Strip Piecing Templates make Quick Work of Scrap Quilts

Jean Ann Wright is the queen of strip piecing templates and has created an entire line for Creative Grids.  Although the technique is the same for each template, the design possibilities are endless.

At Market, Jean Ann visited with us and filmed a video sharing hints and tricks she shares in her classes.


All of these tools are based on the same premise.  Each round of strips is trimmed before the next round is added so minor differences in seam allowances are adjusted as the block is built, round by round.  No more wonky blocks – and they all end up to be the exact same size!

It all started with the original Log Cabin Trim Tool that makes an eight inch finished block.


Item #CGRJAW1  Retail $19.45

There are a multitude of Cut Loose Press patterns to support it.  “Country Retreat Log Cabin” is one of Jean Ann’s latest patterns that showcases the block beautifully.


Item #CLPJAW030

After its release, we were instantly bombarded with requests for the same tool in different sizes so we combined a six and twelve inch size in one tool:


Item #CGRJAW2  Retail $24.95

Other designers recognized the potential of these tools and started designing with them as well.  Courthouse Lanterns by Gudrun Erla of GE Designs puts a whole new spin on a courthouse steps block.


Item #CLPGER005

If this technique worked for log cabins, why not Pineapple blocks?  Jean Ann figured that out too…


Item #CGRJAW3  Retail $23.45

“Tropical Fruit” is a bright cheerful quilt that shows how the placement of lights and darks can create a striking quilt.


Item #CLPJAW008

With the popularity of hexies, Jean Ann saw potential to use them in a whole new way!


Item #CGRJAW4  Retail $24.95

Whether you choose to make log cabin hexies, half hexies, or cutting two, four, six, or eight inch hexies – this tool does it all!


Item #CLPJAW019

How do you create motion in a traditional log cabin block?  Add wide strips to two sides and narrow to the other sides.  What happens when you combine four of these blocks?  You create pieced circles, of course!  And since the tool makes eight inch blocks, they can be combined with the CGRJAW1!


Item #CGRJAW5  Retail $20.95

“Circle Time” by Cam Kilman is a darling baby quilt or table topper and showcases the curves that are so easily achieved with this tool…


Item #CLPCAM003

Once again, we immediately heard from all of you that they wanted a smaller version of this template so they could create 12″ circles by combining four blocks – and we listened!


Item #CGRJAW6  Retail $17.95

“Rainbow Swirls” is a quilt with curves all in the right places!


Item #CLPJAW032

To view all of the Cut Loose Press patterns, click on the ruler links – you’ll be glad you did!







Sunrise Studio – Pre-Engineered Fabric that Shines

Holly Holderman of Lake House Fabrics and Kimberly Jolly of It’s Sew Emma have teamed up to bring you Fabrics and Patterns that are any shop owners DREAM! They’ve taken all the thinking away… all the WORK away… and have created something new that you just HAVE TO SEE!

Everyone is familiar with panels – but this new fabric line, Sunrise Studio, takes that concept to a whole new level.  The design potential is limitless once you understand the basic idea.

Let’s look at some patterns to see how these darling, complicated looking quilts were engineered in just a few hours with this new line.  “Not your Grandmother’s Flower Garden” is created with just four fabrics:


Item #LHP1404  Retail $9.00

The center hexies are cut from a pre-printed fabric.  This photo shows the detail incorporated into this design.  The mini dots are all available separately because who doesn’t love dots???


Item #LH14027MLT

That scalloped border? Is sew simple when it is cut from this print.  Notice there are four rows of scallops – on for each side of the quilt and quarter circles so you can piece a perfect corner.  How easy is that???  The scallop adds the softness of a gentle curve – but you are still binding a straight edge!


Item #LH14023PERI

The inner check border is pre-printed as well.  Just cut it from this fabric:


Item #LH14025MLT

The middle periwinkle dot border adds interest and also acts as a “fudge factor”.  The size of the quilt can be adjusted at this point to fit the scallops.  Oh so simple….


Item #LH14029PERI

Four fabrics and less than four hours is all you need to finish this crib or lap quilt!

Flower Pot Garden is created by cutting the blocks from pre-printed panels as well.  It doesn’t get any easier than this – just six fabrics including the binding!


