Oliso Irons won “one of the best inventions” for a reason

It was love at first site!  My sales rep happened to walk in the door as my iron bit the dust after being bumped off the ironing board one too many times.  I was one of the first to purchase this iron – and would not use any other product!  It is that good!

Item #10001004

Frankly, I am hard on irons.  I leave it sitting on my ironing board – in the “on” position – 24 hours a day.  The only time I manage to take down the board is when I am having company – but since most of my friends are quilters, they don’t seem to mind!  And, I have two dogs – which explains why they get bumped off of my ironing board so often.

Enter the Oliso!  It sits on my ironing board in a horizontal position and has built-in lifters.  There are sensors in the handle that control the lifters.  When you place your hand over the scensors, the iron drops down and is ready for use – no more twisting your wrist constantly!

As an added bonus, I haven’t burned myself once in the past three years!  The soleplate is not exposed so when I’m talking with my hands, I am perfectly safe.  Come to think of it, talking with my hands could also be how my past irons ended up on the floor…..maybe the dogs were completely innocent…..but that’s another story….

Filling it is a breeze – since it is also done from a horizontal position – and the opening is larger than my old iron.  And, it closes so I haven’t experienced any sputters and leaking.

It automatically shuts off if not used in eight minutes so if I get interrupted and forget to shut it off, I’m safe.  And, when I touch the handle, it automatically heats up again!

I love intelligent design – and there are features built into this iron that I didn’t even realize until I was researching this article.  For instance, there is a gap between the sole plate and the iron so it can slip under buttons, pockets, and cuffs, and press them beautifully. 

I know I sound like an infomercial – but I love this iron!  I gave one to a friend who joined the military last year.  It was the perfect iron for his dress whites (a Navy man) – no scorching, no sheen, and the constant steam produced perfect creases.  

Sometimes a gadget can be the perfect Christmas present – and this is it!  Reserve one at your favorite quilt shop – and if no one gets if for you, do yourself a favor – buy it for yourself!  Join the 21st Century – you’ll be glad you did!

Christmas Gifts you still have Time to Sew

I was looking at the top 20 patterns this week – and noticed a trend.  I am not the only one who hasn’t started making my gifts!  The top sellers this time of year are projects that can be completed in an afternoon. 

Order these patterns NOW so when your customers come in looking for something quick, you’re ready.  Better yet – kit it for them.  Most of these patterns only take a few fabrics- and your customers don’t have time to shop – they need to be at their sewing machines……

Don’t forget to order any companion items that they may need – interfacings, baggie bottoms, etc.  Your customers need one stop shopping – and will thank you for it!


These Bosa Nova Bags are actually meant to be gift bags – but they are so classy, no one will care what is inside!  Throw in a bottle of wine for the perfect hostess gift!  Some of you may have seen the proto-types at our Open House in August – well, this is it!  You may even have time to have a quick class or demo them at an Open House.  Go Green never looked prettier – I can guarantee that no one will ever throw away this wrapping paper!

Item #CCT504 Retail $9.95
Bosa Nova Bags

Many of you loved the Miranda Bag – and made it one of our top sellers.  But have you seen the “Mini Miranda”?  It is the perfect size to make quickly and easily – and you already know how to make it – less fabric, less time – more fun!  Fill it with sample sizes from the drug store – who could resist!

Item #LGD123 Retail $9.00                       Item #LGD124 Retail $9.00
Miranda Bag                                                Mini Miranda Bag

The Charm Party Tote has been number one for a long time – because they don’t even have to cut the fabric!  A pack of 5″ squares gets you started!  BUT, it is also a great way to create beautiful gifts from your stash!  Cut your own to cut down on expenses.

Item #PS016 Retail $9.00
Charm Party Tote

And, don’t forget the Bow Tucks Bag and the Mini Bow Tucks.  There is a reason that Penny Sturgis’s patterns are consistently in the top 20 – they are adorable!  Consider giving them the pattern as part of the gift.  When everyone is oohing and aahing over their present, they can make them one next year – the ultimate gift that keeps on giving!   

Bow Tuck Bag                          Mini Bow Tuck Bag
Item #PS008 Retail $9.00      Item #PS026 Retail $9.00

The Wonder Wallet is my all time favorite Christmas gift!  It is the perfect way to give a gift card – and you can make a boatload of them in just a few hours!  Or, make some up and stick in your business card – what a great thank you gift for a valued customer.  OR, write a thank you note to the perfect host – and use the Wonder Wallet as an envelope…..or use them as table favors at your Christmas party….or make them for your card club and slip in the “ante” for your next game…….

