Twist N Turn with Cindi McCracken

I love Cindi McCracken’s sense of style.  She designs quilts with clean, crisp lines that are my go-to patterns when I want a masculine quilt.  Having said that, EVERYONE loves them.  Changing the fabrics can turn these into quilts for the most girly girl – and most can be made in an afternoon!

This Cut Loose Press pattern was produced with the CGRGE1 Stripology ruler and Cindi’s own Twist N Turn ruler.



Item #CLPCMC002  

Bali Swirls was created with 2 1/2″ strips.  Make the quilt in four sizes – the ruler is included with the pattern so this is a great introduction to the tool – which is designed to cut 1″ – 8″ strips.


Item #CMD51R  Retail $25.95

Baby Twist is a fast, easy quilt that can be made in an afternoon.


Item #CMD57  Retail $6.50

Learn about color choices when you create Fractured Rainbow.


Item #CMD54  Retail $9.00

And they were all made with this simple tool….


Item #CMD201  Retail $17.95

After all, when your day job is working with Judy Niemeyer, you know that quality is a given!

Vintage – McCall’s Blast from the Past

When “Vintage” is now described as fashions from the 1960’s and 1970’s – which is when I went to high school and college – you know you are getting old!  I not only wore these clothes, I probably made them with these patterns!


Item #CB4819  Retail $12.95

These vintage pattern covers have been recreated in notebooks and note cards which are sure to make you smile!

Three notebooks are  batched with twine like a stack of old sewing patterns.  Each notebook features an original McCall’s design with graphics and slogans that are sure to make you smile.  The interior pages are sepia-toned and adorned with sewing motifs – some plain and some lined – so you can sketch or make notes.  The 6″ x 8 1/2″ size is the perfect travel size!  A set or individual notebooks would be a perfect gift for a quilting friend.  Or why not use them as favors for your next quilting event?

These notebooks have been so popular that they are adding notecards – due in May, just in time for your summer events.

Each package contains four different designs.  Once again the packaging is adorable!


Item #CB4826  Retail $14.95

The envelopes resemble deconstructed pattern pieces which add charm to an already irresistible gift!  Why not order a selection of note cards for an in-store display?

Visit our website at:Here



Log Cabin Curves – Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

I love log cabins – and curvy log cabins?  The design potential just increased exponentially!  all of those patterns created with Drunkard’s Path type curves can now be replicated WITHOUT cutting or sewing a curve!

This newest book by Jean Ann Wright shows you how to create these designs with six inch or eight inch blocks.


Item #L113305  Retail $18.95

These curvy log cabins are created by adding two narrow logs to two adjoining sides – and wide logs to the other two sides.  When using the Creative Grids rulers designed by the author, these blocks are a piece of cake!

Eight Inch Finished Curvy Log Cabin

CGRJAW5 - CDwebsite

Item #CGRJAW5  Retail $20.95

If you want to create the same projects – in a smaller size – use the six inch version.


Item #CGRJAW6  Retail $17.95

The book includes cutting instructions if you want to make them the old-fashioned way – but when Jean Ann has invented a better mousetrap, why would you????

Look at the circles that are created when you place the blocks so the wide, dark logs are placed together.


Or combine blocks made with narrow darks with some made with wide darks to create curved diamonds.



This table runner showcases backgrounds that create a perfect place to showcase an applique or beautiful quilting.


Or create helixes for your favorite scientist…


This table runner reminds me of swans or flamingos.  What do you see?


The book includes eight different patterns that serve as a stepping stone to your own creativity.  With the right Creative Grids tools, these blocks are fast, fun, and easy!

The Bendy Bag – The Newest Member of the Lazy Girl Family

The Lazy Girl Bendy Bag is the #1 tote bag this week in the Checker 100 for a reason.


Item #LGD134  Retail $9.00

The clean lines and simple angles are visibly showcased in clear bright solid fabrics with contrasting zippers and accents.  It is easier than it looks.  Sew the zipper in straight, then bend the bag and stitch to create this funky shape.  The 3″ x 6″ x 6″ size makes it the perfect choice for storing cords, sewing supplies, or make-up.  The three inch width guarantees that the bag stands up whether open or closed – and the curved zipper opens wide to reveal all of the treasures inside.  Use the zipper “scraps” to create a pull tab – what could be cuter???  Of course, she chose an Atkinson 14″ zipper so there are a multitude of colors to choose from.  After all, when the zipper is part of the statement, you only want the best!

But to create a quality bag, you must have quality tools and notions.  Proper pressing can make the difference between a designer look – and a “Mom” made.

Joan recommends her pressing tool line created with the folks at Clover:

This 2×4 Mighty Mini Board makes it easy to press all of those nooks and crannies that give the bag its unique shape.


Item #7800CV  Retail $46.95

This Iron Safe protects the fabric while pressing so scorching is no longer a concern.  A pressing cloth is a thing of the past…


Item #7804CV  Retail $27.95

The Iron Finger is heat resistant so you can get up close and personal with your iron without burning anything!


Item #7802CV  Retail $15.75

A quality product starts from the inside out, however.  And this bag is no exception.  Dreamy Fusible Fleece provides the body needed when a stand-up job is required!


