Block of the Month with Creative Grids

Deb Heatherly – the genius behind the Creative Grids Cat’s Cradle Trim Tool – has developed a Block of the Month program for that top selling notion.



Item #DH15091  Retail $32.00

Deb owns a shop so this isn’t her first rodeo!  Over the years, she has incorporated dozens of BOM programs into her schedule and you will benefit from her expertise.

Purchase a set for each student.  This may look like a booklet, but it is actually a folder with the block patterns printed on individual sheets.  Give each student the folder at the first class – then, you, as a shop owner can decide whether you want to give them the whole thing at once or the patterns each month so they don’t work ahead.

individual pages

The techniques build from month to month so you utilize the true potential of the Cat’s Cradle Trim Tool.


Item #CGRDH1  Retail $17.95

Kitting has never been easier.  The actual blocks require 1 yard of four different print fabrics and two yards of background fabric.  Deb suggests giving them a fat quarter of each fabric and a half yard of the background fabric each quarter.  They can buy the setting triangles, backgrounds, and backing along the way so the quilt is more affordable for your customers AND you have guaranteed sales each month.

Since kitting is so easy, you can offer it in multiple colorways.  Your customers can choose the setting they prefer in the very beginning:

cover BOM (1)

solid BOM

30s bom  300 dpi


But this just gets better and better!  We are big Kim Diehl fans and love her new fabric line – Sunday’s Best.



The fabric isn’t available until December but look at the mock-ups she made for us!

Catapult , Kim Diehl, multi coloring, light setting pieces

Catapult, Kim Diehl, multi coloring, dark setting pieces

Catapult, Kim Diehl, multi coloring, modified dark setting

Catapult, Kim Diehl, Final Red (1)


They are all striking. It’s hard to choose a favorite, isn’t it!

Deb is working on a shop owner’s guide.  Contact her for details.  Or visit the Creative Grids demo area in the Checker booth and talk to Deb personally.

The Trifecta: Creative Grids -Wilmington Fabrics – Cut Loose Press

We are thrilled to announce that we are joining forces with Wilmington Fabrics to provide the entire package – their fabric, a Creative Grids® ruler, and a Cut Loose Press™ pattern!

The folks at Wilmington have recreated some of our most popular Cut Loose Press™ patterns in their brand new fabric lines.  Look for the Trifecta logo at the beginning of the fabric collection and click on it to download the images to display with the fabric, ruler, and Cut Loose Press™ pattern.

For the Isabella fabric line, for instance, we show three different Cut Loose Press™ patterns which feature Creative Grids® rulers:

This Way by Carl Hentsch

The original…


Item #CLPCHE003

This Way in Isabella fabrics….




The pattern features the Creative Grids Multi-Sized 45/90 ruler:


Item #CGRMS4590  Retail $25.45

Bloom by Christine Van Buskirk:

The original:


Item #CLPCVB005  

Bloom in Isabella fabrics….



The pattern features the Creative Grids 60 Degree Triangle ruler:


Item #CGRT60  Retail $18.95

Getting Zippy by Kathy Seal:

The original…

CLPKSE007 (1)

Item #CLPKSE007

Getting Ziggy in Isabella colors:




This pattern features the the Creative Grids Rhombus Too:


Item #CGRPA2  Retail $18.95

The PDF includes a fabric sheet:


Why not score the trifecta every time by providing a teaching opportunity with every sale?  Creative Grids provides that opportunity for your customers to learn a new technique with every purchase!  That is the Trifecta advantage!

Placemats with Pizzazz!

Check out these placemat patterns by Vickie Clontz are adorable!  The napkin creates the “bow” effect at the top of each piece which adds that awe factor we all love!  She has all of the seasons covered so why not start a series of classes?


Item #195AK  Retail $8.00


Item #188AK  Retail $8.00


Item #184AK  Retail $8.00


Item #196AK  Retail $8.00

Remember when you bought that sewing machine with all of those decorative stitches?  Now is the time to highlight them.  Or, use these as a basis for a hand embroidery class.  Easy to kit, easy to sew, easy to personalize!  Two of these are new patterns that should be arriving next week.  Order now so your customers have time to make them for presents.  This could be the gift that keeps on giving – a gift card showing the other place mats they will be getting as the seasons change….


A New Spin on the Coloring Craze

When there are SIXTEEN coloring books in the top 100 books, everyone better sit up and take notice!  Many of these books feature adult art such as these books by Design Originals:


Item #DO5539  Retail $9.99


Item #DO5528  Retail $9.99

Or, these versions that would be perfect gifts for the “tween” in your life:


Item #DO5549  Retail $7.99


Item #DO5551  Retail $7.99


Item #DO5550  Retail $7.99

Why not print these designs on fabric transfer sheets – and sew them into a quilt or project???


Item #P-FABRC  Retail $20.95

The Tulip fabric markers are the preferred markers of choice when coloring fabric:


Item #31425  Retail $39.99

These non-toxic markers have dual-tips – brush tip for large areas and a fine tip for detail work.  These inks are machine washable.  No heat-setting is required.

I have already placed my order!  These are going to be the perfect gift for my granddaughters!  They are going to love coloring the fabric and helping me sew their bext work into a quilt!  This would be a great class as well!

Pop-Up Bags now in New Multiple Sizes

Now the #1 selling pattern is available in three new sizes!


Item #FQG122  Retail $10.00

The pattern includes instructions to create medium (8″ x 8″): large (10 1/2″ x 11″); and extra large (14″ x 16″) pop-ups.  Buy a set of the rings – or buy the size you prefer.