Item #LGD211 Retail $7.00
Wonder Wallet

And, the Jelly Bag uses 2 1/2″ strips and is a great way to use up those scraps – quick, simple and charming!  And, the handle detail is the icing on the cake – who could resist!!!

Item #BHD1100 Retail $8.50
Jelly Bags

For those 20 somethings on your list, why not stitch up an Amy Butler bag?  I am making the Birdie Sling for a baby gift.  It holds absolutely everything – and doesn’t look like a diaper bag.  A friend is making three for teachers who are expecting in her building.  The other teachers are filling the bags with baby items.  Talk about a great presentation!  The Frenchy Bag is also in the top 20 – and why not.  The wide top band gives it such a sense of style – and you can easily make it in an afternoon – no quilting required!

Item #AB036BI Retail $12.95      Item #AB025FB Retail $12.95
Birdie Sling                                     Frenchy Bag

And let’s not forget Terry Atkinson’s first foray into totes – the Take Along Tote.  I saw the original at Market and fell in love with it.  It is just the right size – and the shoulder strap adds great detail.  But, I love the slanted side pocket – the perfect place for my cell phone si I can actually find it!

Item #ATK143 Retail $8.00
Take Along Tote


Handmade Gifts by the Dozen

All of us belong to garden clubs, knitting clubs, card clubs – and, yes,  even a few quilting clubs!  And, every year, we would like to make them “just a little something” for the Christmas party….or we need a quick hostess gift…..or teacher gift……but have we done it yet?????  Of course not – and that is where our favorite shop owner steps in! 

Here are just a few ideas that can save the day.  These can all be mass produced in a matter of hours – and are so much more personal than a candle or coffee mug!  None of them need to be sent to a machine quilter, so when you’re done – you’re done!

Pin Cushions

These are quick, easy and a great way to use up your stash so everyone gets something a little different.  The cupcakes would be adorable done in Christmas colors and displayed in the shape of a tree. 

Item #LB501  Retail $6.00

These pieced ones already look like miniature Christmas packages so just wrap them in a pretty ribbon and save the expense – and time – of wrapping!  Just place them under a miniature tree on the buffet and you also have the centerpiece.  Don’t you just love a two for one???

Item #IJ748 $8.99


But we all know that this holiday is all about food!  And, thankfully there are people out there who love to cook as much as we love to sew.  If you happen to be lucky enough to be invited to a holiday dinner or are the recipient of holiday cookies every year, consider making the chef or baker an apron.  It is the perfect hostess gift.  And, this pattern by Vanilla House also has a companion children’s pattern that starts at 18 months!  How cute is that!  


Item #VHD132  Retail $8.00           Item #VHD137 Retail $9.00

 Quilt as You Go Projects

This table runner is one of our most popular patterns for a reason – it is quilted as you sew so it literally can be done in about three hours.  Consider fussy cutting the center square for a personal touch.

Item #GE101  Retail $8.00

But, if you really need to make someone a quilt there is still time.  Make a Rag Time quilt.  They are warm, cozy and are quilted as you go so you can finish it in a day.  Sometimes I think it takes longer to cut the fringe than it does to sew it!  This may be the perfect job to turn over to your significant other during those long football games!

 Item #SB100  Retail $7.00


Sometimes a handmade ornament is just the ticket and dresses up any holiday table or package.  These woolen ornaments are a great way to use up scraps and embellishments.  And, they are great handwork for those road trips this time of year.

Item #PO803 $4.99  

Item #KO508  $14.99 (kit)

The Ultimate Child’s Gift

As a new grandma, I just couldn’t resist.  This teepee is the cutest project I have seen in a long time – and what could be easier!  If you have any of that Halloween glow in the dark fabric left, wouldn’t that be a great lining?  What child could resist?

Item #SEW020  $8.95

Take a little time to enjoy the spirit of the season! 