Item #SLG106

You won’t be able to make just one!

Summertime and the Quilting is Easy

Summertime Sampler by Erica Kaprow is now in stock – and a great slow sew project – the new trendy term for handwork!


Item #11127  Retail $17.95

Why not prepare the appliques now?  You will have a beautiful quilt done by the end of the summer!  All you need to learn is three simple embroidery stitches – blanket, stem and running.





Placement guides are included – as well as a gorgeous border pattern that frames the quilt beautifully.







Black is the perfect background to showcase the bright clean colors of the wool – and gives the entire project a folk art feel.

Quilt-as-you-Go with Gudrun Erla

Simply put – Gudrun is on a roll….

Her Creative Grids Stripology ruler is selling like hotcakes – in fact, we are getting another order this week.  (It is hard to keep it in stock.)


Item #CGRGE1  Retail $54.95

And the supporting book is #1 on the Checker hit parade.


Item #GE508  Retail $16.00

Her new book – Quilt-as-you-Go features 14 projects that can be completed – start to finish – on a home sewing machine.


Item #B1281T  Retail $24.99

Love this for Spring…brings back memories of cherry blossoms in Washington D.C.


What a perfect Easter display….


Placemats that add a spice of color – and look like they would be right at home in a 70’s kitchen!


Bold, bright and beautiful….


And, all of them can be completed – start to finish – in no time at all!  What is not to love!

New Kim Diehl – What Could be Better?

Sometimes my job is easy!  In this case, a new book and fabric line from Kim Diehl is a no-brainer.  You know everyone wants everything this gal does – she is THAT good!  And, this line is the best yet…

Order the 12 yard assortment….


Item #Gatherbask12

Fat Eighth Assortments (packs of 3) Item #1003-F8

This is just a sampling of the luscious colors and prints in this collection:


Item #6432-11


Item #6436-99


Item #6440-55


Item #6433-66


Item #6435-66


Item #6439-55


Item #6440-44

To see the complete collection, visit our website:  //

She is releasing a new book as well – Simple Applique.  This book focuses on teaching four different applique techniques.  Your customers will be able to find one that works for them!

She shares her signature invisible machine applique and wool-applique techniques–plus needle-turn and fusible techniques.


Item #B1320T  Retail $22.99

Why not offer a class and give your customers a chance to try them all in this gorgeous wall-hanging?








Table Toppers from your Favorite Designers

Martingale has combined 10 quilts in a variety of sizes from their top designers into one book.  And at $12.99, that is just $1.29 a pattern!


Item #B1310T  Retail $12.99

Why not offer a series of technique classes based on one book?  That gives your students an opportunity to add notions into their budget.  For instance, the cover table runner is the opportunity to teach basic applique and demonstrate bias tape makers.


Use Farmhouse Furrows as an opportunity to teach all of the different half-square triangles techniques or nine-patch methods.


Totally Taupe is an opportunity to teach different circle techniques.




Then combine ALL of the techniques they have learned into one project – Five-Cent Fairy Garden by who else???  Kim Diehl!

These are all easy to kit and affordable for your customers – a great choice for shop hop samples!

The Best Selection of Wool – Period!

I love In the Patch’s wool.  Phyllis Meering owns a shop so she KNOWS how to add eye appeal to every product she offers.  A display of her wools is affordable AND will soon have more options!

This month she is adding “Corders” – her version of a quarter yard of wool.


Item #WCY15907  Retail $24.95

This is the difference – Phyllis dyes the wool first, then felts it, THEN cuts it!  That means you get a full 9″ x approximately 50″.  We say approximately 50″ because depending on whether she is dying a heather, ivory or plaid base, the width could vary.  50″ is the LEAST that any will measure after felting.

Other companies cut AND then felt so you never know how much you are actually getting.

The basics are $24.95 a quarter of a yard.  The hand-dyes are $29.99.  The hand-dyed versions are available in three different variations.  Phyllis starts with a solid ivory, a heather, or a plaid.  That’s all you need to know!  We will change the images on our website as Phyllis submits them after she dyes each color.  In the meantime, the colors are correct – add a P for Plaid; an I for a solid ivory base; and an H for a heather base (which includes those little nubs and textures).

All of these colors are also available as Chubbies and Charm Pack.  Phyllis will have a display at Market showcasing everything.  Her booth is truly eye candy – why not add some eye candy to your shop today?

Turn Nine Blocks into the Best of a Circle of Nine

The sister team of Janet Houts and Jean Ann Wright have combined 14 of their most popular Circle of Nine quilt projects into one book.


Item #L11331  Retail $24.95

This is really a technique book.  Once you learn the fundamentals, you can design a multitude of unique and beautiful quilts using any of your favorite blocks.  Several possibilities for the spacer blocks are included.  Look at these quilts – no two quilts are the same!


KMBT_C284-20130508151134 L11331_5 L11331_6 L11331_7 L11331_8










































Turn nine blocks into a table topper, throw, or bed-sized quilt – just by adjusting the size of the blocks.  Truly amazing!