Portable Totes for your Sewing Supplies

At this time of year, everyone’s sewing room is a disaster!  We were so busy putting the finishing touches on holiday gifts that there wasn’t time to be neat.  And, since a cutting counter is the perfect place to wrap gifts, empty boxes, tape, ribbons and paper add to the chaos!

Why not get organized with these Crafter’s Caddies?  They are so reasonably priced, that you can have several – one for hand sewing; one to keep by your machine; one for embroidery projects; one for knitting; one for scrap booking….you get the idea.  They are sold in packages of six and retail for just $3.99.   Each assortment includes a variety of colors.


Item #1610A  Retail $3.99

If a larger size is needed, this Sewing Organizer is just the ticket.  Style and usability – all in one.  This is the perfect portable container to keep next to your favorite sewing chair.


Item #EVM9152-1  Retail $24.99!

There is plenty of room for all of your notions and small projects.  Filling it is a joy


Sew your Way to Organize…

Why not arrange some fun classes that will help your customers get organized?  These classes can be the basis to teach them new techniques.

This Sit & Stitch Pincushion by Cindy Taylor Oates is a great project and a great gift! It is never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts for the coming year.  Or this would be a wonderful graduation present filled with the basics – thread, needles, scissors, etc. everything they will need for their college dorm.


Item #LB504  Retail $6.00


This is a great class to teach how to make bias tape.  Why not use crushed nut shells to fill the pin cushion (Item #PEP301)?

These two patterns are made with the Crossroads denim fabric by Amy Barickman.  It comes in nineteen fashion colors.  Visit our website to see the entire collection:


E-readers and tablets continue in popularity.  This version has a zippered pouch to store the cord – the perfect addition to a fashionable design….


Item #IJ991CR  Retail $11.99

Once again, these would make great gifts for any time of year.  Your customers will want to make several so they have them on hand for last minute gifts.  If you sell machines, why not add a monogram?

This “Store in Style”  can be made in shirt or dress length – and is made to fit on an actual hanger!  Use this as an opportunity to teach your students how to sew vinyl.  Once again, everyone I know will love this – and want one!


Item #IJ1101CR  Retail $9.99

These are all great Mother’s Day gifts as well as graduation gifts.  Everyone wishes they would have planned ahead.  Why not help them?

Organize your Sewing Room by Going Vertical

These vinyl bags are incredibly popular.  They are clear so you can see what project
or supplies are enclosed at a glance.  The zipper closure keeps everything safely inside.  And, they come in multiple sizes so there is one to fit every project.


Item #CVB1  Retail  $5.00  6″ x 9″

Item #CVB2  Retail $5.50  8″ x 10″

Item #CVB3  Retail $6.00  8″ x 13″

Item #CVB4  Retail $6.50 10″ x 13″

Item #CVB5  Retail $7.00  13″ x 14″

Item #CVB6  Retail $7.50 16″ x 15″

Item #CVB7  Retail $8.00  17″ x 18″

Item #CVB8  Retail $8.50  18″ x 20″

Most patterns will fit in the 6″ x 9″ size, books in the 10″ x 13″ size with room for the fabric!

The best part?  The zipper pulls have a hole.  Most sewing rooms – including mine – include a closet complete with a rod.  Why not buy some S- Hooks or shower curtain hooks and place them on the rod. Hang these bags from the zipper pulls on these hooks.  Just think how many projects you can hang at eye level!  And they will not slip and slide around.

If you do not have a closet, hang them from a decorative curtain rod.  You can hang rods a couple of feet apart directly above each other.  The best part?  Each can be removed when needed individually without disturbing all of the other projects or supplies.  What a great use of wasted space!

Why not make a display with the bags in your store?  Once your customers see the display, they will see how quickly they can organize their space – and buy your kits already packaged in the appropriate sized bag.  Everybody wins.

Steamfast Irons are Back in Stock!!!

I just couldn’t wait to tell you!  My favorite mini iron is back in stock!  It weighs less than a pound, heats up in less than a minute, and produces steam like a professional iron.

