A Clutch Wallet – complete with Video Instructions

Sometimes all you need to do is remove the intimidation factor to create a phenomena in your store.  Pam’s pattern includes a step by step DVD so your customers and students can take a teacher home with them!


Item #NOT10  Retail $23.99

This pattern also includes an acrylic template to make fast work when cutting all of the pockets and foundations.  You can’t get any easier than this!

Pam’s 8 inch version requires these frames which are available in three colors:


Black – Item #NOT11  Retail $8.99


Silver – Item #NOT12  Retail $8.99


Gold – Item #NOT13  Retail $8.99

Why not do a storyboard with step by step instructions?  When you see how easy it is, you will be making DOZENS for Christmas!  If you sell machines, embroider a monogram or design on the main piece.  What a great way to demonstrate your machines!  Have everything else your customers need to turn the sample into a wallet.  Don’t forget to include your business card!

These frames are so hot, they are almost impossible to keep in stock so order them now!!!!!

Olfa has Revolutionized Cutting Mats!

This is the greatest innovation since the invention of the rotary cutting mat.  Olfa has created a folding mat – which makes your mat totally portable.  Reducing your mat to “half size” means you can take it to retreats and classes easily – and it is easier to protect it from temperature variations when traveling!


The 12″ x 17″ size – Item #FCM-12×17  Retail $49.99


The 17″ x 24″ Size – Item #FCM-17×24 Retail $69.99

The wavy edge interconnects and is seamless when opened.  I got to try one – and seriously – you can’t see it and the rotary cutter went right over it.  A piece of black tape runs the height of the mat so the two halves mesh perfectly every time.

These mats won’t be available until July but order them now so you get the first order.  I have a feeling these are going to sell like crazy to those quilters who travel and quilt!  How could they resist???

The Perfect Road Trip Project!

These new kits are just darling – the packaging is so appealing, they will fly off the shelves.  And, at just $8.99, the price point is fantastic!

Each one comes packaged like this….



which turns into this….



Item #TTY15BU  Retail $8.99

These darling hats include a soft grommet that stabilizes the little critter on the top.  They are knitted with a size nine needle so they can be completed in no time!


Item #3016CV16-9  Retail $8.75

Every option is adorable….


Item #TTY15E  Retail $8.99


Item #TTY15KI  Retail $8.99


Item #TTY15OW  Retail $8.99


Item #TTY15UN  Retail $8.99


Item #TTY15GI  Retail $8.99


Item #TTY15FL Retail $8.99


Item #TTY15MO Retail $8.99


Item #TTY15LI Retail $8.99


Item #TTY15PU Retail $8.99


Item #TTY15TB Retail $8.99


Item #TTY15SB Retail $8.99

Finish it with this plastic needle….


Item #1763-1  Retail $1.39

Why am I suggesting that you buy winter hats at the beginning of summer?  These are the perfect road trip project!  These were so popular at Market that some are out of stock – but our buyer is on top of it so they will ALL be in stock soon.

The hard part may be choosing, so why not buy them all?


Quality Notions that will last a lifetime!

These quality brass notions by Pam Damour come with a lifetime warranty!  You can’t get any better than that!  They are made of polished brass and simply beautiful.  But in this case, quality design combines with style to create an heirloom quality tool that your grandchildren will be using someday.

The brass stiletto measures just under four inches when capped.  Keep this by your sewing machine.  Once you get used to using one, you won’t be able to sew without it!


Item #NOT03  Retail $25.00

This seam ripper has a fine, sharp tip that won’t break – and cuts threads easily.  Make short work of a thankless task!  And, once again, the quality and beauty is outstanding!


Item #NOT04  Retail $25.00

These would be great gifts for your favorite quilting teacher or friend.  Tools of this caliber are always appreciated!