Puff Quilt Tool

Clover introduced their Puff Quilting Clips Sets 4 Tools In 1 in two sizes at the Houston Quilt Market. For those who have been quilting for twenty plus years, you might remember the “Biscuit” quilts. These clips help you make this style of quilt, as well as several others. Add dimensional designs to your quilt, whatever your crafting level, and artistic flare may be. Starter set includes 4 clips, 2 templates (base and top) 1 syringe and a bar. Approx. finished sizes is 2 3/8in.  Get 12 more clips for all your dimensional design needs in the refill package.  Approx. finished sizes is 2 3/8in for the large size and  1 9/16″ for the smaller size.
Large Puff Quilting Clips               

Item# 8401CV Retail $10.95        Additional clips 8403CV

Project using Puff Quilt clips

Close up of project.

Enjoy the video.  Fran from Clover explains how to use the clips.

If you have trouble viewing the video above, click on this link and watch from the site it was made.









Tis the Season for Embroidery…..and wool….and felting….

I love embroidery – and am thrilled that Checker just picked up one of my favorite designers – Bird Brain Designs.  I am a Christmas nut – and dream about a day when I can have a Christmas tree covered in her redwork ornaments….redwork stockings will be hung by the chimney with care – you get the picture.  But, the best part is, an unfinished project, strategically placed in a basket IS a decoration!

Item #BBD160 – Retail $9.00          Item #BBD125 – Retail $9.00

But first I have to learn how to do a decent backstitch!  I spent some time speaking to the “experts” – those people who’s work I admire.  Here are some of their hints….

Robin Kingsley – the creator of these adorable designs – uses DMC #8 Pearl Cotton – color #498 (Item #116-8-0498).  It is twisted so it doesn’t fray and break like standard floss.  She traces her design with a very fine red pigma pen (Item #XSDK00519) so if there is any “gap” in the stitching, it is not a problem – and you don’t have to worry about removing all of the markings.

Here Comes Santa #BBD250          Snowmen & Reindeer #BBD301

Another designer traces several small designs on one background so it is easier to “hoop” her work.  She uses Kona Cotton Snow for her foundation fabric.
Santas  Item #BBD145                  Snowman  Item #BBD146

A friend uses two layers of fabric so that she can trail her threads on the back of the work – and doesn’t have to worry about the threads and knots shadowing through.

Another friend uses a straw needle and embroidery floss.  She uses a size nine John James needle so she can thread from one to three strands as needed.  Her work is exquisite.  And, I am going to bribe her with Peach Cobbler over the holidays and spend an evening watching her stitch!  After all, spending time with friends and family that you love is the real meaning of Christmas.  The stockings and ornaments may just have to wait until next year…….but the embroidery lessons are another matter!

But Robin’s talents are not limited to embroidery.  She does absolutely adorable wool designs as well!  Who could resist these adorable projects?  And, lucky for me, I DO know how to do a mean buttonhole stitch!  I use DMC #8 pearl cotton – in fact, I love this stuff so much that I have baskets full in every conceivable color!  It is twisted and is equivalent to approximately three strands of floss and has the most wonderful sheen…..

And the Stockings were Hung       Roly-poly Woolen Ornaments
#BBD327   Retail $9.00                 #BBD261  Retail $9.00

And for those of you who have caught the felting bug, Robin has patterns for you too.  Check out our website for patterns and ideas for EVERY season.  Enjoy!

Long Tall Santa & Snowman          Gray Squirrel
Item #BBD265                              Item #BBD239

The Quilter’s Duct Tape

What is  Lickity Grip?

Lickity Grip is the most versatile product to hit our industry in years!  I spent some time with Laura Field, the developer of this product at Quilt Festival – and she is one smart cookie!  She built a better mouse trap – and in the process, developed a product that will become indispensable to every quilter.

In another life, I was an accountant and used that tacky goo to count money and separate checks.  There were containers of it on every bank counter and accounting department in the country!   This product is a quilter’s version of that age old product – but Laura has thought of everything and reformulated it for ALL of our needs.

Item #LG1077 Retail $6.99 

LickityGRIP is a grip enhancer that attracts moisture to give you a better grip for better control.  Pick up – and separate – fabrics for quick and easy piecing.  Line up the edges of these same fabrics to sew accurately. 

Machine quilters are using it instead of gloves for better control and less hand fatique.  They are applying it to their fingers AND palms to move their quilts in all directions quickly and easily. 

Even rotary cutting is easier – holding the ruler and picking up the fabrics is a breeze!