Item #LHP1407  Retail $9.00

The flower pots were cut from this fabric:


Item #LH14028MLT

The fencing blocks are cut from this print – which includes corners if needed – just like the scallop!


Item #LH14022LETT

The inner and outer border is created with the same check print above.  The scallop print is the same – but in a different color (LH14023LETT).

The multi-dot print is perfect additional borders and makes a great backing:


Item #LH14031MLT

This line includes lots of dots – and this one is the perfect binding…


Item #LH14029LIME

Hide and Seek is constructed like the quilts above.


Item #LHP1408  Retail $9.00

The nine-patches and an inner border are cut from:


Item #LH14021NVY

The alternate blocks are cut from a Pam Kitty print:


Item #LH14015ROW

The scallop is Item #LH14023CHRY.  Another fabric from the Pam Kitty line is used for the binding:


Item #LH14014RED

Four fabrics – including the binding – and you have a spectacular quilt – literally in an afternoon!  It doesn’t get any better than this!

Visit our website to see the entire collection:



Sunrise Studio will be arriving in January- just in time for your winter classes!

If you own a shop, you can watch a video of Kimberly and Holly explaining the program.  Login to with your Checker ID and password.  Then search for Holly Holderman.
















Daniela Stout Rocks her New Fabric Line with a Book

At Market we got to meet Daniela Stout – the genius behind the 2 1/2″ strip craze!  This month she is launching her new book Tranquility Place which features seven bolts from her new batik line – Zen with Timeless Treasures.  This is a match made in heaven!


Item #CQD04016  Retail $13.95

This quilt was designed by her mother – and written by Daniela.  The quilt can be taught in five sessions or demos.  The stars in the corners are created with the Strip Tube ruler – coincidentally also designed by Daniela.


Item #CQD05001  Retail $17.95

Other blocks are created with the Cutting Corners Ruler designed by Sharyn Craig.


Item #CQD05003  Retail $23.95

Daniela added square in a square blocks at the top and bottom of the quilt to turn a square quilt into a rectangle so it can fit a bed.  What a great way to elongate any quilt!

But it gets better!  Once you make a block in the cover quilt – and see how easy it is – you are going to want to make more.  Daniela includes bonus quilts showcasing the individual blocks.  It doesn’t get any better than this…..until you see her batik line!

This quilt is made with just nine bolts from her Zen batik line.  Here are just a few of the prints so you can appreciate just how gorgeous they are!


Item #B2807-ZEN


Item #B2014-EGGP


Item #B2961-CADET

Everything is due to arrive this month so order now if you haven’t already.  If you are a shop owner, click on this link:  // and search for Daniella Stout.  She explains the entire program in detail.






By Daniela Stout
Cozy Quilt Designs
Make this peaceful quilt in five simple steps. It can be a block of the month, a project of the week, or just a wonderful demo! BONUS: Each block chapter will also give directions for a quilt of its own, giving you five additional quilts you can make over and over. Add fabric from Daniela’s Tonga Batik Zen Collection and you have an unbeatable combination!

There is Still Time – Quick and Easy Gifts from Atkinson Designs

Terry Atkinson is a legend in our industry for a reason – nine out of the top 100 patterns today are her designs!  All of her patterns are easy to follow; usually come in a variety of sizes, and can be finished in an afternoon.  That means there is still time to get dozens of these done by Christmas.

Need a tree skirt or table topper?  Happy Holidays is the perfect choice!  It comes in three different sizes – 23″; 35″; or 47″.  What a great wedding gift!  Add some ornaments – or use one as a gift tag – to add the awe factor to the gift!


Item #ATK147  Retail $9.00

Why not make a set of aprons for your favorite bakers?  Include some fun baking supplies and add a cookie cutter for the gift tag…


Item #ATK176  Retail $9.50

Love to cook?  Make this casserole cover for a 9″ x 13″ or three quart dish.  Add some wooden spoons as a package tag – and of course the casserole dish.  Terry collects Fiesta.  Why not start your collection today???


Item #ATK163  Retail $9.00

The “Bucket Brigade” comes in four different sizes.  Make a set – or just one – and fill it with a kit or supplies.  Why not add a cute pair of scissors as a package tag?


