Paw Patrol to the Rescue

If you have spent any time with littles, you know about Paw Patrol.  These pups have taken the pre-school set by storm – and are now available in 44/45 inch cotton fabrics.


Item #PW40304CW1


Item #PW40304CW2

PW40354CW1 (1)

Item #PW40354CW1


Item #PW40354CW2


Item #PW40364CW1


Item #PW40364CW2

Decorate a bedroom or add a splash of color by making the littles in your life a collection of pillow cases.


Item #VWD33  Retail $3.00


Know a nurse or pre-school teacher?  Scrubs out of this material would put all of their kids at ease.


Item #K2807  Retail $11.90

The fabric is due to arrive in June – just in time for summer!

Batter Up!

Baseball season is right around the corner and these 60″ wide cotton fabrics are due to arrive in April!  That’s right – 60 inch wide cotton!  Now the wider widths are not just available in fleece.  Since many standard windows are 30″ wide, this fabric is ideal for home dec.  Why not decorate your man’s cave???

I live in Ohio, so of course I am showing the Indians and Reds – but your favorite sports team is represented as well.  Just visit our website to see the entire collection:


Cleveland Indians


Item #6638-B


Item #6637-B

Why not display these fabrics with pajama bottoms for men?


Item #V034 Retail $14.00

These fabrics would be great for quilt backs as well.  A great size for stadium blankets!

Quick Change with a Splash

Am I the only one that didn’t know that OLFA released a reasonably priced version of their awesome quick change rotary cutter???  This puppy retails for less than $20.  The contoured handle is comfortable to use.  And the ribs stop your fingers from slipping but lets you get close to the blade for precise cutting!

Item #RTY2C  Retail $17.99

This new color was just announced and will begin shipping in March…


Item #RTY2CPR  Retail $17.99

Both have the quick change feature.  Replace the blade with one click!  Both us the standard replacement blades (Item #RB45).

Plan for Christmas in July

Many of you are planning for summer shop hops – which are scheduled right after the Christmas lines are due to arrive.  Why not plan ahead?  If you have samples done and hanging in your shop, your sales will reflect it!

We now carry “Claudia’s Creations”.  There are a wide variety of patterns – many are wonderful holiday projects – and not just Christmas (but that is another post!)

Why not have the embroidery portion of these projects done – and kitted – so you can complete them when the Christmas lines arrive?  In many cases, you may already have fabrics in stock.

The Stockings Were Hung is a sophisticated wall hanging.  Why not make your version different by attaching tags to the stockings so your customers can personalize it?  Add as many stockings as needed…


Item #TS60989  Retail $48.00

Peppermint Candy is a darling table runner.  Ornaments don’t have to just hang on a tree.


Item #PC60982  Retail $48.00

Candy Cane Christmas and Deck the Halls are available as hand and machine embroidery projects.


Item #DH60984  Retail $60.00 (machine)

Item #HD60988  Retail $25.00 (hand)


Item #CC60986  Retail $50.00 (machine)

Item #HC60995  Retail $20.00 (hand)

Or have a display of these Pillow Talk wraps displayed with the pillow fabric kitted.  Who could resist and buy just one????


Item #PT60987  Retail $44.00

To see the entire line of Claudia’s Creations visit our website.

A Pattern so good – you won’t be able to make just one!

I met with a class yesterday to plan what they would like to learn this year.  Unanimously, we decided to stop procrastinating and get ready for Christmas NOW!  We already admitted that we will probably give many away before then because they would be great Easter, Mother’s Day, shower and wedding gifts as well.

I threw out several options and will share what we choose each month in case you want to teach a class as well.

The overwhelming first choice?  The Diva Wallet!


Item #SMC223  Retail $10.00

This pattern is extremely popular – but keeping the frame in stock has been next to impossible!  We got a huge order in this week so I can finally tell you about this gem.  Order them NOW because when I showed it to eight of my gals, they ordered 38 frames!  No one literally wanted to make just one!

The clutch type wallet is eight inches wide and half of that height.  It opens so it totally lays flat to display pockets for cash, credit cards – and even a zippered pocket for change!

The Diva Frame Wallet is my new favorite accessory!  So easy to make you’ll want one to match every bag you have!  And just wait until your friends see it – they’ll want one too.

Inside each Diva Frame wallet is a zippered coin pocket, 2 open pockets for cash & receipts and 6 individual card pockets.  The silver frame closure is the perfect finishing touch.  With just 8 small screws, adding it is a snap!



I am from Ohio – home of the National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes so I’ve decided to keep it simple and use the Crossroads denim fabric by Indygo Junction.  Red is the state color this year!  See all nineteen colors: Crossroads

Next month we are making a matching purse out of the same fabric…


Item #IJ1106CR  Retail $11.99

I’ll keep you posted….

Hemstitched Napkins – the Perfect Demo Foundation

These high quality hemstitched napkins come in 10 different colors and are the perfect foundation for machine embroidery demonstrations!



Item #K810-CRE  Retail $3.67

These 18″ square napkins come in packs of 12.  Why not demonstrate monogramming the customers initials in the corner to show them just what these machines are capable of.  If you don’t sell machines, hand embroider a classic design.