And, for those of you who love handwork, it is easy to grip your needle and pull it through efforlessly!  Run the end of your thread through your fingers before threading your needle.  It will eliminate all of those little fuzzies that make threading a needle frustrating – especially for those of us over 50.  You won’t believe what a difference it makes…

But, why is it so ideal for a quilter’s needs?  It has no odor; is acid free; hypoallergenic; non-staining; and is not greasy or gummy – and won’t leave a sticky residue on your fingers.  All of the ingredients are food grade.  There are no perfumes, dyes, wax, rubber, lanolin, or animal by-products.  But, all of that just means it works! It is so safe, that many customers even use it as a lip balm – you can’t get much safer than that!

Laura put as much thought into the container as she did into the product – and that is saying something!  The lid is attached so you will never loose it – or have to waste time looking for it.  It has a non-skid bottom so you can apply it with one hand.  And, It is large enough so you can apply it to three fingers at a time. 

How do I use LickityGrip?

Press and swirl your fingertips several times in a circular motion across LickityGRIP.  Rub them with your thumb until dry – it only takes a few seconds.  Once LickityGRIP is dry it will not stain your fabrics, papers or other crafting materials.  Reapply as necessary.

If you are machine quilting or using the palms of your hands in addition to your fingertips, swirl your fingers across the LickityGRIP and then rub your fingertips on your hands until dry spreading Lickity GRIP evenly to all surfaces desired. Reapply as necessary.

What a great stocking stuffer – just keep a box by the register.  Your customers will love it!

Thanks for the Memories “Houston, 2008”

What can we say – Houston was awesome.  Frankly, we didn’t really know what to expect!  Hurricane Ike had been in the news for weeks – and reports of the damages were extensive.  And, we are from Ohio.  Ike knocked out power in 35% of our state when we experienced 75 mile an hour sustained winds.  Personally, I lost a roof – and we were in OHIO!  We could only imagine what our neighbors to the South were experiencing.

It is no wonder that everyone was nervous.  But, as soon as we arrived in Texas, we felt right at home.  That Texas hospitality took over – and the show was the best ever! 

The city was vibrant, friendly, and welcoming!  The downtown was booming every night with concerts and basketball games.  The House of Blues welcomed Willie Nelson to its grand opening.  The people – and city – were up and running – and ready for a party.  They were not going to let a little thing like a hurricane get them down! 

And, Quilts, Inc. did not disappoint – their organizational skills are amazing – and much appreciated!

In less than 48 hours the convention center is transformed from a bare, concrete floor building to the home of over 500 vendors!  It is amazing to watch!  This is truly a team effort.  And, at the same time that the space the size of an average apartment is being transformed into our booth, business is still being conducted. 

The moving crates…

Vendors are bringing new products to the buyers, fabric manufacturers are dropping off samples, schoolhouse classes are being taught and attended by everyone, and deals are being made!  And, Market hasn’t even opened it’s doors to our customers!

And within 36 hours…. 

it is transformed….

New friends are made……

And, we get to spend five glorious days with people who love quilting – and our industry as much as we do!  Enjoy the slide show – and – thanks for the memories!  Just click on this link:



Highlights and Winners at the Fab Shop Dinner

The Fab Shop dinner is the kick off event for Market each year,  Fab Shop offers quilt shops across the country information, class ideas, and a support system to make their businesses more successful. 

Let the party begin…..                                           

The folks at Fab Shop know how to throw a party – always with a theme – that guarantees a fun and entertaining night!  This year, Checker sponsored two tables – for double the fun!  Spending an evening with our customers – and learning what we can do to make our business better – is the perfect beginning to a busy week!
Pepper Cory and Rob comparing notes                 

Rob Krieger – the President of Checker

This year, Checker joined forces with June Taylor to provide one of the highlights of the auction – a Quilter’s Dream Wall.  When two shops decided to combine their “funny money: and  join forces to bid on it, June Taylor decided to award it to BOTH stores!  Generosity like that is why they are one of the top companies in our industry!  

Congratulations to the lucky winners!

Country Stitches
30 West Main St
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
Priscilla Ryan, Owner
Doug Hand – Sales Rep

Bernina Sewing and Design
2001 Lohman #117
Las Cruces, NM 88001
Gene McFarland – Sales Rep

FabShop Credit memo Winners from Houstom 2008.

