And the improvements begin…

Checker Distributors prides itself as being the world’s leading Wholesale Quilting Distributor.  It is support from customers like you that have put us out front.

Checker finds itself at a point where we must make some business decisions to better serve the majority of our customers.   We have experienced large increases in growth, and in order to keep up with the increased shipping demands, we will be starting a large warehouse renovation in October 2015.  This will include considerably more mechanization and multiple automated conveyors throughout our entire facility.

Due to this renovation, it will no longer be practical or safe for non-employees to walk the Warehouse aisles.  Regrettably, we will no longer be permitting customers to shop in our Warehouse aisles beginning Monday, September 28, 2015.

For the near future, our Showroom will remain open so you are able to see the latest samples.  However, if you decide to place an order that day, it will be processed and shipped to your location the next business day.  We will still offer order pickup, but please note that your order must be sent in a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

We do hope you will continue to allow us to support your business by placing your orders via our website or by contacting Customer Service (1-800-537-1060).

Thank you for your understanding as we make changes to better serve you and your business.


Brad Krieger

The Perfect Partnership – Creative Grids and Cut Loose Press -Part Two

The Creative Grids 30 Degree Triangle is a top selling ruler – and once you see these patterns you will understand why!

Evergreen by Christine Van Buskirk – one of the designers of the ruler is a throw that can be finished in plenty of time for winter!


Item #CLPCVB007

Sue Hanson creates pine trees that will be the focal point of any round table – or turn it into a tree skirt. Or, why not both???


Item #CLPSHN002


Item #CGRSG1  Retail $26.45

Christine also created this “Cuddle” quilt that features this incredible fabric on both sides!  We would love to show it to you – but the staff keeps stealing it!


Item #CLPCVB006


Item #CGRSAV1  Retail $36.45

This six-pointed star was cut with the top selling Stripology ruler and then pieced with Quiltworx paper-piecing foundations – two products that guarantee success!


Item #CLPCMC004


Item #JNQ194P  Retail $10.00


Item #CGRGE1  Retail $24.95

Your customers already love these rulers – why not give them more options???

The Perfect Partnership – Creative Grids and Cut Loose Press

With over 100 rulers in our tool box, designers are finding just what they need to create spectacular quilts.  These are just a few of the new Cut Loose Press patterns that feature Creative Grids that have been released this summer.

Who doesn’t LOVE the Jean Ann Wright trim tools?  Fascination is created with the eight inch Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool.


Item #CLPCAM008


Item #CGRJAW5  Retail $20.95

Roundabout is striking in batiks – and the pieced border added to just two sides gives it a modern look.


Item #CLPCAM007


Item #CGRJAW6  Retail $17.95

Sunny Shadows gives a different look to a traditional log cabin block.  Laura Blanchard starts with a half-square triangle – and then snowballs some of the corners to create a striking quilt!


Item #CLPMBL001


Item #CGRJAW1  Retail $19.45

Color placement of the strips in this Pineapple Slice quilt creates a secondary pattern that floats…


Item #CLPJAW035


Item #CGRJAW3  Retail $23.45

This hexie quilt is absolutely quirky – from the angled edges to the turned striped units – what is not to love!


Item #CLPKLU004


Item #CGRJAW4  Retail $24.95

Why not start creating you own works of art today???

Another Successful Row by Row

The Row by Row Experience will go into hibernation on September 8.  Quilters have until October 31 to finish a quilt – that means quilted, bound, and labeled – and bring it to a participating store that has not yet had a winning quilt.

At the end of the day on September 8th, NO patterns or kits are to be sold or given away until November 1st!  After that date, stores can do whatever they like – including mailing kits.  Contact each participating store to see what they are doing.

ALL of these patterns that support the Row by Row Experience are in the top 100!  After your customers are done collecting them, they will want to USE them so why not host a class?

Wristlets by Sealed with a Stitch


Item #SWAS-P18  Retail $12.00


Item #SWAS-T41 (In the Hoop)  Retail $15.00

Sealed with a Stitch Tote Bag


Item #SWAS-P19  Retail $12.00

Bobbin the Robin – the “mascot”


Item #ZP30004  Retail $9.00

“License To Sew” by Carolyn Griffin


Item ## CLPCGR006

Fabric License Tote by Cathey Laird


Item #CLPCLA023

Ackfeld has two special holders that highlight this program as well.

10″ Bobbin Along Holder


Item #32152  Retail $14.82

7 1/2″ Jalopy


Item #31082  Retail $11.98

Why not offer classes and finish this year’s record breaking experience on a high note???


My Favorite New Notion

I love this notion so much that it is getting its own personal shout out!  I taught a class today – and everyone wanted one.  This four inch magnetic pin holder by Zirkel is the strongest magnet I have ever seen.


Item #ZMOR  Retail $19.95

This product is quality through and through.  It has some weight to it so it isn’t going anywhere – and you aren’t accidentally going to knock it off your sewing counter.  But the true magic is in the design!  Because of the magnets in the base, the heads on the pins automatically fall in a sunburst so they are on the outside edge – ready to be picked up and used!

