Panels – the Perfect First Project – Part Three

When panel fabrics, books and patterns make it to the Top 100, you know it is summertime!  Add these books to your panel display – and check inventory often.  At these prices, they will fly off the shelves!


Item #1413721 Retail $14.99










Panel Play by Barbara Baker


Item #FRP-200  Retail $19.95









Why not show your customers how to showcase these panels to their best advantage?

Panels – the Perfect First Project – Part Two

Mountainpeek Creations has created several patterns that frame a fabric panel beautifully.

Cubby Holes


Item #PC420  Retail $8.50

Flight North


Item #MPC277



Item #MPC376  Retail $8.50



Item #MPC292  Retail $8.50

Spotlight 2


Item #MPC293  Retail $8.50



Item #MPC302  Retail $8.50



Item #MPC370  Retail $8.50

Picture This


Item #MPC412  Retail $8.50

Why not set up a vignette of panels and their coordinates along with these patterns?

Panels – the Perfect First Project

It’s summertime – and the sewing is easy…..It is the perfect time to host a mother/daughter, grandmother/granddaughter class.

This Cut Loose Press sleeping bag designed by Kathy Brown is the perfect choice.  It can be completed in an afternoon.


Item #CLPKBR003

We have several panels in stock that are sure to make every child smile….


Item #529716510715


Item #CP55017-110


Item #535521600715


Item #52337C470715


Item #554276470715


Item #CP55018-858


Item #CP55019-647


Item #CP55020-A62

You will also need some coordinating fabrics.  To see the collections, visit our website at:




And so it begins…Row by Row Experience

When five out of the top 16 patterns support the Row by Row Experience, you know the biggest event on the quilting calendar is about to begin!  This phenomenon has taken the continent by storm with over 2,600 shops participating.  Janet Lutz is the brainchild behind this program and deserves a place in the Quilter’s Hall of Fame – what a creative genius!

Bobbin the Robin


Item #ZP30004  Retail $9.00

This darling pin cushion has become the mascot for the program – and provides the perfect opportunity for a photo op.  Add your own touch of whimsy to showcase the personality of your store.  Sell wool? Feature embroidery? Love beading? Show it off!

Sealed with a Stitch has created hree different patterns that showcase the license plates that can be collected at participating shops.  This bag features four license plates – or cut favorite fabrics to that size to make this bag your own.


Item #SWAS-P19  Retail $12.00

This wristlet pattern is available as a “hoop” project or make it with traditional methods.  Whichever you choose, the results are irresistible!


Item #SWAS-P18  Retail $12.00

Or make this version completely in the hoop – a perfect demo for a sewing machine shop.


Item #SWAS-T41  Retail $15.00

Display your license plate collection in this Cut Loose Press pattern that may also feature your favorite rows.


Item #CLPCGR006

Due to the incredible demand, not all of these patterns are in stock – but huge orders are due in again this week!  Please do our buyers a favor and order now so they can predict the demand.  Your customers will thank you for it.


Clothes that Fit And Flatter

I love Karen Nye’s fashions.  She knows how to create styles that flatter women of every age – and size.  Each top can be made in a variety of sleeves and lengths.

This Simple-Elegant Tee is the perfect choice for summer.  This one-piece pattern couldn’t be any easier.


Item #CNT2601  Retail $11.98

Create your own look by combining your favorite neckline, sleeve style and length that will best compliment your figure.  Choose a beautiful fabric that drapes well – cotton and batik fabrics are perfect.

This swing jacket is so popular that shops can’t keep it in stock.


Item #CNT2501  Retail $11.98

Once again, choose from two different lengths of jacket and sleeve lengths to create your own flattering style.  Each pattern includes sizes from 8 to 24.

Introduce your customers to the job of sewing clothes that fit!  They will love you for it – and be able to make them in three hours or less!

Crabapple Hill Branching Out

Meg Hawkey is one of my favorite designers.  She continues to grow and explore new mediums and takes us on this journey so gently that we don’t even realize that we are learning!  This series of needle art companions does just that.

Button Bon-Bon Pincushion

This pin cushion works up very quickly so it is a great gift for all of your quilting friends.  The opening of the gathered base is covered with an embroidered covered button.  Add gathered ribbon flowers for the perfect touch of whimsy.


Item #CAH820  Retail $10.00

Janette Needlebook and Pin Cushion

This needle book introduces wool with simple embroidery stitches.  The touch of beading with a button accent is simple but striking.


Item #CAH821  Retail $10.00

Blushing Needle Keeps

Once again, Meg has combined wool with simple embroidery so these needle keeps can be completed in no time.  Why not teach a class and share different needles – and what they are used for?


Item #CAH823  Retail $10.00

Sunflower Stitchery Folder

This beautiful folder opens to 30″ x 11 1/2″ so it is big enough to hold your entire stitchery project  Make it out of a favorite print or create an heirloom by adding the embroidery and crayon shading.


