Quilting Videos have come of Age

Patsy Thompson has created a series of videos to show even the most hesitant student how to machine quilt.  But don’t think that they are just for the newbies among us – even an award winning machine quilter will be inspired by her creative designs.  Her free motion styles may be just the ticket for your next quilt!

fafvol1dvdw.jpg  fafvol2dvdw.jpg 
Item #FAFV1                               Item #FAFV2
Retail $29.95                                Retail $29.95

She is one of those people who is ageless!  Patsy is passionate about every step in the process – she loves it all.  Each DVD includes how-to instructions and patterns for several quilting designs.  But, that is not what will draw you to these videos!  And, it isn’t even that the quality is the best that I have ever seen.  It is her enthusiasm for learning! 

When Patsy wasn’t happy with the quality of their first attempts, she and her husband researched every aspect of the business – and became experts in the field.

Patsy says that she is so comfortable in front of the camera because her husband – and best friend – is behind it.  But, I suspect that her love of the topic shows through, too.  She is a true teacher!  Patsy truly wants you to love machine quilting as much as she does – and within five minutes can convince anyone that they have the ability – all they need is some patience.

Beautiful feathers!!!                                                                      
Item #FMFVF 
Retail $29.95

To be honest, machine quilting is not my fortay.  I have taken classes and tried to master the joys of perfect feathers, meandering,  stippling, etc. – with less than stellar results!  I was always sitting next to someone who zoomed right through with perfectly round curves – in perfectly proportioned sizes – and felt that you either had it or you didn’t!  And, I didn’t!

But, then I talked to Patsy!  Her encouragement is contagious.  She said that she couldn’t draw either – and hit a wall at one point.  The trick is to “just do it” – and you WILL get better – and get through that “quilter’s block”.  It is a technique that can be taught – and learned – you just need the right teacher!  And Patsy is definitely it.  

fmfvlvol2dvdw.jpg  fmfvlvol1dvdw.jpg
Item #FMFWVL                           Item #FMFVL2
Retail $29.95                                Retail $29.95

She knows her stuff – and teaches it in a matter of fact, conversational tone that draws you right in!  Her voice and manner are very easy to live with!  That’s important because you will want to view it over and over again.  And that’s important because there is just way too much information to take in in one setting – which means you definitely get your money’s worth!

You will want the whole collection so you can view them again and again.  Once you have mastered the techniques, you’ll want to revisit them to be inspired when you are planning the quilt designs for your next project.   Look at the detailing in this example – what is NOT to love!


Patsy is signing copies of her new video – Fast and Free Volume 5 (Item #FAFV5) at International Quilt Market in Portland next month.  But, if you aren’t going to Market, come to the Checker Open House on May 30th.  Patsy is sharing some of her quilts with us – and is even providing everyone who attends with a sample of her DVD!  Give it a try you’ll be glad you did!

Promoting Green

Tuesday April 22nd was Earth Day, the 38th one since it was started in 1970.  Quilt/sewing stores can be part of the solution.  There are a number of products on the market that make this possible. 

In December and January we ran a 3 part series on Green Batting, pillow forms and stuffing.  If you missed them the first time you can read them by scrolling down until you see Green Alternatives on the right, click on it and it will bring up the articles. Or you can click here

Carry All Bags

One of the easiest ways to promote Green is to promote the making of bags to carry home groceries, and other purchases.   Did you know that over 1 million plastic bags are used globally every minute. I know you can buy ready made bags, every major chain has  them with their logo emblazon on them, but why not encourage your customers to make their own?  The oohs and ahhs received while carrying a personally crafted bag will more than make up for the time spent at the sewing machine.

Here are a few you can promote to your customers to make to help eliminate the need for plastic bags, that I feel fit the bill.  You can find more by visiting www.checkerdist.com, clicking on the pattern tab, then click on Bags, Purses, Totes, and once there, click on Bags, Purses, Totes-Others.  There are 285 for you to browse to find one you might like. 


