The Ultimate Book of Table Toppers

As soon as I saw this book, the wheels started turning.  It includes 56 different projects from a variety of top designers.  Why not make it required reading in a series of classes?  Choose 12 different projects that each teach a variety of concepts and techniques – or let your students decide!

B1405T B1405T_3 B1405T_5 B1405T_6 B1405T_7 B1405T_8





















Just look at the variety!  Choosing just twelve will be the hardest part!  All of these are easy to kit and can be completed in an afternoon class.  Why not offer a demo with a class afterward for those who buy the kit and the book?  Then, in that class, show the project for the next class.  If they buy the kit, it reserves their space in the class the following month.  If they don’t, that chair is open for whoever buys the kit!  I did this and offered an afternoon, an evening, and a Saturday class.  ALL of them were full for the entire year!  This book is due out the first of the year so start planning your schedule today!

Japanese Style – Part Two

Akemi Shibata’s book – Quilted Bags and Gifts features 36 projects that prove that  the best gifts DO come in small packages!  Her eye for detail is reflected in every single gift and turns every day into heirloom quality – but most can be completed in a week-end.


ZW2231_4 ZW2231_3 ZW2231_8


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And at just $22.99, this book is a BARGAIN!  We carry many of the leather handles which gives each piece that professional look.  They are listed as companions for the book. Akemi combines taupe fabrics with colorful prints to create true works of art.  Why not incorporate a sense of style into YOUR every day life?

Critters have Invaded the Quilt Shop!

Summertime – and the kitting is easy…..because In the Patches has created quality crafts for kids.  These projects include everything you need – the wool (yes real wool), the dowel rod, and even the glue stick.  Sit down with your favorite child and start a tradition today!  There are fifteen critters to choose from:

Rille Rabbit (WKP16001) and Stella Bee (WKP16002)

Olivia Owl (WKP16003) and Kaylee Bug (WKP16004)WKP16003_1 WKP16004_1

Khloe Fox (WKP16005) and Ella Elephant (WKP16006)WKP16005_1   WKP16006_1

Dax Puppy (WKP16007) and Macie Monkey (WKP16008) WKP16007_1 WKP16008_1

Chip Fish (WKP16009) and EJ Monster (WKP16010) – he is so scarry we can’t even show you the picture!

WKP16009_1   WKP16010

Ava Cat (#WKP16011 and Lily Pig (#WKP16012)


Liam Lion (#WKP16013) and Benjamin Bear (#WKP16014)

WKP16013_1 WKP16014_1

Fred Frog (#WKP16015)

These kits are due in any day.  Why not make this a weekly project – and then combine the individual blocks into a quilt when they are complete?  Now that’s a craft that keeps on giving….

Every Little Boy’s Dream

NN362This week is going to be short and sweet.  We just got back from Market so life has been hectic!
“I Love Dirt” by Nellie’s Needle is the sweetest quilt that I have seen in a long time!  These six blocks will melt any boy’s heart.  Make the entire quilt -which measures 47 x 55 inches – or frame them individually for a charming wall grouping.  Pillows would be darling as well.

Personalize the quilt by adding the name to the top border.  Or, add names to the doors of the vehicles.  Who could resist this???


Gifts to Place at the Register

Most quilters love the simple pleasures in life – and nothing makes my day more than receiving a handwritten note from a friend!  These adorable note cards from It Takes Two come in four different styles.

Item #NM01  Retail $6.50

Item #NM02  Retail $6.50

Item #NM03  Retail $6.50

NM04 (1)
Item #NM04  Retail $6.50

PLEASE place your orders now so our buyers can order adequate quantities to cover Shop Hop season!  They are so popular, we are having trouble keeping them in stock!

The Forgiving Quilt – A Novel

Ann Hazelwood, author of the Colebridge chronicles, has just released the first book in a new series.  Once again she weaves quilts into the narrative of the book. The Forgiving Quilt is based in Missouri along the Mississippi.
Item #AQS10279  Retail $14.95

If you were NOT a fan of her books, you will be soon!  Why not read the Colebridge series as well?  In order….
Item #AQS8853  Retail $14.00

Item #AQS1256  Retail $14.95

Item #AQS1257  Retail $14.95

Item #AQS1542  Retail $14.95

Item #AQS1643  Retail $14.95

Item #AQS1697  Retail $14.95

Item #AQS7274   Retail $14.95

Don’t you love it when you find a new author???

Choosing Fabrics from your Stash Successfully

Stash Lab by Tonya Alexander is as much a study in color as it is a collection of spectacular patterns.