It is sew easy to manipulate that you will prefer this to a traditional iron making it your go to iron – not just the one you take to retreats.


Item #SF-717-A  Retail $29.99

Don’t forget to have the Travel Iron Tote pattern on hand as well…


Item #SCT10105  Retail $12.00

These thimbles are a great add-on sale ….no more burnt fingers….


Item #82445  Retail $5.99

Every seam that is sewn, needs to be pressed so lets do it in style!

Cut and Sew those Scraps FAST

I flat out LOVE this ruler!  It has become my favorite go to scrap ruler.  I;m telling you right now, be careful or it will suck you right in!  This little beauty is called The Straight Out of Line ruler.


Item #CGRKA3  Retail $19.45

In its simplest form, place a stack of fabric squares – right sides up – under the appropriate markings on the template up to ten inches.  Then cut the angle. Piece these units together to create a rectangle.  Trim them all up to the same size size.  Since the angled seam doesn’t have to match anything, it is very forgiving – and is the perfect beginning quilt.

In Twirl, Karla sews four of these units together to create the block.  And guess what – nothing has to match except the center seam – which is a right angle!  And since all of the blocks are trimmed to the same size, it goes together perfectly – and the outside edges of the block are on the straight of grain!


Item #CLPKAL002

In Against the Rail, she adds a strip of bright red to the blocks – wow!  Again, see how the angled seams add movement but nothing has to match?


Item #CLPKAL001

In Zig, she set the blocks on point for a totally different look!  What a fast and easy baby quilt, beach quilt, graduation quilt…..you get the picture!

Microsoft Word - 426 - Zig cover.docx

Item #SSQ426  Retail $9.00

In Old Glory, she pieces them in rows.  Any fireworks in your future?


Item #SSQ500  Retail $5.00

And in Vice Versa she plays with color placement and vertical stripes.


Item #SSQ502  Retail $5.00

Look what happens when you cut the squares both vertically AND horizontally – and piece wonky four-patches.  The centers are still right angles so they are a piece of cake!

Whirlwind is created with these wonky four-patches and look how the border is a continuation of the blocks achieved by color placement!


Item #SSQ420  Retail $9.00

Chain Reaction is pieced with the same four-patches but once again, color placement creates a masterpiece!


Item #SSQ421  Retail $9.00

Chains that Bind combine these blocks with solid squares to create a fast and easy version of a Double Irish Chain.


Item #SSQ427  Retail $9.00

This Churn Dash combines half-square triangles with these four-patches.  Once again, look at her color placement!

Microsoft Word - 431 - Churn Dash cover.docx

Item #SSQ431  Retail $9.00

Cut the squares a different way and you can create these beauties:

Fresh Cut creates movement – and once again the block continues into the border…


Item #SSQ401  Retail $9.00

Window View takes these same blocks and separates them so they stand alone in their own narrow window pane:


Item #SSQ408  Retail $9.00

Seriously – would you have thought that all of these quilts were made with the same tool – that sells for under $20.00????  This tool is a true stashbuster!  The quilts go together so quickly that your scraps can be keeping someone warm before the next snowfall – and here, that is coming next week!



























Machine Quilting Shape by Shape

Angela Walters has quickly become the expert on machine quilting.  Whether you use a long arm or quilt on a home machine, her ideas and techniques are easy to follow and more importantly – easy to achieve!

In her latest book, Shape by Shape, she shares quilting designs that fit into the most popular geometric shapes.


Item #11014  Retail $22.95

Look at the cover!  Simply wow!

Squares and rectangles? No problem!


Circles?  So many choices…..


Hexagons are so popular – and quilting designs have been a challenge – not any more!


Angela shares over 70 designs with detailed illustrations so that you can duplicate her artistry.

But she doesn’t stop there.  She also gives suggestions on how to quilt the negative space created by these shapes and then moves on to complimentary borders.

11014_7 (1)

This book is a great resource guide and should have a place of honor on every quilter’s shelf.  Even if you choose to quilt with your checkbook, show these designs to your machine quilter as inspiration.  Let Angela show you how to take your quilting to the next level!