FT078 $14.00                      FTQ114  $8.50          FC2504 $8.50


     48DD  $7.50                         IJ768  $8.99                    TKQ14 $12.00

Promote your sale fabric, who doesn’t love a bargain when trying something new. Or to be truly green, use Marcus Brothers Oasis Canvas.  It comes in 13 colors, and is 100% certified organic cotton.  To see the colors click here

Self Handles are nice, but I prefer the handles by Exclusively You, or EmmaCreation.  These handles can be viewed by visiting here. They are faux leather and not only are more comfortable on my hands when my bag is full of groceries, it gives a nice upscale look to my bag.

Lunch Bags

Making Lunch Bags are another way to be kind to our environment, plus a sure way to get notice.   We featured an article last July by Shannon Mullen, called “Lets Do Lunch” to see the post click here Here are a few that you can promote in your store.


 FT 077 $14.00        PS018 $9.00                 TAD502 $9.00

Veggie Bags

Another nice project is veggie bags made with tulle, or nylon netting.

Visit  http://www.instructables.com/id/SVFGOA1F5HVPB3X/veggie bag instructions for step by step instructions.  To view the 27 colors Checker carries, visit here.

And to stitch it all how about using YLI’s Fiberactive Organic Thread 24 wt 400 yds Natural, item number 22605-001.  This 100% organic cotton thread is 3 ply and a Tex 60.

Attending a bridal show this Spring or Summer? Why not make a few carry all bags with veggie bags inside and the book “Green Up Your Clean Up”.  This book is due out first part of May and has techniques and recipes that will save time, save money, and save the earth.

 277838 $16.95.

Until next time,


Create Your Own Fabric Pallette

This is a must read for every quilter!  Rayna Gillman demonstrates how to stamp, stencil, screen, and paint plain fabric to make it a work of art.  But, it is so entertaining – you’ll want to get down and dirty immediately!

Item #10555           Retail $27.95

After all, Rayna is the queen of green!  She takes simple, everyday items and teaches you to look at them in a whole new way.  Plastic construction fencing? Checks!  Bubble wrap?  Polka dots!  Recycling has never been more fun. 

But for those of us who are novices, she explains it all – every step of the way.  Along the way, you’ll also learn how batiks are made, how fabrics are printed, and how to make your newly created fabric permanent.

The most important lesson in this book, however, is to not take yourself too seriously!  Enjoy the process.  Give yourself permission to play!  When is the last time you put on your grungiest jeans and experimented with dyes and techniques just to see what would happen.  “What if” is Rayna’s mantra! 

Host an Arts and Crafts Camp for adults!  This book is the basis for the perfect class.    Have everyone read the book and bring an array of dyes and possible items for stamping, rubbing and screening.  You may even decide to share the finished fabric.  Everyone could go home with original fabrics and a host of memories!

For beginners, Preferred for Dying fabric is recommended.  It has a tight weave and does not have an applied finish so it absorbs the dyes better.  Kaufman makes a cotton/linen fabric (Item #E014-PFDWHT) that works great with dyes.

Stop by the Checker booth at Market and meet Rayna.  You’ll want her to come to your shop for “Day Camp”!  See examples of her work and ask questions!  She has a wealth of experience to share – take advantage of this opportunity! 

Affordable Machine Applique Patterns that you will use again and again

Kathleen Connor of Smith Street Designs has created a series of machine applique patterns that are beautiful in their own right.  A collection of her designs should be the staple of any machine quilter’s library.  You will draw on them again and again.  And her technique makes me want to buy an embroidery machine!

Item #SS5003 Wildflowers
Retail $24.00

This batik beauty is my favorite – her color choices are so beautiful that you feel like you are deep in a forest and stumbled upon a garden!

Each pattern includes simple shapes that can be used for other projects – but coordinate so well that they are beautiful in the projects included.  Kathleen’s designs are created using a three step process.