Item #B1335T  Retail $24.99

Learning how to choose fabrics from your stash – which crosses fabric collections – is an art that can be learned by following Tonya’s simple sorting techniques.  After all, we know that when scraps are combined effectively, you achieve the results featured in her projects.  The photographs speak for themselves!





Whether you love the look of traditional or modern quilts, this book covers the spectrum of spectacular!  Start organizing your scraps today.

Save the Date

When three calendars are in the top 10, it is time to place yours orders!  These beauties make great counter displays for those upcoming shop hops and summer events.  Here are the ones that are currently available:

Landauer has three favorites including our #1 seller based on the ever popular book Scrappy Fireworks Quilts (L112902 – $27.95) by Edyta Sitar.

Item #L112780  Retail $ 12.95

Lynette Jensen fans will love this latest version that includes photographs of quilts from a wide variety of her books.

Item #L11284  Retail $12.95

Enjoy this collection of paintings by Diane Phalen…

That Patchwork Place  has put together a collection of quilts and patterns from their top authors.  The quilts are as diverse as the designers who create them!

Item #C133  Retail $16.99

Piecemakers selection includes the patterns for a gorgeous ocean scene.

Item #C2013  Retail $19.00

Everyday calendars are always popular – and here are two of my favorites…

Quilter’s Block a Day Calendar is a great way to accumulate patterns for your favorite blocks.

Item #C123  Retail $19.95

Or this calendar of great ideas from Gooseberry Patch…

For those of you who like engagement calendars, we’ve got that covered too…

Item #AQS8666  Retail $13.95

You already know many of the major dates for 2013, so why not print them out on labels so your customers can add them to mark those special days?  Quilt shows, Super Bowl sales, and shop hops are just a few events that could be highlighted.  Give each sale that personal touch – and they will be back!

Machine Quilting Projects – for a great cause!

I was inspired by Jenny Stratton’s recent article about the new program “Under Our Wings”.  This new program encourages quilters to become a ‘coach’ and to adopt a non-quilter ‘rookie’, and teach them how to make a quilt top, get the top quilted, and donate it to the Quilts of Valor Foundation(QOVF).

I had heard about this idea at a Quilting Together retreat I attended in Chicago last fall. Marianne Fons was the keynote speaker, and she spoke about the project, which would debut at the Fall Quilt Market in Houston, 2010. “Under Our Wings” was created for independent quilt shops, and there is lots of information about it at  You will have access to information including tips on publicity, marketing, running a workshop, and lots more.

Independent quilt shops will benefit from supporting this initiative because it will bring new quilters into their shops. Since there are nine different fabric companies that have designed an American Valor Fabric collection, surely there are lots of styles to suit your customer base, so choose a collection or two, and prepare some kits! (There are free quilt top patterns on the QOV site). The rookies may start by buying a kit, but with positive encouragement, they might decide to make more quilt tops and start to make some of their own fabric choices. Naturally, the new quilter will be interested in purchasing quilting notions and patterns!

When it comes time to actually quilt the tops that coaches and rookies complete, the team can request a longarm quilter to help. Or, the team can do the quilting themselves. This is all explained on their website.

I would like to suggest a third idea for shops that have access to a quilting system. Why not encourage your coaches and rookies to learn about the quilting process? I have been a ‘longarmer’ for the QOV foundation for many years, and it is very satisfying. However, there is a cost associated with shipping the quilt to the longarmer, and returning it to the maker. Why not save time and postage, and do the quilting locally? The QOV website also offers free quilting patterns (both digital for computerized systems, and paper based for free motion systems).

For shops that sell quilting systems, perhaps you might advertise a demonstration of your quilting system, and use one of the Rookies’ quilt tops. The attendees are potential buyers, and they will be able to see the quilting system functioning, in realtime! You may or may not want to have them try their hand at doing the quilting – that is up to you, the rookie and the demonstrator.

For people who sponsor a longarm quilting club or guild, perhaps you could organize a mini-retreat where the members focus on quilting only the Rookies’ quilt tops. Naturally the rookies and coaches should be invited to attend, so they can learn about the process of finishing a quilt. The quilt top can be returned to the coach and rookie for a binding lesson!

Be sure to visit the QOVF website to register as an official Under Our Wings Quilt Shop. While on their site, check out the free digital and paper patterns. Don’t forget to promote this initiative in your newsletter!

Always “checking” for a better way to quilt!

Pat Barry