Decorate for Fall

It’s time to put away the flip flops and pull out all of the bolts of Fall colors and prints.  Place them front and center – along with these top selling books and patterns – and you will be ready for the season!

Anything by Nancy Halvorsen is a great way to celebrate the holidays…


Item #ATH550B  Retail $19.00

Or let Kimberbell inspire you….


Item #KD180  Retail $9.00


Item #KD705  Retail $19.00


Item #KD183  Retail $9.00

Shabby Fabrics create classic pieced designs that showcase the season…


Item #SF48568  Retail $9.50


Item #SF48632  Retail $9.50






Item #CAH316  Retail $12.00

But don’t stop here!  Pull out buttons, pearl cottons, embroidery flosses – and books and patterns you already have in stock.  Look at your shop with a new eye


Nancy Halvorsen has THREE books in the top 10!

There is a reason she is a legend!  Her newest book – Christmas Pure and Simple – is her latest book, and is already in the top 10!


Item #ATH551B  Retail $19.00

Christmas is about Jesus, pure and simple!  This book focuses on the nativity story, and was a way for Nancy to share this love story with her grandchildren.

This nativity scene doesn’t break!


The stockings are not only hung by the chimney with care – they are hung in style with these new Ackfeld hangers…


Item #30812  Retail $16.60


Item #30942  Retail $16.60


Item #30802  Retail $16.60


Item #30792  Retail $14.75

Or make a nativity quilt….


The hardest part will be choosing your first project!





Accent them with the button collection…


Item #ATH9879  Retail $11.40

The books are in stock.  The buttons and hangers will be arriving soon.  Order the book and choose your samples…and place your orders!   

Nancy Halvorsen sets a Fine Table!

Every time I think she can’t do anything new, she wows us all!  Nancy’s new book – Table Please Part two – has that awe factor that you just can’t resist!


Item #ATH550B  Retail $19.00
To order  or to see who has it in their store, visit our website at:

Look at these chair covers!  Santa hats – really???  And they are an assortment of fabrics which just adds to the fun!  The Merry table runner with Santa peaking out is adorable – and did you notice that she uses an upper case and lower case “r” to add to the appeal?



Extend the holiday season with snowmen.  This winter, you could leave up snowmen until Easter!  And don’t you love the snowmen arrangement with ear muffs no less?


For a classic, clean look, why not stitch this wall hanging?


But this book isn’t just about the winter holidays.  Fall is covered as well.

Who doesn’t love mummies??? The eye ball centerpiece has to make you smile!


These are the cutest spiders I have ever seen!


We all have so much to be thankful for – so why not make that our mantra for every season?








We are expecting the button packs that coordinate with this book to be arriving shortly.  Check out our website for these item numbers listed as companions for the book.

It is time to restock Part One as well – after all – that covers Spring.  And after this winter, we are all waiting for some sunshine!










Item #ATH549B  Retail $19.00
To order, visit our website at: ?

We have all of the companions for this book as well


Nancy Halvorsen has done it again!

Table Please is Nancy’s new book which features 15 different projects including 9 table toppers, table runners, and place mats.
Item #ATH549B  Retail $19.00

This book will give you enough classes and projects to fill classes through next summer! I love the three dimensional aspects of the LOVE table runner.

Start the year by creating this birthday celebration.  Then everyone will have it for all of their personal celebrations the entire year!


I love the dimensions added to the place mat – created with the layers of the cake!  And rick rack is the perfect trim!

Then move on to Valentine’s Day.  The letters are attached with buttons – how cute is that!  There is also a chair cover with a pocket to hold everyone’s Valentines – but you’ll have to buy the book to see it!

St. Patrick’s Day in March?  No problem!  Who doesn’t love shamrocks – and turn Irish for only for one day???
Then it is time to get ready for Easter….
And Spring….the flowers are embellished with buttons – which are available separately.  To see all of the button kits, visit our website:

Prepare for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day with this great table topper…
These are great projects to kit as well.  They are colorful, affordable, and fun!  The best part about this book?  It is Part One!  Which means there will be a Part Two….

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas in Fabric

Now we have ALL of the pieces in place!  Just as I was inspired again by Nancy Halvorsen’s new book – Ho Ho Ho Let It Snow – we have entered the book, fabric, hangers, and buttons in our system.  Who wouldn’t be inspired after seeing her booth at Spring Market!  Who would have thought that Nancy’s special shade of blue would be the perfect background fabric?

I know this is a lot of pictures, but in this case, a picture is really worth a thousand words.  And I wanted you to see the detail and quality that goes into every one of Nancy’s designs!  There is a reason she is a legend – she is an expert quilter and it shows!!!

Item #ATH548B  Retail $19.00

All of these projects are from this book….

And feature this fabric line….

available by the bolt or in a 15 yard bolt collection….

To see the entire collection, visit:

If you have already ordered it, it should be arriving any day so it is time to get your ducks in a row and order the companions as well….