First, the machine stitches an outline of the design.  Cut fabric to the shape of the appliques and place them inside the stitching.  Then, the machine tacks the fabric in place.  To complete these beautiful designs, the fabrics are machine appliqued in place.  It really is that simple!  

But not all of the designs are quilts.  I love her Pocket Book pattern.  Any of the projects would be perfect gifts for all of your quilting friends.

Item #SS6007 Pocket Book
Retail $24.00 

All of the patterns include a C.D. and complete, well written instructions.  The quality and attention to detail are why they are flying off of the shelves!  View the slide show to see the complete collection of Kathleen’s patterns.

We’re Going to Portland and Bringing Portland Home to You

Portland International Quilt Market:

Portland Convention Center 1.jpg
Oregon Convention Center
Portland – An OverviewQuilt Market is held in a different location every year and is in Portland, Oregon at the Oregon Convention Center in May, 2008.  Portland has a population of over 2 million residents.  The city covers over 130 miles and is listed as the cleanest city in the United States.Companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Intel fuel the local economy.  Portland is located an hour from the Pacific Ocean close to Mount Hood.  Locals enjoy kayaking the Clackamas River, windsurfing the Columbua River Gorge, and skiing on Mount Hood.Quick Facts:


Events – May 14, 2008

Classes – May 15, 2008

Exhibits – May 16 & 17-  Friday – 9:30 – 6:00

                                18 –  Sunday– 9:00 – 6:00

Check the Spring International Quilt Market website for a complete list of events and classes.  Website: www.quilts.com

Where: Oregon Convention Cetner
777 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
Portland, Oregon
Telephone:  1-800-791-2250 Website: http://www.oregoncc.org/ 
Other Contact Information: Portland Weather – http://www.wunderground.com/US/OR/Portland.html  Portland International Airport: Arrival and Departure Schedules http://www.flypdx.com/flights.aspxCity Information: Population: over 2 million Elevation:  39 FeetAverage Time Zone:  Pacific Time/ Daylight Savings TimeFrequently Asked Questions: What is Quilt Market? 

Quilt Market is the largest wholesale shopping experience for retailers, manufacturers, and the cottage industry.  Fall market is always in Houston.  Spring Market is hosted by different cities each year.  At last count, there were over 550 vendors exhibiting – a true quilter’s dream!

How do I get in the door???? 

This show is not open to the general public.  Therefore, you must submit your “credentials” to get a badge that will give you entrance into the exhibits.  You need to have them with you when you enter the Convention Center unless you have signed up on line or participated in a Quilt Market in the last year.Credentials for Retailers/Manufacturers/Cottage Industry:

1)      Copy of one 2007/2008 wholesale invoice from an industry supplier totaling $300 or more

2)      Sales tax number; Resale number; OR Federal I.D. number

3)      Business Card

Prospective Retailer:

All of the above except that a letter of reference from a Quilt Market Supplier – such as Checker – or a banker stating that you have a business account may be substituted for the $300 invoice.  Checker will be glad to provide you with a letter of reference – just contact Judy Parker at 1-800-537-1060 ext. 618 or creditmanager@www.checkernewsletter.comcheckerdist.com.

Where is Checker located?

The Checker booth is actually 12 booths – #2331, 2333 ,2335, 2430, 2431, 2432, 2433, 2434, 2435, 2530, 2532, and 2534. 

How do I make an Appointment with a Checker Rep to look at Fabric? 

If you would like to make an appointment before you get to market, call Jane at 1-800-537-1060 ext. 630 or contact your sales rep directly. 

You are welcome to stop by the booth at any time and we will find someone to help you – it just may not be the rep that you have come to know and love!

Can I get a head start by making a fabric appointment before Market officially opens?

Yes.  For those of you on a tight schedule, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  On Saturday and Sunday you can meet with a sales rep between 8:00 – 9:00.  BUT, the appointment has to be made in advance so that the sales rep can meet you at the convention door and escort you in – using his/her badge.  You can call Jane or stop by the booth on Friday to make the appointment. 

How do I buy books, patterns and notions at the Checker booth???