Item #FQG126  Retail $38.99 (three ring set)

Item #FQG123  Retail $10.99 (medium)

Item #FQG124  Retail $12.99 (large)

Item #FQG125  Retail $16.99 (extra large)

Don’t forget to order more of the original size:


Item #FQG120  Retail $12.99

FQG121 (1)

Item #FQG121  Retail $8.99

Everyone who already has made the smaller size will want the larger ones as well – so order accordingly!

Oh My Stars!!!


Barbara H. Cline is the queen of the sixty degree triangle.  Her new book takes a simple block and turns it into spectacular art that ANYONE can piece!


Item #11129  Retail $24.95

Nine breathtaking quilts are all created with one simple block.  The magic begins with fabric placement.



Now look what happens when you sew these units together….








The book includes nine different patterns which focus on the sixty degree triangle – two of the Creative Grids top selling rulers.


Item #CGRT60  Retail $18.95


Item #CGRT12560  Retail $26.45

This book is sure to be the basis of a class this Fall!

Tunics with Style and Comfort

There is a reason that both of these clothing patterns are in the top 100.  They flatter any body type comfortably.

The schoolhouse tunic can be worn as a dress, over jeans or as a shirt.  The pleated front and back adds that extra comfort.  The 3/4 length sleeves can drape or add elastic to keep them in place.  The open bodice is perfect for layering.  AND, the pattern includes sizes from 2 to 20.


Item #SL106  Retail $15.00

The Modern Medley Top and Tunic is constructed with a variety of fabrics to create this slightly over-sized, unique and stunning top, tunic or jacket with a shirt-tail hem. Choose from two lengths – both of them flattering to any body type.  The shorter version falls just below the hips and then dips lower in the front and back.  The tunic version is perfect over leggings.  The dolman sleeves provide ease of movement in the shoulder area. The pattern comes in multiple sizes from small to 2XL.


Item #IJ1113  Retail $16.00

These two patterns join these all time favorites on the top 100 list.  The Little Somethin’ Jacket sports a slightly flared 3/4 length or full length sleeve.  It comes in two different flattering lengths.  The front lapels are self-faced which makes this a three hour project.  The pattern includes sizes from 8 – 24.


Item #CNT2501  Retail $11.98

The Simple-Elegant Tee is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. The tee is a one-piece pattern! Three sleeve styles: Kimono, Cap & Dolman, two necklines: Scoop & V neck, and three lengths are interchangeable to create a simple key piece for all-day style and elegance! Once again, this is available in multiple sizes: 8-24.


Item #CNT2601  Retail $11.98

When four clothing patterns hit the top 100 patterns, it is time to sit up and take notice!  Why not order some rayon and knits?  Since these patterns all require multiple yards, a bolt will disappear on no time!

Gifts for the Kitchen

Tis the season soon for gift giving.  And, looking at the top 100 patterns shows that quilters are already working as hard as Santa’s elves to make this season special!  Aprons are a great holiday gift.

The Crossback Reversible Apron reminds me of the classic aprons my grandmother used to wear. This version slips right over your head and includes a patch pocket detail if you prefer.  It also comes in three sizes for adults and three children’s sizes.


Item #IJ1132  Retail $15.00

Terry’s version includes children and toddler sizes as well.  It is fully lined and includes a roomy pocket.  The offset button flap is charming!


Item #ATK176  Retail $9.50

This apron from Four Corners is the perfect beginner project but is so stylish, everyone will want one!


Item #VHD132  Retail $8.00

These Micro-soft Hot Holders come in three sizes and are the perfect accessory for any kitchen – but why not make a few extra for the office as well?


Item #IJ1102  Retail $10.00

Mug Rugs are always popular – and the top 100 patterns includes two versions that are made in the hoop so they go together in no time!

What football fan wouldn’t love these???  Personalize them for those super fans on your list!


Item #ASD206  Retail $15.00

Or make holiday versions….


Item #ASD198  Retail $15.00

Why not display these with options?  Aprons with cookbooks and baking supplies; mug rugs with an assortment of coffees and mugs….You get the idea.  Did you know Checker carries over 60 cookbooks?  Now is the time to bring them front and center!

A Partnership made in Heaven

For the first time, Its Sew Emma is proud to present their first book with Me and My Sister Designs. Precut Primer contains twelve quick and easy quilts made from a variety of pre-cuts:  layer cakes; jelly rolls; fat quarters; fat eighths; charm squares; and mini charm packs.


Item #ISE907  Retail $14.95

Each quilt reflects the bubbly, bright personality of this sister team.  A picture is definitely worth a thousand words….and lots of pictures….priceless….

Mini quilts are all the rage – these are the perfect compliments to any room.



These quilts have to make you smile!  They are just plain happy!ISE907_2


The reds and blues in this colorway – and the prominent white background is reminiscent of 30’s quilts.



Either of these quilts would be right at home in any teen’s room.ISE907_5




These darker colors are stunning when combined.  Reds, blacks, moss greens, greys and golds may become your new color palette of choice!



This book should be displayed with every pre-cut display.  Why not have your customers grab your favorite pre-cuts and get started today?

Decorate for the Season – Part Two

At this time of year, a quilt shop owner has to have a split personality.  Our customers are decorating for Fall – but also focusing their talents on creating the perfect Christmas gift.

Create a Winter display right next to the Fall display.  Remember – when pulling fabrics, blue has become a favorite holiday color as well.

Incorporate these top sellers into your display.


Item #B1355T  Retail $22.99


Item #ISE-908  Retail $19.95


Item #AQD0404  Retail $21.00


Item #141389  Retail $14.99


Item #11110  Retail $24.95


Item #11108  Retail $24.95

Some colors transcend one season so don’t forget to move those reds, greens, and golds to the winter display as soon as Fall is winding down….