The buttons for the entire book are available as a kit – or can be ordered separately by project.

Item #ATH9722G  Retail $44.30

Buttons for the Christmas Tree Table Runner….

Item #ATH9723G  Retail $11.90

Buttons for the Gather Pillow….who would have thought that so much love could be communicated in just one word?????

Item #ATH9724G  Retail $9.00

Snowflake Snowman Ornament…

Item #ATH9725G  Retail $1.40

Mitten Snowman Ornament….

Item #ATH9726G  Retail $3.20

Top View Snowman….

Item #ATH9727G  Retail $3.40

Bird Snowman….

Item #ATH9728G  Retail $2.90

Windy Scarf Snowman….

Item #ATH9729G  Retail $1.60

Let it Snow Mini….

Item #ATH9730G  Retail $3.40

Snowman Mini….

Item #ATH9731G  Retail $7.50

And then there are the hangers…..

available in charcoal

Item #27792  Retail $17.35

or copper……

Item #27794  Retail $17.35

Item #22777  Retail $13.75

Item #27887 Retail $7.18

Item #27897  Retail $13.75

Item #88017  Retail $19.80

Nancy’s designs are the perfect opportunity to kit!  Combine the buttons, hangers, and fabric in one kit.  Include Print n Fuse in the kits.  Print n Fuse is available in 3 sies – 12, 50 or 100 sheets – PNF12; PNF25; or PNF100.  This fusible web is made to run through a printer so you can trace the shapes once and your customers won’t have to.  Remember, everyone still needs to buy the book!  But. this is value added service and they will love you for it!

A CheckerYou video featuring Nancy explaining how she uses the PrintNFuse will be uploaded this week.  If you have a Checker account, check it out!

Nancy Halvorsen Brings Joy to the Holiday Season

Her unique style crosses all generations and appeals to everyone.  She has created her own signature in every piece she designs.  When you can instantly look at a project and know it is a Nancy Halvorsen design, you know you have just met a legend!  But with every fabric line and every boo that showcases it, she continues to grow and keeps her finger on the pulse of what is trending.

Ho Ho Ho Let It Snow is no exception.  I noticed a few weeks ago that round pillows were turning up in patterns and home dec magazines.  What is on the cover of Nancy’s new book????  Round pillows with the most adorable snowflake designs.

Item #ATH548B  Retail $19.00

Geometrics and quilts with no defined block patterns are the rage – and look at this feature quilt!  How does she constantly stay ahead of the trends???

Fonts are cutting edge….and look at the lettering on these pillows!

And what adorable ornaments that are showcased on a wire tree!

These little quilts make the perfect gifts – whether you choose to hang them or use them as mug rugs…..

And this is the panel from the fabric line that is featured in the book:

We posted the book on our website as soon as we got pictures because we just couldn’t wait to share!  Our buyers are working frantically to get in all of the buttons, hangers, and other notions that you will need to finish all of the projects in the book.  But pre-order the book now so you will have plenty in stock when the fabric arrives.

And, Nancy, thank you for making us smile once again!

Nancy Halvorsen – Need I Say More?

Nancy Halvorsen does it all – books, fabrics – and designs the accessories that give her projects the awe factor!  We now have all of the pieces of the pie in our system.  They may not all be in stock – but we can get you anything you need!

Many of you automatically bought her fabric lines – after all – they are automatic instant sales.  But now is the time to decide which projects in the book you are going to kit and offer as classes.  And, that means you will need additional bolts of some fabrics – and the books and notions necessary to complete the sale.

Item #ATH546B  Retail $19.00

To see all of the buttons and hangers that support this book, visit our website at:

To see the fabric line, visit:

Her Christmas block of the month design is darling….

Item #ATH547B  Retail $16.00

To see the companion items, visit:

To see the entire fabric line, visit:

Order now so our buyers have some idea of what quantities to buy!  Your help is greatly appreciated!

Art to Heart Charms the Children

If you are a fan of Nancy Halvorsen, you know she celebrated the birth of her grandchildren with the release of a fabric line and book:  Winsome Baby.

Item #ATH532  $18.00

Luckily, I had grandchildren around the same time so I have been able to incorporate her designs into gifts for my own little ones as well.  So, I was thrilled to see her newest release – due out any day – Curiosities & Mischief!

Item #ATG546B  Retail $19.00

These charming creatures are sure to brighten the lives of the little ones in your life as well!  Her coordinating fabric line is due out soon and is so bright and cheerful, it will fit perfectly into your summer display.

This line is available in 10 or 15 yard collections.  If you haven’t ordered it, do so now!  Here is the link    By the time everyone sees the book and samples at Market, it will be in high demand!  After all, sight unseen, who doesn’t love polka dots!

Feeling a Nip in the Air – Time for Fall Displays

Fall is my favorite time of year – and it is the perfect time to pull out those oranges, golds, rusts, blacks and purples for a great display!  Walk through your shop and pull existing bolts to add to your new Fall lines and you will be ready for the season!

