Quilt Market Fall 2008

I know we promised we would try to post everyday…it’s been so crazy and Penny has been double tasking in our booth and Launder’s.

Here is a quick video on a new tool from Clover.  It’s the 5-In-1 Sliding Gauge designed by Nancy Zieman  The item number is 9506CV and retails for $14.50…a must have in my opinion.  It is a multi-functional sliding gauge for easy marking.  It is a button hold spacer and sizer, seam allowance gague and circle compass, hem gauge and “T” Gauge.  Below is a short video explaining more about it.

A Visual of the Books for the Author Signings at Market

We are looking forward to hosting over a dozen  of our favorite authors at Quilt Market.  Here is a list of the authors and the books they are signing in Houston – a picture is worth a thousand words!

If you would like to run a copy of a schedule – without pictures – to take with you, just click on this link:quilt_market_author_signings

Quilter’s Catalog by Meg Cox
Item #13881 Retail $18.95
Saturday, 10/25/08
10:00 – 11:20

Bargello Quilts with a Twist by Maggie Ball
Item #Z1629 Retail $24.99
Saturday, 10/25/08
11:30 – 12:50

Dream Landscapes by Rose Hughes
Item #B943T Retail $26.95
Saturday, 10/25/08
1:00 – 2:20

The New Handmade by Cassie Barden
Item #B945T Retail $24.95
Saturday, 10/25/08
2:30 – 3:50

Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts by RaNae Merrill
Item #Z2049 Retail $29.99
Saturday, 10/25/08
4:00 – 5:20

Not Your Grandmother’s Log Cabin by Sara Nephew & Marci Baker
Item #NLC005 Retail $29.95
Sunday, 10/26/08
9:00 – 10:00

Quilts from Lavenden Hill Farm by Darlene Zimmerman
Item #Z0380 Retail $22.99
Sunday, 10/26/08
10:00 – 11:20

Easy Reversible Quilts by Carol Doak
Item #B930T Retail $26.95
Sunday, 10/26/08
11:30 – 12:50

Penny Haren’s Pieced Applique
Item #L11222 Retail $27.95
Sunday, 10/26/08
1:00 – 2:20

With These Hands by Maggie Bonanomi
Item #KCS14786 Retail $25.95
Sunday, 10/26/08
2:30 – 3:50

Foolproof Machine Quilting by Mary Mashuta
Item #10618 Retail $20.95
Sunday, 10/26/08
4:00 – 5:30

In Full Bloom By Alna Allen and Barb Adams
Item #BD137 Retail $25.00
Monday, 10/27/08
9:30 – 10:50

101 Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags by M’Liss Rae Hawley
Item #10625 Retail $21.95
Monday, 10/27/08
11:00 – 12:20

Design Explorations for the Creative Quilter by Katie Pasquini Masopust
Item #10571 Retail $24.95
Monday, 10/27/08
12:30 – 1:50

Log Cabins have come of Age

Sara Nephew and Marci Baker have outdone themselves with their latest joint project – “Not Your Grandmother’s Log Cabin”.  As an added bonus, they have created all of the tools necessary to make it fast and simple.  The only hard part will be picking out your favorite design to begin!

Item #NLC005 Retail $29.95

The basic premise is that you can sew triangles and diamonds just like our “grandmothers” sewed log cabins.  These completed units can be combined into a host of patterns – there are over 32 included – but that is just the tip of the iceberg!  The possibilities are endless, and half the fun is in determining the final layout of the quilt!

But don’t overlook the border treatments.  The patterns are included – and the results are spectacular!  Incorporate these techniques into your next quilt to create a show stopping frame for your next work of art!

Many of you are familiar with the Clearview Ruler.  It has been a best seller for years.  But, in this case, they have revisited the original design – and “super-sized” it to 10” so one ruler can be used to make every quilt in the entire book.

The ruler includes drawn “logs” so it is easy to square up your triangles and diamonds every step of the way.  There are hundreds of illustrations so anyone can be successful by just following along – step by step.

What a great class and teaching opportunity!  And, if you love to play with fabrics and colors, this book is for you!  Some fabrics create a kaleidoscope effect that is stunning – and can turn the simplest pattern into a work of art.

Marci will be demonstrating her techniques at the Checker Booth at International Quilt Market in Houston this month.  Stop by and see her – spectacular results are just a ruler away…..

