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When Daniela Stout opened Cozy Quilt Shop in San Diego, California in 2003; a star was born.  In four short years she has transformed the industry!  Thanks to her example, quilters all over the country are joining “Strip Clubs” – while maintaining their sense of modesty!

It all started as a “Quilt Club” idea.  The staff would cut fabrics into 2 1/2″ strips and design a different quilt around them each month.  The customers could add backgrounds and borders of their choice to complete the quilt.  Of course, everybody loved it – she spoiled them rotten!  Who doesn’t love to get a kit when the initial cutting is all done for you!  So, one of the hottest “strip clubs” in the country was born!

Customers could “preview” the fabrics for the following month while they were attending a presentation on the current project.  An amazing thing happened – they all became friends!  It gave them a reason to visit the shop each month – and they got to know the other people in their groups.  A generation of “strippers” was born.  And, Daniela knew she had created something totally unique!

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Oldie but Goodie

 Quilter’s Assistant proportional Scale


                                           Quilter’s Assistant Proportional Scale

                                                 Item #QAPRO – Retail $6.00

Qulter’s Assistant Proportional Scale advertises that it “Takes the math out of resizing!” This is one of those products that slipped through the cracks – and I didn’t even know was available.

To find the percent of enlargement or reduction, you line up the present size on the inner scale under the new size on the outer scale. The percentage of change will appear in the window opening. Resize the pattern on a copy machine or scanner.

I was always jealous of that guy at Staples that only ran one copy because he KNEW that if I wanted to change a 1 ¼” appliqué to a 4 ½” size, you would enlarge it 350%. Now, I can do it myself – I just have to figure out how to place the design on the copier so it will all fit on one page!  I’ll have to ask Jenny if there is a gadget for that!!!

Cheryl Ann’s Portable, Free Standing Design Wall

It all started at a retreat.  Everyone was working on projects, quilt blocks were laying all over the floor, people were crawling around on their hands and knees – been there, done that!

A light bulb went off in Cheryl Ann’s head, and a new product – and company was born!  What they all needed was a portable design wall.  It had to be lightweight, collapsable; easy to assemble and affordable.

Cheryl Ann went home and called her brother.  She told Loren what she wanted – and the rest of the world needed – and told him to figure it out…and, he did!  They showed the product for the first time in Houston at Fall Quilt Market – and the rest is history. 

The response been so good, that they added two new sizes – and a new color in the largest size.


The Mini-Portable is 18″ square.  It is great for traveling and to carry blocks from your cutting table to your sewing machine.  My miniature classes will love this!

The Portable- 36″ square – is great for limited spaces.  And, in most cases, you can place one-fourth of your quilt at a time – so size doesn’t matter.

But, if you have the room the Full Size is 72″ square.  It now comes in white or grey – and is big enough to display most full size quilts.  Let’s be realistic – if your quilt is bigger than that, it is time to start adding borders! 

New, Mending Kit

  CB5962-2  $24.95 Retail

This handy kit includes everything necessary to accomplish basic household-mending projects, from replacing buttons to hemming pants. Inside the lovely padded sewing organizer is a 32-page fully illustrated, step-by-step sewing instruction booklet covering all the sewing basics, plus a complete sewing kit.
– Seam-ripper                                                          
– Hem gauge
– Tape measure                                                       
– Pinwheel with 40 pins                   
– Scissors
– Built-in pincushion 
– Needles (2)
– 10 colors of thread
– Needle threader
– Zippered storage pouch for buttons, etc


Cath Kidston began her career as an interior designer and opened her first shop in London, where she lives, in 1993, featuring vintage furniture and fabrics. Since then, her brand has expanded to include stores in Manhattan and Los Angeles. She sells her products internationally.

This item isn’t available until after September 6th, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add it to your order now to receive it as soon as we do.  It would be a perfect gift for a girl going away to college .

 Other items from Cath Kidston


CB5797-2 Retail $8.95                               CB5859-6  Retail $12.95


                    CB5764-6  Retail $9.95                   

Visit our website at to see more information about these and additional products by Cath.

Oldie but Goodie – Purple Thang

That Purple Thang                                                              


Retail $2.95 – Minimum 3

This 6” little wonder pushes, pulls, stuffs and pokes into every nook and cranny that a seamstress ever encounters!  If yours has been missing in action from your sewing basket, it is time to replace it.

Bohin Needles

Bohin – the only French manufacturer of needles and other sewing products – has been in business for over 170 years!  This article, gleaned from their website, shows the manufacturing process.  Many of the pictures are breathtaking – they look like art quilts! I thought you might enjoy seeing them.