To complete this vignette, add some books and patterns to get the creative juices flowing.  A picture is worth a thousand words so here are some of my favorites…

Bittersweet by Nancy Halvorsen/Art to Heart

The newest book by Nancy features her latest fabric line…

Item #ATH545B  Retail $18.00

Halloween Sachet by Crab Apple Hill

Fill these nine inch sachets with cinnamon sticks and clover to fill your house with the scents of the season…

Item #CAH311  Retail $8.00

Trick or Treat Bags

We all have those special Trick or Treaters that just deserve a little extra – and these bags will show them how special they are…

Item #CAH312  Retail $8.00


This embroidered quilt will become a family heirloom.  Kit fall colors for the nine patch center – a great companion for the pattern.

Item #CAH313  Retail $25.00

Zelda’s Fancy Hat

This life-sized witches hat features gorgeous crazy quilted embroidery – and it is large enough to be the centerpiece of any holiday display.

Item #CAH314  Retail $8.00

Calendula Patterdrips Cottage

This charming wall hanging features a touch of whimsy in every block!

Item #CAH319  Retail $25.00

Which Witch’s Boot

This colorful wall hanging is sure to make you smile….

Item #CAH320  Retail $9.00

Cute as a Button Bracelets

Turning a little embroidery into buttons make adorable “charming” bracelets! The pattern includes instructions on how to make bead dangles as well!  Why not make a version for EVERY holiday???

Item #CAH1012  Retail $8.00

Happy Happy Halloween Pillowcase

Add a decorative touch to your favorite Trick or Treater’s bedroom….

Item #CAH323  Retail $8.00

Harvest Time

This long and narrow wall hanging will brighten any spot in your home….

Item #P70  Retail $7.00

And look at the decorative hangers:

Item #89057A  Retail $14.00

Need’l Love

Pumpkin Patch is the latest installment from these most popular designers…

Item #Q25  Retail $25.00

While you are pulling those fabrics, check out your patterns and books too – and then fill in with these selections.  You will be ready for the holidays by the end of the week!

Nancy Halvorsen shines in Bittersweet

Nancy’s new book – Bittersweet – is shipping this week. Rarely, do I write about a book that I haven’t even seen, but rarely is there an author that has such a loyal following! As a shop owner, you know that Nancy’s books and fabrics are instant best sellers – so much so that your customers will make a trip to your shop just to see the new arrivals! That, in a nutshell, is why we love Nancy Halvorsen!

Item #ATH545B Retail $18.00

She continues to up-date her look, but at the same time, she does not force her loyal customers to step outside of their comfort zone. And, her fabric lines are no exception. Let’s look at Bittersweet – the fabric line that supports this book….

Nancy always starts with a fabulous focal print. Studies have shown that quilters fall into two categories: those that love blue and those that love green. Nancy always has color options for both groups. In this case, the focal print comes in plum and berry for those that love blues; and spruce and russet for those that love greens…

Item #2092B-60

Item #2092B-10

Item #2092B-40

Item #2092B-22

But, each of the prints include ALL of the colors.

Then, the companions are pretty neutral. Therefore, the fabric collection is a beautiful focus for a fall display, but when the season is over, they do not have to be placed on the sale rack. They can be placed on your shelves because nothing screams fall – no witches, ghosts and goblins, thank you very much! That means you can get full retail for every yard of fabric. No wonder shop owners love her!!!

Her coordinates always include a stripe in a variety of colors that makes a gorgeous binding or inner border…With this line, it comes in shades of berry, shades of bittersweet, and shades of moss…

Item #2096B-48

And then there are her plaids…again available in three color ways….this is the berry….

Item #2097B-22

And then Nancy includes tone on tones that are absolutely gorgeous in the three main color ways – and seven shades of dark, medium and lights so they are fantastic coordinates and backgrounds.

Item #2093B-32

But sometimes we need a transition fabric between the pieces, so Nancy includes tone on tones with a bit more color….enter “spearmint”…

Item #2095B-42

And, a line always needs a great neutral that blends with all of the coordinates…

Item #2094B-03

And a great two-tone print….

Item #2099B-10

To view the complete line, visit our website at:

Now, look at this line from a kitting perspective – only the focal prints are a must. The other prints can be mixed and matched as inventory dictates so kitting is a breeze. And, when Thanksgiving is over, the gold, burgundy and green fabrics can be showcased in your Christmas display. No sales required!
Many of the leaves in this line are spearmint or a grape leaf type print. They make great kitchen coordinates, wine caddies, etc. Again, no ghosts or goblins that scream Halloween – and require a sale on November 1st!
Now, combine these fabrics with the projects in her new book – and none of the fabric will be left anyway!
It gets even better! Her fabric line hit our warehouse this month – and the book hit last week. AND, Nancy is sending a trunk show of her new book for our Open House! Come to the Open House and check out the actual samples in the book. You can even take pictures for your newsletter! We aim to please – and Nancy always does!!!