Don’t you wish you would have paid more attention in science class so you could understand the scientific principles behind it?  Luckily I didn’t have to because Zirkel did!


What do the Owl and Kittens Say?

The YouTube video – What did the Fox Say – has received millions of hits and started a craze.  A few weeks ago, I shared Elizabeth Hartman’s patterns featuring fox and hedgehogs – all of which were in the top 100 patterns.

Now she has added kittens, bunnies and owls to her best selling animal series – and guess what!  They are already in the top 100!

These kittens have personality!


Item #EH018  Retail $18.00

Allie Owl


Item #EH-020  Retail $12.00

The Bunnies

EH-021 (1)

Item #EH021  Retail $12.00

All of these quilt pattern include instructions for multiple sizes.  Elizabeth has a style that your customers love!  Why not carry her entire line of patterns and inspire everyone???

Wool Block of the Month by Sue Spargo

Speaking of bright, cheerful wool projects, guess what book just hit the top 100?  Sue Spargo, In Full Bloom.  Sue has designed this quilt as a block of the month.  Why not start this in the Fall so your customers will have a hand stitching project ready for the holiday season?

Once again her quirky style is center stage as she showcases the birds and flowers that enhance her personal landscape.


Item #SS74  Retail $28.00

Look at the detail in every block!



This is an heirloom in the making and will become the centerpiece of any decor!  To see all of Sue’s books and patterns, visit our website.

Bright and Happy Wool AppliqueI love

I love everything that Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins of Piece O’ Cake do.  Their quirky designs and incredible color sense make me smile.  Now they have taken their charming style and incorporated it into wool – and your customers will love the results!


Item #11109  Retail $22.99

Wool is here to stay and these brighter, happier colors are becoming a trend!  A picture is worth a thousand words – and I have lots of pictures….

Their signature tulips are striking with this pieced border….



Who wouldn’t want to live on Jamestown Avenue???


Blue Basket reminds me of a hooked rug…


Who doesn’t love combining strawberries and polka dots?



And these Leafy Pillows would look great in any home decor!


Why not kit these projects using the In the Patch Design wools.  Visit our website to see the entire selection:

The second most important machine in your Sewing Room

I travel and teach all over the country – and this is my pet peeve!  Quilters will buy sewing machines that cost more than my car – and iron every stitch sewn on those machines with a cheap iron they buy at a discount store!

Pressing is such an important part of quilting and we need to give it the respect it deserves.  Reliable has two choices that are perfect for any quilter.


Item #100IS

Reliable calls the Maven their lightweight giant – and they are so right!  It weighs less than 1 1/2 pounds but has tremendous pressing power.  The powerful pressurized steam removes wrinkles and folds effortlessly.  The cork handle is comfortable and doesn’t retain heat – and it adds a design element that I love.

This iron is the perfect choice for quilters.  The steam vents are concentrated at the tip of the iron to maximize their effectiveness.  And there is no automatic shut off so you can go chain piece your blocks and return to a hot iron!


Item #200DS

The Senza is a serious ironing system.  It is the first two-in-one system.  For quick ironing tasks, the iron can be used separately from the station.  For serious ironing, it can be attached to the base so there is continuous steam. This would be my choice for long-armers!  This iron would make short work of ironing backings!  And the steam can release wrinkles and folds in batting.

Buy one of each and have them in your classroom.  Once your customers experience the difference, they will be adding one to their Christmas wishlist.

The good news?  These are now drop shipped from Maumee instead of Canada so freight charges are reduced!  They will be in stock later this month so order them now so you can be the first shop to demonstrate these work horses!

The Savviest Designer Enters the Kitchen – Part Three

I LOVED this pattern – and wrote about it back in May.  And THEN I watched the video on our website:  //  If this doesn’t make you run out and buy a chenille cutter (CHN-1), NOTHING will!


Item #ATK180  Retail $9.50

These are perfect shower gifts, luncheon gifts, boutique items – you name it because they can be mass produced in no time.  And, lets face it, they are so darned cute, you won’t be able to stop at just one!

You can cut the curves with the Creative Grids Curved Corner Cutter (Item #CGRCCC).  Insul-bright (Item #6320WN) makes them user friendly.

Why not make a shop sample with a matching apron?  What a great shower gift!


Item #ATK176  Retail $9.50

And, in typical Atkinson style, the pattern comes in three sizes – Adult, child, and toddler.  The off-center fold over top with a button accent gives this apron its style.  It is fulling lined so it sews up quickly and has body.  And don’t you love the pockets???

This is the perfect gardening, cooking AND cleaning apron!  The pattern includes a round chenille hot pad.  Once again, these are great class projects – and a great way to introduce children to sewing.  Why not offer a mother/daughter, grandmother/granddaughter class?  Who wouldn’t love to make matching aprons – just in time for Christmas baking!