These napkins will be in stock by the end of the month.  Check out our website to see the entire line:  Dunroven Napkins


Sassafras Lane explodes the Hexie!

This is one of the most clever block of the month programs I have seen in a long time!  Sassafras Lane has designed 12 different paper-pieced hexies that combine to make a 72″ x 90″ throw.   Add borders if you want it to fit a queen or king sized bed.



Item #SASSLN0022  Retail $22.00

Here is another colorway of the quilt – shown on the back cover.


There are no inset seams because the setting diamonds are created from 60 degree triangles cut with the Creative Grids 12 1/2″ 60 degree triangle (CGRT12560).

The intricate patterns achievable by paper-piecing duplicates the kaleidoscope designs we all love.  Choose a light, medium, and dark fabric along with 12 coordinates to get started.  In a class setting, this would be a perfect color theory class.  And wouldn’t you love to see this quilt in a variety of fabrics as your students construct their blocks?

The gals at Sassafras Lane also recommend Carol Doak letter size foundation paper (Item #10985) and the Add a Quarter ruler (Item #CM12).  Some blocks are easier than others so this is the perfect opportunity to introduce your customers into the basics of paper-piecing…..and beyond!

Adventures in Fabric La Todera Style

Julie Creus of La Todera is the industry expert on fabric manipulation – and in her new book, she has simply outdone herself!  Her techniques can be mastered by anyone and most do not require sewing machines so they are the perfect portable project!

Item #11077  Retail $25.95
This book could easily be the starting point of a whole series of classes.  Who wouldn’t love an entire Christmas display featuring these ornaments?  Or they would make the perfect gift for quilting friends.  But, your customers need to start now….
As the wind chills topped 24 below this week, everyone is dreaming of spring.  These butterflies are breathtaking.
Pin cushions are always popular – and this little guy is just adorable!  The perfect summer class!
What college student wouldn’t love this for a dorm room?
Embellishing pillows adds that 3-D effect that we all love…
Why not get your customers started on these heirloom quality projects so they have handwork this summer?

Dress Up your Dolls

When three of the top 100 books on the Checker website feature clothes for 18″ dolls, you know what was under the Christmas tree!  That was true at my house as well.  And, since I am going for the award for best grandmother ever (I know there is stiff competition) why not make it the gift that keeps on giving???

With these books, I can add the awe factor to any occasion.  Spending a few afternoons on these cold and snowy days is enough time to make outfits for the special events in their lives.  Check out this book by Joan Hinds.  It includes 20 different outfits all downloadable from a CD-ROM.


Item #U7871  Retail $24.99

Ballet recital in May?  Present them with this outfit as a memory.


A wedding in the family?  Let them recreate it with this wedding dress….




Trick or Treat night?  This little witch would love to participate!



Taking them to a fairy princess movie????


Include a tag on the inside of the clothes commemorating the event for a priceless memory.

Sew Trendy includes 28 patterns for clothes designed to mimic the fashions of today.  They are fat quarter friendly and include many patterns that you can make WITH your child to introduce them to the joy of sewing!


Item #151050  Retail $14.95

Having them over for a sleepover?  Why not make jammies for their dolls?


First day of school?  No problem!


Need a special holiday dress?


Love to Dress Up includes 12 easy patterns as well.


Item #151025  Retail $14.95

Going to the beach?


Hosting a tea party?



You get the idea…Why not host a class each month so your customers will actually set aside the time to make them?  Be sure to have buttons and ribbons on hand.  We all know little girls love the embellishments!  And, why not invite the girls over the summer months?  Keep the other classes a secret – but have a pajama party over the summer.  They can make a pillow case, jammies for them, and jammies for their doll.

Start making memories today!

A New Technique That is Simply Brilliant

This technique is simply brilliant – and will have your customers coming back for more!

Build as You Go is not a traditional quilt as you go technique.  It is much easier – and more versatile.  Your customers will be able to quilt their own small projects with spectacular results.


Item #HPAJ858  Retail $15.00


This was developed by a shop owner who also sells sewing machines – and knows your customers.  In her words:  “ Build As You Go Quilting” is a totally new method of constructing a quilt. This method is perfect for beginners, or those who are challenged by precision piecing. You will reap impressive results while exploring your creative side!

This book also introduces new ideas for using all of your sewing machine decorative stitches and use of beautiful new threads of all kinds. It’s fun, fast and addictive. This technique, using Heat Press Batting Together™, offers fast easy projects for beginners and seasoned quilters alike. Enjoy the adventure of creating a beautiful project with an amazing finish. We have included three patterns; Obsessed with Stitches, Funky Split Rail and the prize Stitching Shindig. Beautiful quilts for everyone to enjoy!

If you sell machines and threads, this is a no-brainer!  This book will be a stepping stone to a whole new way of finishing your projects.  If you don’t sell machines, your customers can do this with a basic sewing machine – and if it has decorative stitches, they will finally have an excuse to use them!

This technique provides a brand new use for a product you already carry – Heat Press Batting Together.


Item #HP34  Retail $3.99

Don’t you love it when you find another use for items that are already favorites?