Sew Perfect Points and Curves by Eliminating them through Penny Haren’s Pieced Applique

In this case, I am very familiar with the techniques in this book – because I wrote it – nothing like going to the source!  Learn to create perfect blocks by combining piecing with layered appliqués that make it possible to sew perfect points and curves – by eliminating them!  Don’t let the “A” word intimidate you!  In this freezer paper method, straight sides and gentle curves can be turned by even a beginner after a five minute demonstration! 

Item #L11222
Retail $27.95

No longer avoid blocks that have inset points such as five and eight-pointed stars.  Indiana Puzzle (a form of Drunkard’s Path) and True Lover’s Knot will be a piece of cake – or actually a “piece of four-patch”!   Learn how even a simple four-patch can be pieced – and then appliquéd – to create stunning results!  Just wait until you see what happens to a nine-patch…. a half-square triangle…a pinwheel…the possibilities are truly endless!

And, don’t think that appliqué means handwork.  Many of my students chose to appliqué these pieces by machine using a tiny zigzag stitch and invisible thread.  When we were getting out our magnifying glasses to see the stitches, I knew they were hooked.  Most of these blocks can be appliquéd by machine in less than ten minutes!

The Creative Grid “Square It Up and Fussy Cut Ruler” was designed for this quilt.  It is printed with solid squares every inch and drilled holes at 1/2? increments. 

The horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines make it quick and simple to square up any block.  You never have to look for the center of the ruler – and the seam allowance is clearly marked around the entire perimeter of the ruler so you don’t accidentally trim off points!  

These 24 blocks include “fudge factors” – tricks that make it possible for even a true beginner to create heirloom quality quilts with no frustration!  Every block is set with a sashing that is larger than needed.  After sewing, the blocks are then trimmed down to size.

In most cases, triangles and squares are appliquéd on the foundation blocks to create intricate designs.  When these appliqués are fussy cut, you can achieve spectacular results. 

Center a fabric design within a square, mark the fabric through the holes at the 1/2? increments to add the seam allowance, and cut.  The design will be centered perfectly when incorporated into your quilt!  You will be shocked at the results – and the possibilities are endless.  Wait until you see what happens when you start playing with stripes and plaids!  Look at the fussy cutting in this quilt – even the borders are fussy cut!

Close ups of each block are shown in three different color ways: a traditional Civil War reproduction line by Wyndham; LaBelle Rose by Lakehouse in yellows, pinks and blacks; and Full Sun by Maywood in deep, rich country colors.  Many times, you won’t recognize them as the same block.   

Once you start creating blocks using these techniques, you will never quilt the same way again!  In fact, my friends at Landauer are already working on books two and three!  A book with instructions for twenty-four more blocks will be out this fall, and book three will follow as fast as I can sew!  They are already designed – in fact, there is a picture of all 72 blocks in the first book so you can see the versatility of these techniques!  Make a block in a half-hour or less – you won’t believe how easy it is! 

I will be signing books and demonstrating these techniques at the Checker booth and the Landauer booth at Quilt Market.  Attend one of my schoolhouse sessions or stop by and visit.  I would love to see you.


Fat Quarter Bags with Stylish Finishes

M’Liss Rae Hawley has created ten styles of purses and totes – all made from fat quarters – which means they are easy to cut, easy to kit, and affordable!  This book is truly a shop owner’s dream!  The fun begins after the basic bag is constructed.  M’Liss shows each bag finished with a variety of techniques, embellishments, pockets, and handles – the possibilities are truly endless!

Item #10625
Retail $21.95

There is a teaching opportunity in every bag!  Consider having your customers buy the book and use the ten patterns as a base for ten classes – each one focusing on a different technique.  Incorporate a needle-turned applique block into the tote bag; teach a free-form machine quilting class while constructing the cube purse; demonstrate basic sewing construction when inserting a zipper in the cosmetic bag….  And, your students will leave the class with a finished project – wouldn’t they love you for that!

Then you get to play with handles!  Braids, beads, bamboo, embellishments – even zippers – add an element of fun!  No two bags need to ever look the same!

Let the fun begin by joining M’Liss at the Checker Booth in Houston on Monday, October 27 from 11:00 – 12:20.  She will be sharing her creations and signing copies of her book.



