An Oldie but Goodie – Heritage Large Ring Hook Tip Scissors

An Oldie but Goodie

Heritage Cutlery – 4 1/2″ Large Ring Hook Tip –

Item #VP50C – Retail $29.50 

Can’t reach your thread to cut it? Don’t want to remove your quilt or sewing piece to get your thread? Heritage Cutlery heard you and designed a hook scissor that will assist you in retrieving your thread! The unique taper hook slips easily through various parts of your sewing machine. The offset handles make this tool excellent for machine embroidery hoop applications. Rubber removable finger inserts. Made in USA.   They are great for long arm and embroidery machines as well.   Paper-piecers will love them!

Jellyrolls & Charms

cqd040012.gifcpp19.jpgDid you know that on Checker’s Website,, you can click on the  book tab, once on that page, scroll down and on the left,  click on “Quilting”.  This will give you all types of  quilting options including “Charms” and “Jellyroll & Strips”   You can either click on “Charms” or “Jellyrolls & Strips” to see all the books that can be used for these items.  The same holds true for patterns.  With over 99 Jellyroll friendly patterns and 70 “Charm” friendly patterns you should have no trouble finding your next project.


New Exact Search Option at

Checker Distributors made some improvements to the website,

We have just added a ‘description exact match’ to the search at the top of the website and also to the searches in the individual categories. The search will look for multiple words in a description or title and bring up just the items with those words in the order they are typed.

Here are a couple of examples:
Type in ‘turning twenty’ and select ‘Desc. – Exact Match’ to search by. It will return the four Turning Twenty items that we have.

Type in Printed Treasures – you will get the Printed Treasures items that have the words ‘Printed Treasures’ in the description. You will notice with these items printed treasures appears in several different spots in the descriptions.

Type in ‘Creative Grids’ and you will get the Creative Grids rulers as your search results.

The description/title search which searches for both words, whether they are together or separate in all descriptions is still available.

When you save your basket or your wishlist, a message will pop up that says ‘Success – Your basket was saved successfully,’ or  ‘Success – Your wishlist was saved successfully.’

PO numbers and the order date will now appear on your email confirmation that you receive after placing an order.

Checker Distributors is listening to your suggestions and comments.  Contact us at Phone: 1.800.537.1060 – FAX: 1.800.258.6416
International 419.893.3636 – FAX: 419.893.2422

Natural Relief 1222

How did Checker become the distributor of an “arthritic relief” cream? Frankly, it’s not our usual product line! But, when Lee Kramer, owner of the Wellness Rx clinic, recommended it to Rob for his chronic knee pain – and it worked – the rest is history!

Doctor Troy – the head pharmacologist for a major pharmaceutical company, invented Natural Relief 1222. He suffered from chronic arthritis and spent fourteen years searching for a topical cream that would have no unpleasant side effects. It took 1,222 tries to get it right – but it was worth the wait!

Since it is all-natural, it doesn’t have the adverse side effects caused by Capsaicin (a compound derived from chili peppers) or NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Celebrex and Naproxyn).

Many of the most common products on the market heat or cool the skin and give temporary relief – similar to what you would experience if you used a heating pad. Natural Relief 1222 is different – it has no unpleasant smell; no harsh chemicals; no side effects – but decreases the pain by reducing the inflammation naturally.

I know I sound like a snake oil salesmen – but everyone here swears by it. Frankly, when Lee started giving massages, the Checker crew started dropping like flies! Claudia, the customer service rep for foreign accounts, has no idea how she sprained her ankle; Jenny Stratton had some kind of carpal tunnel thing going on; the shop owners were getting neck massages at the fabric tables; and everyone was smiling!

One of the sales reps had fallen off a ladder and was using a cane before Lee started working with him. By Saturday he walked from the hotel to the Convention Center with no help! He couldn’t believe the difference – and his wife was thrilled! We spent three days listening to testimonials like this – it made believers out of all of us!

When we knit or sew, we use the same muscles over and over again – and maintain the same position for hours. Just a drop of this cream will ease the pain immediately. And, that is the key – a little dab will do ya! Don’t lather this stuff on like you do other creams – this is one case of more ISN’T better!

I don’t have any joint or muscle pain – I’d probably have to actually EXERCISE for that – but I was sold on the product when I found out it relieved itching from poison ivy and insect bites – and it can be used over scrapes or cuts. Those are the common ailments at our house. But, I can’t wait to order some for my friends – it has been especially effective for the treatment of fibromyalgia.