There are always Checker representatives in the booth – they will all be wearing clothing embroidered with the Checker logo.  We try not to bug you – but welcome any questions that you may have.  There are order forms on clipboards located at the pattern table.

We have found that our customers like to come and browse so take your time to check out all of the new merchandise. 

But, keep in mind; our buyers are there to scope out the latest and greatest new things too.  So over the course of the event, we will be adding new vendors and items every day.  That is part of the excitement of market!  With over 80,000 items in inventory, our “catalog” is forever changing!  We will try to mark the new additions each day so you can tell at a glance what has been added.

Stop by each day and check out the new stuff – you are welcome to place more than one order – believe me, Rob won’t mind!    So, you can place your order and have it delivered to your store the next week!

Can I buy items from Checker that I see at other vendors?

Yes.  Checker already represents the majority of the vendors at market.   As a shop owner, I learned very quickly that if Checker carried it, it was much easier to have one account than over 200 individual ones – and Checker offers free shipping on books, patterns, and notions – so many times we are the best price in town! 

You can pick up a Checker order form and carry it with you.  The vendors will be happy to tell you if you can order directly through Checker.  Remember, even though we buy from most of the vendor’s, it does not mean that we carry EVERYTHING they offer!  

Will everything be available immediately after Market?

Many of the books, patterns and notions you order are not yet available and will be released over the next few months.  Remember, at Market, you are seeing the latest and greatest of EVERYTHING!  Many times the publishers and manufacturers wait to see how a product sells before printing or manufacturing.  Therefore, we will ship as soon as we get them.  Ask the vendors when the product will be available before scheduling classes, etc.

Helpful Hints from the Veterans who have attended Markets for years:

Before you go to Market:

  • Check our newsletter at www.checkernewsletter.com for an update of booth demonstrations and author signings.  The buyers are talking to your favorite designers daily.  At Fall Market, there were so many signings and demonstrations going on that we had to add space at times!  The authors signed and gave away over 800 free books!   

    You all loved it so much, that Rob is setting up two separate areas – one for author signings and one for demonstrations.  We will keep you posted on the newsletter site.
  • Trade cell phone numbers with everyone in your party and program them into your phone.  Then, when you get separated from your group on the sales floor, you can call and re-unite!  This is a great thing to do in the airport when you are killing time!  Heaven forbid we waste a minute!
  • If you have set up appointments in advance, ask for the cell phone numbers of the person you are meeting and program those numbers in too.  Then, if you are running late, you can let the sales reps know. 
  • Don’t forget to include the numbers of old friends that you would like to see – it is always fun to meet someone for lunch or dinner!
  • And, consider scheduling appointments in the afternoon.  Most people want morning appointments.  I prefer the afternoon because I am starting to get tired – and you get to SIT DOWN!  There will be water and snacks available at the Checker booth!  So, come and sit down, take the time to REALLY look at the fabric – and rest those feet!
  • Pack comfortable clothes and shoes.  The Quilt.com site says that the fashion show at Market stops at the knees!  You will be on your feet for 9 or 10 hours a day for three days – dress your feet accordingly!
  • You may want to have home contact information and medical insurance info for everyone in your party.  If someone hyperventilates and passes out from all of the excitement, you will have the necessary information – with you – to handle that medical emergency!  Remember, every group needs a “Mom”! 