Item #CAH822  Retail $10.00


Poppy Bag Project

This bag has plenty of pockets to hold everything you need to stitch on the go.  Talk about personality???  This bag has it all from the polka dot trim to the eyelet opening.



Item #CAH824  Retail $10.00


Why not incorporate these true works of art into your every day needle art experience?  And, then, share them with a friend!

These Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend!

Judy Niemeyer has outdone herself with this Diamond Wedding Ring.  Six rings intersect to create this stunning quilt.  This 2015 version is an update of the original Diamond Wedding Ring published in 2001. The pattern incorporates many of Judy’s updated techniques including strip piecing, floating points, Smart Corners, and a revised assembly process that avoids Y-seams!  (To view a video of Judy, click on the template set or pattern item # which will take you to the Checker website.  Then click on the product video icon.)

JNQ183P (1)

Item #JNQ183P  Retail $30.00

There are a lot of pieces to this quilt so Judy developed a set of templates with Creative Grids to make short work of this step…and every piece features our exclusive gripper!

Item #CGRDIA  Retail $28.95

This quilt is beautiful whether you add the appliques or not – but we’ve got you covered too!  These appliques are available in pre-cut kits.  To add the appliques to all four corners, you need two Alpine Meadows; two Desert Blossoms; two Lily Patch; and one Tropical Gardens.


Item #IAM-JNQ-02  Retail $31.50


Item #IDB-JNQ-02  Retail $23.50


Item #ILP-JNQ-02  Retail $29.00


Item #ITG-JNQ-02  Retail $33.50

Or, add the appliques to two sides….


No matter which version you prefer, this quilt is an heirloom in the making!

The Best Retreat Project Ever!!!

These Fat-Quarter Pop-Ups are currently in the Checker top 100 patterns and rising fast.  And why not???  They require a fat quarter of fabric and interfacing – talk about easy kitting!  And the pattern comes with the pop-up metal frame, a label and the required elastic.


Item #FQG120  Retail $12.99

Once your customers see how easy these are, they will want to make them for all of their friends so make sure you have plenty of refill kits on hand.


Item #FQG121  Retail $8.99

Display the patterns and refills with a finished sample right next to your fat quarter display.  Don’t forget to pre-cut the interfacing as well.  Why not spoil them!  They love it when you do!

The More Support the Merrier

The Scrap Crazy 6 Template set by Creative Grids is one of our most popular products for a reason!


Item #CGRMT6  Retail $23.45

There is tons of support for it.  And, Karen has just released a new book with even MORE.  There is bound to be a project in these books and patterns that your customers can’t resist!


Item #TQC106  Retail $15.00




But don’t forget the book and pattern that made this template set a #1 best seller…


Item #TQC105  Retail $15.00

Introduce this set to your customers by demonstrating one of these Cut Loose Press patterns.


Item #CLPKMO006


Item #CLPKMO005

CLPCVB002 (1)

Item #CLPCVB002

CLPCVB003 (1)

Item #CLPCVB003

All of the template corners are notched so they line up perfectly when sewing – no guess work required!  To view a video demonstration of this ruler, follow this link and click on the video icon:  Item #CGRMT6  

Make a Mini in an Afternoon with the Strip-Smart Mini

I love this little tool!  The magic is in the square printed on the ruler.  That square allows you to use the same tool to cut half-square and quarter-square triangles.  And when you cut those shapes from strip sets and tubes, the possibilities are endless!


Item #CGRY2  Retail $14.95

Sew together three 1 1/2″ strips; a 2 1/2″ and a 1 1/2″ strip; of a 3 1/2″ strip.  Then sew two strip sets together into a tube to create any of these projects in record time!  Kathy has created four new patterns for this Market.

Rickety Rack

This particular “mini” is actually 12″ x 36″ and is a perfect class!  Change the colors for any holiday.  The new Christmas fabrics that are arriving would look like ribbon.


Item #TP3001  Retail $7.00

Denim and Dirt features 3″ pinwheels so this mini finishes to 15″.


Item #TP3004  Retail $7.00

Paradise Found is a broen pinwheel pattern that looks gorgeous in batiks!


Item #TP3002  Retail $7.00

Four Score finishes to 15″ square and showcases mini quarter=square triangles.


Item #TP3003  Retail $7.00

Or try these Cut Loose Press patterns that showcase blocks cut from tubes….

These coasters have pinked edges so a set can be made in just a few hours.  What a great hostess gift!


Item #CLPKBR008

Or brighten up your table with these eye catching place mats – again these blocks go together so quickly that you will make them for gifts.


Item #CLPKBR007

Or teach a series of classes using this book and the tool!  Your customers will love having a collection of minis to display on their wall!


Item #TP9000  Retail $15.00

Just look at the cover to envision the possibilities!  By the way, these blocks go together so quickly, I am making scrappy quilts using these mini blocks!  It is a great stash busting tool!