Checker also donated gift certificates in the form of credit memos.  These grand prizes were won by the following stores – who got to go on a fun-filled shopping spree at the Checker Booth:

$750 cost Credit Memo on a New order:
All Hands Around Quilt Shop LLC.
3400 Summitt Ave
Waukesha, WI 53188
Grace Marko
Liz Lois, Sales Rep

$500 cost Credit Memo on a New order:
The Borne Quilter
1507 Kaliste Saloom Rd Suite F
Lafayette, LA 70508
Renee-Claire & Keith Borne
Doug Hand, Sales Rep

$250 cost Credit Memo on a New order:
Online Quilting Community & Fabric Store
PO box 265
Wellborn, TX 77881
Jessica J.E. Smith
Kelly Neilson Sales Rep
Rob congratulating the prize winners…………………

Don’t even ask……need we say more??????

A Wrap Up of Market

What happened to our time at Market???  It just flew by….We were so busy in the booth that I didn’t have time to leave – and that is a VERY good thing for our industry!  It could be our biggest market ever!


Rita Fishel and I got to go teach schoolhouses on my book and Creative Grids rulers.  We make a great tag team – and if nothing else, we laugh a lot and had the luxury of sending everyone back to the booth for a more in-depth presentation!  We designed some patterns using the specialty Creative Grids rulers. 

Checker also sponsored a School House for Meg Cox who wrote the Quilter’s Catalog.  It is a 600 page manual of everything you need to know, didn’t know you needed to know, and ever wanted to know about our industry.  It truly is an encyclopedia of our industry!

She is quickly becoming the Johnny Appleseed of quilting.  Meg was a journalist with the Wall Street Journal for 17 years and wrote this book as an “outsider”.  Therefore, she brings a fresh new approach to the industry.  She hosts quilting parties at local bookstores, libraries, coffee shops, etc. to expose more people to quilting who may be too intimidated to walk into a quilt shop.  Meg invites the owner of the local quilt shop to these events as well as members of the local guilds.  In most cases, people learn that they are located in an area rich in quilting!

Meg has agreed to write a guest article for our newsletter explaining how she hosts one of these parties – watch for it!

Item #13881 Retail $18.95

Author Signings

We had authors demonstrate and sign books every hour and a half.  Rita demonstrated the Creative Grids rulers on the other side of the booth – and we were packed!  Fourteen authors shared their time and talents with all of us.   We love our jobs!  Where else can you work where they bring a quilt show to your booth – literally every hour of the day!  You gotta love it!  These book signings have become so popular that at one point we had problems with “crowd control”.  50 books divided into 150 quilters just doesn’t work so we are taking steps to eliminate that problem next year – promise!

We have learned that our customers can’t sell a product until they know how to use it – and the demonstrations are always popular!  Education has become an important part of our business.

Product Highlights

I didn’t get to see the whole show because we were so busy, but I CAN tell you about some of my favorites so far.  Some of these items are so new that we haven’t added everything into the system, but I wanted to give you a heads up so you know it is coming. 

Remember, after Market we have literally thousands of new products to add to our system so it takes a couple of weeks to complete the paperwork.

Kona Muslin

Kona has come out with a QUALITY muslin in 45″; 90″ and 118″ widths.  This is the best thread count I have seen – bar none – and it is affordably priced!  Your customers will love it. 

Taylor Made Designs

Cindy has a new book out that is a great companion to her pajama bottom pants!  It is a bathrobe – just like those luxerious ones that they have at the hotels and spas.  She used the most gorgeous fabrics on the outside and added piping, ruffles, pockets, etc. to give them a personal touch. 

Sometimes she lined them with terry cloth.  Now you would think that would be easy – but guess what!  We only found one company that carries it any more!  I took the swatches over to Cindy and she chose a 13 ounce velour that we picked up so you can have it for your shops!  Lynn, the notions buyer, found the piping that Cindy recommends – so you can get everything you need from us!  As soon as these items are entered into our system – and available for purchase, I will let you know the item numbers, etc.!

These “one size fits all” robes are the perfect introduction into clothing for your shop – and a great way to sell those large prints!  I want to make one for all of the girls in my family.  Wouldn’t that be fun Christmas morning!

Item #TMB168 Retail $16.00


These credit card sized magnifiers have a light built in!  They come with a little plastic case so you can take them anywhere.  They are perfect for those of us who are beginning to need a little help reading the menu or pattern instructions – or threading a machine needle…..  and, at around $6.00 retail, they are a great stocking stuffer!