At Market

  • Don’t forget to bring your name badge each day!  They will not let you in without it!
  • If you carry a clipboard or binder, put your contact information inside the front cover.  Include your cell phone number! If you leave it in someone’s booth, they will be able to call you to return it.
  • Take business cards to pass out to the vendors.  Remember, they will use this information to bill and ship your merchandise.  Are your billing and shipping addresses the same as your shop? 
  • Resist the temptation to buy anything until you have seen everything.  When a booth interests you, make a note of it on the map included in your program.  Then you can return to it later.  Unless you have an unlimited budget, now is not the time for impulse buying – unless you are at the Checker booth!!!!!
  • And, you will be offered a lot of handouts and freebies.  Do not take anything unless you really want it!  The vendors pay good money for them – and you have to carry everything you take around ALL DAY!  Those free magazines look great at 10:00 – but are darn heavy by 6:00!
  • Make sure you take a bag to carry everything you buy and pick up along the way.  I prefer to leave my purse at home.  Stash your credit card, business cards, and cell phone in your tote bag or a fannie pack.  Believe me; you will be using them often!
  • Enjoy the experience!  You are going to be in a room with 10,000 people who love the same things that you do.   Last year, I passed Nancy Halvorsen, Marie Osmond, AND Ricky Tims walking from the entrance to the Checker Booths – where else would that happen???
  • Take pictures and enjoy the moment!  But ask first!  Most of them will let you take pictures of their booths – and them – to share with friends or use on your website.  But, be polite – and ask first.  And, if you do use a picture of a project or a quilt, make sure that you give the maker and designer credit!  Lord knows they have earned it!
  • But, most of all, stop by the Checker booth and meet everyone.  They are the most honest, ethical, hard-working group of people that you will ever meet and they are there to make your market experience a positive one!  Take advantage of their almost 60 years of experience in this business.  You’ll be glad you did!

The MagnaHoop Is a Must Have for every Machine Embroiderer

I love a product that is well designed and fulfills a need that has stiffled machine embroiderers for far too long!  Eileen Roche has designed the magna-hoop.   The simplicity of her design is brilliant.  It is functional, easy to use, and will allow machine embroiderers to add a personal touch to absolutely anything!

The hoop comes with five acrylic frames – three rectangles, a square, and a circle.  A metal frame, adhesive strips and magnets are what sets this hoop apart from all others!  And, don’t cringe because of the magnets – they will NOT effect your sewing machine in any way!  This product has been used on all of the machines below – and tested by the manufacturers – so you are good to go!


Machine Compatibility Chart

If you’re machine is not listed, the Magna-Hoop does not work with your machine at this time. Check back soon for updates to this list. Last updated on March 5, 2008.

  • Baby Lock / Brother
  • Janome
  • Bernina
  • Husqvarna-Viking
  • Singer

Return to previous page:

Hoop A: Regular5×7” Hoop         

  • Baby Lock Ellegante 
  • Baby Lock Ellegante 2
  • Baby Lock Ellageo
  • Baby Lock Ellageo Plus
  • Baby Lock Esante
  • Baby Lock Ellure
  • Baby Lock Emore        
  • Brother Duetta 4500D
  • Brother Innov-is 4000D
  • Brother Innov-is 2500D
  • Brother Innov-is 1500D
  • Brother Innov-is 1200D
  • Brother Innov-is 1000D
  • Brother ULT 2001
  • Brother ULT 2002
  • Brother ULT 2003D
  • Brother 6500
  • Brother 8500
  • Brother 8200
  • Brother PE 700
  • Brother PE 750D
  • Brother Galaxie 3000
Hoop A-J: Jumbo6”x10”, 160x260mm

  • Baby Lock Ellegante1
  • Baby Lock Ellegante21
  • Baby Lock Ellageo
  • Baby Lock Ellageo Plus
  • Baby Lock Esante
  • Brother Duetta 4500D1
  • Brother Innov-is 4000D1
  • Brother Innov-is 2500D
  • Brother Innov-is 1500D
  • Brother ULT 2001
  • Brother ULT 2002
  • Brother ULT 2003D
  • Brother Galaxie 3000
Quick-Snap:7 Magna-Frames with
15 acrylic covers,

  • Baby Lock BMP8
  • Baby Lock BMP6
  • Baby Lock EMP6
  • Brother PR620
  • Brother PR600CII
  • Brother PR600II
  • Brother PR600
Patch Kit:9 Patch Holders and Covers fits 200 x 300 hoop
Baby Lock BMP8

