrived.  This is like no self-threading needle you have ever seen.

This needle threads from the side – and has a locking mechanism – that keeps the thread in place.  There has never been anything like it – and it just gets better…..

These needles are the only sewing needles made in the USA and are made of surgical steel.  That means that they won’t rust, won’t break, and stay sharp.  Surgical steel is magnetic – so if you drop one, it is easy to find.

Most needles these days are nickel plated.  If you are allergic to ear rings and jewelery, you may be allergic to nickel.  That means you may be allergic to your sewing needles.  These are user friendly!

They come in a multitude of types – betweens; sharps; darners; tapestry; and chenilles.  And, they come in a multitude of sizes.  Check out our website to choose the size and type that are best for you!


Itty Bitty Cards that Pack a Punch

Itty Bitty Witty Knitties is a cottage industry that is a feel good story.  Kim Cheeley’s brother is a doctor in Kunming – the capital of the Yunan Province in south-central China.  The knitted swatches and and mini-quilts are made by a dozen deaf women who participate in a vocational training program he started there.  These women now know sign language, make a living wage, have medical insurance and retirement funds.  These cards make you feel good – from start to finish!

Quilters knitters – have a great sense of humor, and these cards are just quirky enough to make them laugh out loud.  Who could resist sentiments like these:

Do you think these dark colors are slimming?…….Or does this quilt still look fat?

Item #IBQ2Q  Retail $4.80
Minimum of 3

There is a very fine line between “hobby” & “mental illness.” – Dave Barry……..I walk the line – Johny Cash

Item #IBQ7Q  Retail $4.80
Minimum of 3

Do you ever feel you own entirely too much fabric?…..Me Neither.

Item #IBQ42Q  Retail $4.80
Minimum of 3

Knitties is in the company name, so knitters have their own line…..

I’m feeling a bit sheepish about missing your birthday…..If this were cashmere, I’d be feeling a bit goat-ish.

Item #IBK8K  Retail $4.80
Minimum of 3

And now for the final word on knitting socks…..whaddya mean you’d like one for the other foot!?!

Item #IBK31K  Retail $4.80
Minimum of 3

They even have designed a cute rack that is the perfect size of a counter display.


If you want to keep laughing, follow this link to see the complete line of cards: http://www.checkerdist.com/products/search?v=I950.