Necktie Quilts Reinvented

Necktie quilts have always been popular.  In these less formal times, neckties can be found in abundance – at thrift shops, garage sales, and in every man’s closet.  This new book by Mary Copenhaver includes 16 projects.


Item #11075  Retail $24.95

Mary explains exactly how to prepare ties for your projects.  It is easier than you may think – and when taken apart, includes more usable fabric than you would imagine!

While these projects were all done with ties, you may make each design in traditional fabrics as well.

Inspiration awaits….

























Raid your closets – and those of the men in your family to make an heirloom today!  What a great retirement present!

Piece by Number Snack mats and Place mats

Kits by Carla has created these wonderful kits that make place mats and snack mats a quick and easy afternoon project – from start to finish.  Sew them this afternoon and gift them as a gift tonight!

Click on the product video to see how easy it is:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/PBNSNKMTR?

Piece by number is similar to paper-piecing – but on a grand scale.  The foundations are printed on full size pieces of interfacing which remain in the finished project.  Since the interfacing is placed on the backing fabric, the project is literally quilt as you go.

Why not teach a class on the snack mat projects?  The snack mat assortment consists of 25 kits with five different patterns and an assortment of fabrics.  That’s right – these 5″ x 8″ mat kits include the fabric as well so they are literally class ready!




 Order a display rack that includes a finished project.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!



 Once you have seen how easy this technique is, move onto place mats.  The kits include foundations for four place mats.  The kits are available in four different patterns as well.

Log Cabin


Item #PBNPLMT  Retail $22.85

Shown in different fabrics of your choosing….




Item #PBNPLMTBR  Retail $22.85

Consider the possibilities…







Card Tricks


Item #PBNPLMTCR  Retail $22.85





Snails Trail


Item #PBNPLMTST  Retail $22.85





The backing is cut larger and then wrapped to the front to bind and complete them.  These projects are a perfect beginning project or instant gratification for the more experienced quilter.  Your customers will love them!





















































Wrapping Presents – Quilter’s Style

These gift tags are absolutely darling!  In this Christmas set, actual buttons accent the designs on the tag – white buttons create a snowman; red buttons become holly berries….  There are 10 different designs in this set of 60.  All are printed on heavy craft paper with old fashioned string ties.


Item #N4345

There is an all occasion set as well…

This set includes four designs made from the same extra thick quality craft paper. The tags feature special notes: “A handmade gift for you,” “Sewn for you,” “Totally hand knitted for you,” and “handmade with love”

small_N4346_01_01 (1)

Item #N4346

Why not set up a display with quilt themed gift wrap?  Sometimes the wrapping IS the gift!

For all of the Jennifer Chiaverini fans, we have this gift wrap based on the Elm Creek Quilt series….the gift tags are included…


Item #20271  Retail $14.95

Designs by Kim Schaefer are featured in this assortment of “Bright and Bold Quilts.”


Item #20272  Retail $14.95

We spend so much time on creating handmade gifts – isn’t it time we focus a bit of time on the presentation???

It’s Time to Plan the New Year

Calendars are a great gift!  We still have several in stock that would be great register displays.  Why not supply some special shop labels that include class dates and special events?  Participating in a shop hop?  Bringing in a national teacher?  Feature demo days?  Provide stickers that they can add to their calendar – talk about great customer service!  And don’t forget small business Saturday, National Quilt Day.

Edyta Sitar has a wonderful journal that includes calendars for 2015 through 2017.


Item #LBQ0480  Retail $19.95

There is plenty of room for appointments and additional pages for notes and sketching.


This Gooseberry Patch pocket planner is loaded with personality.


Item #N913P  Retail $5.95

These two year pocket planners are always popular….


Item #RPP160  Retail $4.95


Item #WPP155  Retail $4.95


Item #HPP76  Retail $4.95

Need a wall calendar?  We have some of those in stock as well….


Item #C2015  Retail $19.00


Item #N911P  Retail $14.95

Or, get inspiration from a Block of the Day calendar…


Item #C123  Retail $22.95

Set up a register display today!