  • Baby Lock BMP6
  • Baby Lock EMP6
  • Baby Lock BMP8
  • Brother PR620
  • Brother PR600CII
  • Brother PR600II
  • Brother PR600
Hoop B: RegularHoop B, 5.5×7.9″

  • Janome MC 300E         
  • Janome MC 350E
  • Janome 10001 
  • Janome 10000
  • Janome 9700  
  • Janome 9500  
  • Janome 11000 (Hoop RE)
  • Bernina Deco 340
  • Bernina Deco 330
  • Elna 8200
  • Elna 8600
Hoop B-J: JumboGiga Hoop D, 9.1×7.9”, 230x200mm

  • Janome MC 300E
  • Janome MC 350E
  • Janome MC 10001
  • Janome MC 10000
  • Janome MC 9700
  • Janome MC 9500
Quick-Snap:7 Magna-Frames with
15 acrylic covers,

  • Janome MB4
  • Melco EP4


Hoop C: Regular         145x255mm, Oval Hoop

  • Artista 730E
  • Artista 640E
  • Artista 630E
  • Artista 200E
  • Artista 185E
  • Aurora 430E
  • Aurora 440QEE
  • Aurora Anniversary Edition
Hoop E: Regular155x200mm

  • Artista 180E
  • Artista 170E
  • Artista 165E
Hoop C-J: Jumbo150x400mm, Mega Hoop

  • Artista 730E
  • Artista 640E
  • Artista 630E
  • Artista 200E
  • Artista 185E    
  • Aurora 430E
  • Aurora 440QEE
  • Aurora Anniversary Edition
Quick-Snap:7 Magna-Frames with
15 acrylic covers,

  • Happy Voyager
Patch Kit:9 Patch Holders and Covers
Includes 11.5” hoop

  • Happy Voyager
Universal Magna-Hoop:Includes 11.5” hoop
5 acrylic frames

  • Happy Voyager
Hoop F: RegularCreative Hoop, 240x140mm

  • Creative 2170
  • Creative 2144
  • Creative 2140
  • Creative 2134
  • Creative 2124
Hoop F-J: JumboCreative Grand Hoop, 250x225mm

  • Creative 2170
  • Creative 2144
  • Creative 2140
  • Creative 2134
  • Creative 2124



Hoop D: Regular240x150mm                   

  • Designer SE
  • Designer I
  • Quilt Designer
  • Quilt Designer II
  • Platinum 955E
  • Platinum 950E
  • Platinum Plus
Hoop G: RegularFutura Hoop, 4 1/2” x 6 3/4”

  • Quantum Futura CE-200
  • Futura CE-350
  • Futura CE-250
  • Futura CE-150
  • Futura CE-100
We are continually developing new products and may update the Magna-Hoop product line in the future.PATENT 7,194,967 AND OTHER PATENTS PENDING

Just place the stabilizer in the hoop and place the metal frame on top.  Then center and place the item you want to embroider on top of the metal frame.  Insert the appropriate acrylic template on top and secure it in place with the magnets.  Yes, it’s that easy!  I feel like I’m writing an infomercial for paid T.V. – but it is really that is easy!

You don’t have any hoop marks, hoop burns or stretching!  Suede, paper, silks and velvets can be embroidered beautifully and effortlessly because the only thing that is clamped in the hoop is the stabilizer!  Collars, cuffs, and waistbands are easy. 

This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift!  But, ask for it now – your favorite shop will have to order it to fit your machine!  Just give them the Checker Item # listed below:

Baby Lock/ Brother

Version A – Item #MH00010 – $129.99
Version A – Jumbo – Item #MH00060 – $189.99
Version A – Super Jumbo – Item #MH00070 – $189.99


Version C – Item #MH00030 – $129.99
Version C – Jumbo – Item #MH00080 – $189.99
Version E – Item #MH00050 – $129.99

JanomeVersion B – Item #MH00020 – $129.99
Version B – Jumbo – Item #MH00090 – $189.99

Version D – Item #MH00040 – $129.99


Version G – Item #MH000100 – $129.9

Here is a short video showing what comes with your Magna Hoop




Our First Year


It’s been one year since our first post,  April 12, 2007.  I want to thank all who have been with us since the beginning.  Also thank you to all who have joined us along the way.