The company is currently holding a contest for a trip to France for those shop owners who purchase a needle assortment between now and October 29th – that’s Fall Market folks!  The trip includes six days in Paris, sightseeing tours, entertainment and a trip to Normandy to tour the Bohin factory.  Rob has toured the factory and said that it is just amazing!  Shop owners, check with your sales rep for details. 

 Here is the article – with pictures – that appeared in the magazine “Maisons Cote Quest” – October, 2004.

Maisons COTÉ OUEST – October 2004

(Article reprinted from the magazine Maisons Cote Ouest – October 2004 – by Agnès Waendendries. Photos Joël Laiter)

“Our passion for houses is not limited to decoration. This is why we grant a significant part of our reporting to discovery, gardens & landscapes,  culture & creation and gastronomy & heritage.

The last French manufacturer of sewing needles and metal accessories for paper, BOHIN FRANCE BOHIN FRANCE survives and thrives in the industries of Arts & Crafts and Leisure Arts

In the town of St. Sulpice sur Risle, Normandy (near the city of L’Aigle and the Normandy beaches) visit the beautiful and historic factory, a cross between the workshop of a mastercraftsman and large scale industry”.

Click to enlarge
Left/ Coppered steel wire Reels. Right/ Mixed with sawdust, the needles are brewed in wooden barrels.

Left/ Manufacture of the glass head pins. Right/ After hardening the needles at very high temperatures, they are cooled in large vats

Left/ Manufacturing of the eye of the needle on a press. Right/ The needles are polished by putting them in rubber bags.

Click to enlarge
Loose needles are sorted on a ribbed, wooden tray in preparation for a plate ribbed before being locked up in packages.

Click to enlarge
Piles of finished pins (Left) and Needles (Right) prepare to be sorted for packaging

Laps from Fats for Family and Friends

            Item GI-17

Ellen Replogle has done it again!  Book three in this popular series – Laps from Fats for Family & Friends (Item #GI-17) – includes 12 lap quilts – using 12 to 20 fat quarters.  Her patterns are easy to follow, easy to cut, and fast to sew – who could ask for anything more??? In my shop, we choose four quilts from the book and teach a different one each quarter.  The girls come once a month for three hours and do all of the sewing in class.  At the end of each year, they have four COMPLETED lap quilts – “completed” being the operative word!   

We always kit the quarterly quilt, but I love it when everybody chooses a different colorway.  What a great show and tell!  But these quilts are so easy – and so much fun – that we all end up making more than one!

I always like to look at her quilts in grey scale – it is much easier to focus on the pattern!  When I look at the pictures, I tend to get distracted and start picking out all of the fabrics that I have in my stash too.

So get a group of friends together and organize your own class.  Throw in a potluck and you have the perfect “girl’s night out”!  The hardest part is choosing which quilt to make first!  Girl’s Best Friend would be great to make this summer in patriotic colors – and what about the Star Waltz Quilt in Christmas fabrics….

     Item #GI-15            Item #GI-16





Ricky Tims’ Rhapsodie Coloree Part II

Now that you have fallen in love with RickyTims’ new fabric line from Red Rooster,  featured last week, now some inspiration of what to do with it. 

Enjoy this slide show, it is the same that Ricky used at the Spring Quilt Market in his School House presentation and was generous enough to share it for your enjoyment.

The first part is using his pattern Reverie Rhapsody Album  RT0212

Other ideas are:

~Ricky Tims’ Convergence Quilts: Mysterious, Magical, Easy, and Fun by Ricky Tims, item 10327 from C&T Publishing. Learn Ricky’s Convergence piecing techniques – just cut two or more fabrics into strips, sew them together and then cut and piece again! The beautiful, multicolored burst designs and textures in his Rhapsodie Colorée collection are perfect for use in the Harmonic Convergence projects in this book.

~Visual Coloring: A Foolproof Approach to Color-Rich Quilts by Joen Wolfrom, C&T Publishing. Learn Joen’s easy way of selecting colors that you love to look at in nature, and duplicate these effects in your quilts. Lots of photos and five projects. Item 10509.

~Color Play: Easy Steps to Imaginative Quilts by Joen Wolfrom, item 10223 from C&T Publishing. Learn to use five popular color schemes effectively in quilts: monochromatic, complementary, analogous, split complementary, and triadic.

Art Quilt Workbook: Exercises and Techniques to Ignite Your Creativity by Jane Davila and Elin Waterston, C&T Publishing, item 10487 . Step-by-step exercises teach the basics of good design. Learn thread painting, fabric collage, photos on fabric, and piecing techniques.

  ~Dreaming in Color: 10 Patterns for Traditional Colorful Quilts by Sonia Brown, Moon Over Mountain, item 100183. Instructions
for ten star and 9-patch quilts to machine piece.