The 2 ounce size, Item #NR1222, comes in a tube.  The 8 ounce size, Item #NR8, comes in a applicator bottle.              


NR1222  Retail $19.99

Lee will be attending the TNNA show in Columbus in June. Stop by and talk to him – he will make a believer out of you, too!


  Item #NR8                                                                                         




Oldie but Goodie

Debbie Caffrey was a woman before her time when she wrote the original “Open a Can of Worms” (Item #DCM104) in 2000. She quickly followed that book’s success by writing “Another Can of Worms”(Item #DCM109). Why were these books so successful? They were the original “jelly rolls” – every project is made out of 2 ½” strips!  


Open a Can of Worms has eleven patterns that are perfect for today’s jelly rolls. But, these quilts were originally designed to use up your fabric stash. Debbie recommends cutting your scraps into 2 ½” strips and organizing them by color. The patterns tell you how many “worms” you need to complete each quilt – a 2 ½” x 40” strip is a worm! If you are cutting up fat quarters, cut two for one!

I have made many of the quilts in this book over and over again – the choice of colors changes the look of the entire quilt! We have examples of the Four Patch and Friends quilt in my shop. One example is done in dark country colors – the other in feed sack reproductions – and the blocks are set a different way.  Customers can not believe that it is the same pattern!  I love waiting for the “light bulb” to go off! Debbie shows seven different ways to place the blocks to make entirely different quilts. And, since the quilt is made entirely of four-patches and half snowballs, it is simple enough for beginners.

She also includes a feature called “Options to Consider” with each pattern. She gives you additional ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Often, it includes the number of blocks you will need to increase the lap quilt to bed size – what a nice bonus!

 I had the opportunity to spend some time with Debbie at Quilt Market. She moved from Alaska to the Southwest in 2000 when her husband, Dan – a petroleum engineer – retired.

They lived in a duplex while their house was being built and operated their business from there. They laugh about Dan collating orders in the kitchen – and having to move everything so Debbie could cook – and they could eat! Luckily, they both have a wonderful sense of humor – can you imagine retiring, moving, building a house, and running a business – all at the same time????

Debbie says that she and Dan have the perfect relationship – she gets to teach and design. Dan is President of “everything that Debbie doesn’t want to do” – what a great partnership! They are the proud parents of three children and two grandchildren.

Debbie is now working with another designer – her friend, Charlotte Angotti. Together they are creating a line of quality patterns with color instructions.  Many of them are fat quarter or jelly roll friendly.  They released six new patterns at Market which are fat quarter friendly.  Check them out!   


Ordering Threads on Website – Shop Owners Only

threadpage.jpgWe have re-vamped the thread page on so that you can easily and quickly order on-line. 

Re-Ordering Thread 

There are several options here to help make your thread re-ordering easier.

Option #1 – By Vendor

1. Click on the Vendor logo you want OR the vendor name listed under  the “Shop by Vendor” list. A screen will appear that lists all of the thread types made by that vendor under the heading “Shop By Brand”.

2. Click on the Brand (type) of thread from that vendor you want to order.

3. A screen listing all of the color numbers for that line will appear.

4. In order to simplify the ordering process to show just item numbers, we eliminated the thread colors from this screen. BUT, if you click on the item number, the color of that specific thread – along with all thread information will appear.

5. Click add to cart button at the bottom of the page when ready to order. This adds all the selected thread to your basket at once.

There is a help button on this page.

Option #2 – Search Threads using Description/Title search: 

1. Use this to search, located on the left of the thread page, for a type of thread when you don’t know the manufacturer but know the Brand or Type of thread. For instance, I have used it to find glow, linen, invisible, metallic and fusible thread. Choose “Description/Title” from the “Within” drop down menu.

2. You can not type in a vendor name – such as YLI and get their brands. Do that from the “Shop by Vendor” list. BUT, if you are looking for King Tut -and don’t know that it is made by Superior – this will take you to the right place!

Option #3 – Search at the top of the webpage

If you would like your list to include the color swatch, you can still use search bar at the very top of the website page. (Doing an item number search here reads the item number left to right and will pull up all items that begin with that number).

1. At Top of page enter the Item Number. For instance, Mettler Silk Finish
Cotton is 105; 1,200 yard spools of Star Thread is V37; etc. Please put a hyphen after the Item Number 105- or V37-. (Please note that not all thread items numbers utilize the hypen. It may be helpful to search the thread page for the correct start of the item number.)