During this time we have posted 197 articles.  We have given you overviews of 3 Quilt Markets, invited you to meet some of our employees, refreshed your memory of some Oldies but Goodies in the quilting world and brought you countless reviews of new products.

Here have been the favorite posts in order by views.  If you missed them the first time around, just click on the title and it will take you to the post.

10.  Visit Lavender Hill Farms with Darlene Zimmerman

9.    Get A Jump On Holiday Gift Giving With This Quick And Easy Project

8.    The Best Backing Fabric Ever!

7.    Getting Our Fabrics Organized, Quilter’s Style

6.    Oldies but Goodies, Books that have Stood the Test of Time

5.    Free Last Minute Gift Patterns

4.    X Marks the Spot- Even on the Blocks

3.    Host a Stashbusting Party with the Charming Strip Stashbuster

2.    Must Have New Notions

And your favorite article this past year….drum roll please

1.    Free Patterns for Soldier’s Quilts from the designer of the NEW Creative Grid Stashbuster Ruler


Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your week.

Till next time,

Jenny Stratton

One-Block Wonders have Graduated!

The long awaited sequel to One Block Wonder has finally arrived – and it was worth the wait!  In the first book, Maxine Rosenthal shows how to create phenomenal quilts with just one template – and one fabric!  The effects are so dramatic that no one will believe it, so make sure you buy enough for the back of your quilt! 

But, what happens if you take a large scale print and cut it into pie shapes – and then sew them into hexagons?  It is like stepping back in time and looking through your first kaleidoscope.  The results are magical!  You will never shop for fabric the same way again. 

104281.jpg   105791.jpg
Item #10428                                   Item #10579
Retail $23.95                                   Retail $24.95

In One-Block Wonders encore!,  Maxine Rosenthal joins forces with Joy Pelzmann – and you can almost see the wheels spinning!  This is what happens when two creative minds have the same mantra….What if?????  What if you incorporate more than one fabric into a quilt?

What if you add “cubes” to the project?  And piece trapezoids to the hexagons? And piece different segments for each portion?  

What if you taught a class demonstrating how to use a 60 degree triangle ruler.  The show and tell would be spectacular.  This would be the perfect project for a retreat!  Once your students realize that these blocks are easy to sew – and create stunning results – it’s like chocolate.  One is never enough!

And, it is an opportunity to make some unusual fabrics shine.  Large dramatic prints that would get lost in traditional quilts steal the show.  But your first try does not have to be a museum quality art quilt.  Why not try a large juvenile print?  A baby quilt would be fun and get your creative juices flowing.        

Just do it!  You’ll be surprised how easy it is!  Maxine Rosenthal and Joy Pelzmann will be signing copies of their latest book at the Checker Booth at Quilt Market in next month.  Stop by and meet these creative friends.  See some of their work up close and personal – you’ll be glad you did!

Pat Sloan’s School House Beyond the Basics

In her latest book, Pat shares five more lessons that will make it possible for you to create a whole new world of quilts!    Techniques that may have previously been beyond your reach – flying geese units; setting blocks on point; triangle squares; paper-piecing; and curved seams are explained.  And, with each technique, there is a pattern that incorporates the new skills you’ve learned.

la4430.jpg  la3649.jpg
Item #4430 Retail $11.95                        Item #LA3649 Retail $11.95

I love to set blocks on point, so “Get to the Point” was my favorite chapter.  Setting a quilt on point simply means that the blocks are turned 90 degrees so the corners of the block become the top and bottom.  Therefore, these blocks are sewn together in diagonal rows.  Side triangles and corner triangles are added to the end of the rows.  This can be somewhat tricky – but with Pat’s pictures and directions, anyone can do it.