Sold in assortments of 36:
Item #OPTI-RETRO (a variety like the sample shown)
Item #OPTI-SAFARI (a variety of animal prints)

Atkinson Designs

I love her patterns – Terry has two new quilts out and one purse.  And, I love them all.  The purse is the perfect size for the essentials and is made of quilted fabric so it has some body to it.  I loved the outside slanted pocket for my cell phone.  It would be a great class to demonstrate free motion quilting – and then sew the quilt into this purse.  Don’t you love two for ones?
 The quilts are beautiful too – just what you have come to expect from one of our greatest designers!
Item #ATK143 Retail $8.00         Item #ATK142 Retail $8.00
Item #ATK144 Retail $8.00


Turning Twenty Simply Sashed

 I am at Quilt Festival and sat with a vendor yesterday that sold out of this book the second day – and she had over 100!  She had kits too, so she was grinning from ear to ear!  It looks like this one will be as popular as the original so order now!  My favorite is the batik quilt with the black sashing – a stained glass quilt without all of the work!

Item #FF121 Retail $14.95

Amy Butler
Amy has added a few clothing patterns to her line that are simply adorable.  For those of you who loved her Cabo Halter top, she has added the Sun and Surf Halter.  And the apron pattern has an altered hem that just gives this project that “ahhh” factor!

Item #AB0385H Retail $15.95       Item #AB037DG Retail $15.95

Presencia Metallic ThreadsPresencia has increased their metallic thread line to include even more colors.  I had a wonderful conversation with them.  They told me that most metallics have a core of rice paper so they are not strong enough to withstand the stress of sewing on a machine.  This metallic has a core of silver – yes, real silver – so it does not fray, break, or create all of the other problems that have haunted metallics in the past.  They gave several cones of this thread to some long arm dealers at the show and they loved it – it quilted with absolutely no problems.  They even gave me a spool to try so I will let you know when I get home to play with it.  This could be a VERY good thing….. 

Bird Brain Designs

I have always loved these designs, and was thrilled to learn that they have now joined the Checker family!  The patterns will be added to the system shortly.  They specialize in embroidery, wool applique, and felting.  Here is just a sampling of what you have to look forward to…

I have always loved these designs, and was thrilled to learn that they have now joined the Checker family!  The patterns will be added to the system shortly.  They specialize in embroidery, wool applique, and felting.  Here is just a sampling of what you have to look forward to…

Marti Michell 

Marti has become the new spokesperson for Aurifil threads and has chosen her favorites for one of their beautiful display cases.  Aurifil is known for beautiful cotton threads in a dazzling array of colors that are perfect for all of your sewing needs.

We had a brain storming session one afternoon – and I can tell you that they are working on a new idea for Spring Market that you will love!!!!  When Marti is behind a product, you know it is great!

Quilt Festival
Today is the last day of Quilt Festival and I go home tomorrow.  The wealth of knowledge and talent is unbelievable.  Put this on your bucket list – it absolutely is a must see!  With 50,000 quilters in one place, you are sure to have a good time!
 This is the third national show this month so life has been pretty crazy for everyone in our industry!  But, you have to love our jobs!  I have spent 18 out of the last 30 days in venues with literally thousands of quilters and shop owners – and vendors – and quilts! 

I took lots of pictures but unfortunately, Rob hired me for my enthusiasm – and not my computer skills!  I lost my camera and replaced it before market.  It turns out that the same camera has been “upgraded” so I can’t transfer the pictures for you all to see until I install another program!  I will do that when I get home and share the photographs next week.  As for now, I am off to take pictures of THIS show.  I’ll let you know what I discover next week…..   








Where did the Videos go?

Thank you to all who left comments that the videos weren’t working. They were working fine when I inserted and checked them. I think it might have been a glitch between YouTube and the newsletter. I worked on it Saturday and they were both working fine when I went back and double checked. Just be patient when you click on the play button..it takes a little while to load depending on your connection speed.

These items will not be in your local quilt stores for awhile. Remember if your favorite store, or salesrep didn’t attend market, they may not even know about these products yet, and ditto if they did. These are literally thousands of items to see at market. Market is often the preview for items that will be available in the future..anywhere from a few weeks to months.