The New Handmade featuring Simple Sewing for Contemporary Style

In an age of mass-produced fashion, express your individual style! Create handmade projects for your wardrobe and home with only a small time commitment and basic sewing skills. Now you can make fun, useful accessories and gifts with the contemporary fabrics you love. Choose from totes and bags, cases and covers, fashion accents, and home decor projects

Item #B945T
Retail $24.95
The New Handmade Simple Sewing for Contemporary Style by Cassie Barden




Learn techniques you’ll use again and again, such as installing zippers, using fusible appliqué, and basic machine quilting


Mix and match the elements to make each design a one-of-a-kind masterpiece



It’s fresh. It’s unique. It’s handmade!

This book is sew new, we won’t see it until you do – at the Checker Booth at Quilt Market.  Cassie will be there to share her designs and unique style on Saturday, October 25 from 2:30 – 3:50.  Stop in for an opportunity to spend some time with this talented new designer! 


If you would like to e-mail Cassie, contact her at:





Embellish your Dreams through Artful Quilting

Dream Landscapes
Artful Quilts with Fast-Piece Appliqué
Rose Hughes


Item #B943T
Price:  $26.95

Stitch up a whimsical world! Fast-Piece Appliqué makes it easy to sew complex-looking shapes in a jiffy. Whether it’s your 1st or your 101st quilt, these imaginative designs will add life and sparkle to your world.Find step-by-step instructions for four colorful wall hangings, plus an inspirational quilt gallery and guidelines for creating your own designs.



Discover the best ways to work with large templates. 


Explore fun options for embellishing with fabrics, beads, bangles, and found objects


This book is not being released until Quilt Market in Houston, so I am sharing the information we received from the publisher.  It will literally be “hot off the presses”.  Rose is signing copies of her book at the Checker Booth at International Quilt Market on Saturday, October 25 at 1:00.  She will be demonstrating her beading techniques and sharing her quilts.  Stop by and see what the fuss is about!



Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts

Remember that childhood toy that let you draw spirals – and then color them in with every crayon in that box of 64?  Spirographs have come of age!  RaNae Merrill not only shows you how to create them on paper, she teaches you how to sew them into amazing quilts!

Item #Z2049 – Retail $29.99

But, RaNae knows that the whole design process can be intimidating for “newbies”, so she has included patterns and designs to get you started.  Once the techniques are mastered, you can follow her step by step instructions – complete with illustrations – to draft your own! 

The book features four different types of spirals – nesting, baravelle, pinwheel, and a point-to-point.  Incorporating just one into a quilt can add a striking focal point to make the entire quilt pop!  I love applique, so I was immediately drawn to a flower quilt.  The petals were appliqued from 3″ nesting spirals.  The petals were over-lapped to create a three-D effect and a favorite rhinestone pin was added to the center – what a great way to showcase a keepsake!   

A CD-Rom with templates is included in the book.  The templates are available as a PDF or in an Electric Quilt version so you can start playing immediately!  There is also a “quilt show” of projects completed by spiromaniacs.  You can even visit http//spiromaniacs.wordpress.com  to follow a quiltmaker’s process as she developed the design and completed the quilt.  Simply fascinating!

RaNae Merrill will be sharing her quilts and signing books at the Checker Booth in Houston on Saturday, October 25 from 4:00 – 5:20.  Stop by and see her – you’ll be glad you did!



Katie Pasquini Masopust – Her Journey from Painter to Fabric Artist

Katie has come full circle in her latest book – Design Explorations for the Creative Quilter.  Her 30 year love affair with quilts and fabrics began when she made a traditional wedding quilt for her sister.  But in 1978, she attended a lecture by Michael James, and suddenly the potential of this new medium opened all new possibilities!

It seems that every five years, Katie recreates herself and her art – and explores a whole new design medium.  This book is no exception.  In her latest effort, Katie shares the entire process – and it is fascinating to see how her mind works!

Item #10571
Retail $24.95

She shows us how to transform an inspiration into a stunning work of art – by viewing everything through a painter’s eye.  Composition, color, space, scale – all are explained in vivid detail.  It is fascinating to see the transformation from photograph to art quilt.  The depth and texture of the fabrics bring the images to life.

Her abstract paintings are works of art – but in this case, works of fabric.  The shapes, repetitions and rearranging the pieces of the images – my favorite –  make for stunning quilts.

This is a book that teaches you everything you wished you would have learned in those required art classes!  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy every word – that’s right – actually read the book!  THEN, savor the pictures – the photography is breathtaking.  But, most of all, enjoy – it isn’t often that we get an inside look into the mind of one of the world’s top artists!

Katie will be signing copies of her latest book at the Checker booth in Houston next month.  I can’t wait to see some of these quilts in person!