This particular quilt incorporates beautiful large prints with a simple block pattern to create a dramatic quilt that looks like a designer original – the perfect beginning project!

But, Pat is eclectic – and works well in any color way, any style, and any fabric group!  Lesson four – Turkey Tracks – incorporates reproduction fabrics in reds and yellows that will make you smile.  It is a happy quilt that is a perfect format to teach the basics of paper-piecing.

She is a true quilter – loves it all – does it all – and loves to TEACH it all!  Pat became a household name when she introduced her first patterns of whimsical and colorful appliques.  And somehow, she manages to incorporate a touch of whimsy into all of her designs. 

It is hard to categorize Pat – she just doesn’t fit into any box – but that isn’t surprising because her designs overflow their space as well! 

ps153.jpg  ps152.jpg
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Retail $8.00                                               Retail $8.00

Pat will be signing copies of her latest book in the Checker Booth at International Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon next month.  Stop by and meet her – her enthusiasm and effervescence that shines through in her quilts is simply part ofher personality.  She is simply FUN!

To view more of her books and patterns, watch this slide show. 

Machine Applique for the Terrified Quilter

The title says it all!  I love applique, but for years, I’ve heard quilters dismiss it immediately because of a bad experience in the past.  “I don’t like handwork” is no longer an excuse!  Sharon Pederson doesn’t either so she has experimented with different techniques to produce heirloom quality applique by machine.  And, what a convert she is – you’ll be so glad that the “A” word is now in her vocabulary!

Item #DV03MA  Retail $30.00

Heirloom quality is the key!  This DVD is all about the details.  Sharon actually tells you WHY she appliques this way – and WHY it works!  Grab a cup of coffee and learn about the different weights of threads – and when and why to use each.  Learn the difference between a 50 weight and 60 weight thread and which one to use in your bobbin. 

Tension issues?  Not a problem!  Learn how to solve them or disguise them so no one will ever know they existed.  There is such a wealth of information on this DVD, take the time to watch every minute.  With her help, you will become an educated quilter! 

The Techniques 

Experiment with invisible applique that is so fine, you would need a magnifying glass to tell that it was NOT done by hand. 

But, if you are more comfortable using fusible web, learn the tricks of the trade by trying Sharon’s personal favorite – Steam a Seam 2 (Item #5517WM in 9″ x 12″ sheets, Retail $4.95). 

Then try your hand at reverse applique.  Her step by step instructions for a stained glass floral wall hanging make it simple for even a beginner.   

This is the perfect companion as a visual aid to her book Machine Applique for the Terrified Quilter – but it also stands alone!

Item #B911TRetail $27.95 

The Projects – Adding the AHHH Factor

Now that you have perfected the techniques, it is time to play!  The book was not originally written as a project book – but they are so well done that it could stand on that merit alone.  All of the knowledge and experience that Sharon shares is a bonus. 

There are nine companion projects in the book that focus on different machine applique techniques, but each one also includes a tip or technique that makes it special.  Even if you are not going to make every project, take the time to read the instructions any way – there are gems of wisdom hidden in every page!

In the Rose of Sharon pattern for instance, she uses only two patterns.  The quilt is so stunning that it is hard to believe that she could create such beauty from two simple shapes.


In the case of the double wedding ring, she has taken a complicated pattern and made it simple.  The wall hanging size would be a perfect class for any shop.  And, the finished project would make an excellent gift for a wedding, anniversary party, or engagement.  Adding names, dates, and pictures would make it extra special.

The striking contrast of black and white is dramatic – and, remember, these are all appliqued so there are no curved seams! 

Sharon loves Sashiko quilts and for those of you who loved her previous book on that subject, you will be drawn to the cover quilt which features an appliqued version of this technique.  In fact, this may be a good time to re-visit ALL of Sharon’s previous books.  You will learn something in every one.

After all, it is all about the details…..and Sharon knows how to make a sewing machine sing!

She will be signing copies of her newsest book at the Checker Booth at Spring Market in Portland, Oregon.  We look forward to seeing you!

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