2. Then, choose “Item Number” from the “Within” drop down menu.

3. You can go to the “Quickview Mode” at right of page to get a vertical list of all the items on the page and to be able select multiple items on a page to add to your basket at one time.

4. A screen appears with all of the items that have that color numbers for that item number. The system also allows you to click on each thread you need on that page and add them to your shopping cart all at once. Just don’t forget to click on the “Add to Cart” button at the bottom of the page! You must do this for each page separately if your search returns multiple pages.

Using the Color Charts

1. The color charts in PDF format are listed on MOST vendor pages. (All vendors color charts will soon be up) Many of them are reduced to fit the page. There is a button on the top of the page that allows you to enlarge the size of the chart.

2. If the the brand code for Checker is different than what appears on the manufacturer’s color chart, it will be listed at the top of the page. For instance, if you go to the Star Thread color chart, it will tell you to type #V37 before the color number.

3. The color charts are for reference only and cannot be ordered from. You can save or print these color charts. You will need to click on your Brand of thread to order the thread. You will find a help button on the color charts, too.

Search by Designer

1.  Click on the Threads, Etc. tab. On the right side of this page you will find a Secondary Search option of ‘Select a Designer.’ Click on the drop down menu.  A list of 18 designers who are currently working with our thread vendors will appear. Select a vendor and hit ‘Search’ and all the thread items from the designer will appear in a list from which you can order.

I hope this helps.  If you have any problems, contact your Sales Rep or our Customer Service department. They will be happy to help you.

Checker Staff

Amy Butler

What can you say about Amy Butler? It is impossible to pick up a magazine these days without seeing her smiling face, her book, her patterns, and her stationary… And, there is a reason for that – Amy has made it “chic” to sew – and God love her for that!


                                                        Sunblooms Cards CB5699-7

Amy and her husband live in Granville, Ohio – less than five miles from my shop. She is such a role model for the young girls in our area. If she can make her dreams come true in their hometown – not in New York or L.A. – then maybe they can too… She is empowering the next generation to be creative and passionate about art.

And, what a role model – she handles herself with grace and class – but always seems more intent on making a new friend than impressing anyone, “Because nice matters” could be stenciled above her studio door.

Amy writes in her book “In Stitches” that her favorite creativity mantra is: Utility can be beautiful. Comfy can be stylish. Organization is healthy. My personality is unique. Handmade is best.


She certainly takes that to heart when she designs.  We carry Amy’s patterns, fabrics and stationery in my shop and it is so refreshing to see Mothers and daughters shopping together.  AND, the daughters want to be there-AND want to learn to sew!


  CB5159-6 Retails $24.95            

In fact, her fabric has been the favorite “baby line” this spring. Every 30 – something new Mom wants a nursery with class and style – and a diaper bag to match! I put Amy’s note cards in a matching “Nappy Bag” for my niece’s shower. She used them for her thank you notes – and loved it!                                                                                                  cb5691-1.jpg  Journal CB5691-1 Retail $9.95

Amy is introducing six new patterns at Quilt Market – and, as usual, they are a mix of fashion, totes, and home dec. The gumdrop pillows were a hit with Jayme’s daughter who is designing her dorm room as we speak! The new skirt is going to be worn by Beth, the buyer’s assistant, at the Chicago show. And, the list goes on… Check out her website: and remember Checker carries all of Amy’s patterns and book.

frenchy_bags_cover_med.jpg  barcskirt_link_small.jpgab026sd.jpgab027bh.jpg

I took pictures of Amy and her booth at Market to share with you,  if you went  to Quilt Market I hope you stopped by and met her – I guarantee you that you  walked away with a smile on your face….qm-slc-030.jpg

Our Team

This week we are featuring Sharon Winters.    Many of you have probably talked to Sharon when you have returns.  Visit the tab “Our Team” at the top of the page to learn more about Sharon

Nancy Halvorsen

First, we fell in love with the Star of Wonder fabric line – the nativity panel that is the showcase of this collection – is both whimsical and endearing.  But, last week, the book arrived – and it is her best work yet!  



She not only finished the panel as a quilt, she cut it apart and sashed them out to make 13 pillows of various sizes and coordinating colors!  How cute would they be scattered on a bench at Christmas!   

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