Item #ATK170  Retail $9.50

Cash and Carry comes in two sizes and are the perfect cases for purse organizers.  Slip in a gift card for that perfect gift.  In this case, the purse can be the wrapping!  Or, teach a class for free if they buy a gift certificate to YOUR store!


Item #ATK148  Retail $8.00

The Zippy Strippy also comes in three sizes so choose the perfect size for your specific needs.  Fill it with make up, lotions, sewing gadgets…you get the picture….or fill it with a collection of your antique buttons for a gift that is simply priceless!  Use a card of buttons as the gift tag….


Item #ATK149  Retail $8.00

Classmate is a perfect carrying case for all of your sewing needs – but is perfect for jewelry as well.  Fill a few pockets to personalize it into the perfect gift.  Why not add a pin or earrings as a package tie?


Item #ATK164  Retail $9.00

Have a little girl on your gift list?  Why not make a slumber bag for her favorite doll?  And, once again, there are four sizes.  Add a doll or teddy bear to complete the package.


Item #ATK177  Retail $9.50

Why not start a Caring Cupboard series of classes?  Make a different project each month so your customers have a constant supply of gifts for every occasion.  Who can make just one????

Post Cards for Quilters

We all love the Villa Rosa patterns.  These simple post card sized patterns are simple, colorful, and reasonably priced at just $2.00 retail.  But are you familiar with their line of “Jane” post cards?

These are simple patterns for simple projects – and yes – they are just $2.00 so who can stop at just one???

This seven-pocket work apron is perfect for everyone – and includes instructions for all sizes up to 3XXX.  Why not make these up as shop aprons?  Walking models are always a good thing!


Item #VRD780103  Retail $2.00

This infinity scarf takes just one yard of fabric….


Item #VRD780110  Retail $2.00

This fat quarter friendly place mat pattern will sell like hot cakes!


Item #VRD780196  Retail $2.00

Use six fat quarters to make this sewing machine cover…


Item #VRD780189  Retail $2.00

These reversible tote bags with shoulder straps are made with just six fat quarters.


Item #VRD780127  Retail $2.00

Make a two pocket card holder for your collection of patterns….


Item #VRD780172  Retail $2.00

Post cards for quilters are a great register display.  But don’t stop with the post cards.  Showcase a pattern with an assortment of six fat quarters, for instance, for a fast gift idea.  Who can resist with just one!

Capitalize on the Doll Craze!

We all have little ones in our lives that we would love to teach to sew.  My own granddaughters were excited about making a quilt – until we actually started sewing.  The project was just too time consuming to keep their interest.  Then they visited – dolls in hand – and I knew we had a winner!  Making doll clothes, beds, and quilts was the introduction to sewing that we needed!

Start them with a simple pattern to ensure success.  This darling pattern is made totally of rectangles so they are easy to cut, easy to sew, and will make even a beginning seamstress successful.

Rectangle Dress by Vanilla House


Item #VHD186  Retail $9.50

While you are teaching your favorite girl how to sew a dress for her favorite doll, you can make her a matching dress…..


Item #VHD185  Retail $9.00

There are several books available.  Use them as an opportunity to teach different techniques.


Item #151025  Retail $14.95

This book has lots of possibilities….


Doll Fashion Studio includes 20 seasonal outfits…


item #V6715  Retail $24.99



Need a doll bed?  This one is just darling!


Item #EMD105  Retail $11.99

Why not set up a display of doll books and patterns along with colorful fabrics that are sure to make a young girl smile.  Why not give these “kits” as Christmas gifts to your favorite seamstress in waiting?  Sometimes the best gift is the gift of time – and a promise to spend quality time in the future.

Why not start a grandmother/mother/daughter class showcasing a different project each month?

Creative Grids on the Way

Good news!  Two of the new rulers that were released at Market will arrive once again this week,  The response  to these new releases has been nothing short of amazing and we have reordered multiple times to keep up with the demand.

Gudrun Erla of GE Designs created the Stripology ruler to launch a whole new program for shops.  She not only has books and patterns to support it, she also has a shop guide with suggestions for classes.


Item #CGRGE1  Retail $54.95

The Book:


Item #GE508  Retail $16.00

The Shop Guide:


Item #GE509  Cost $8.00

The Patterns:


Item #GE167  Retail $10.00


Item #GE166  Retail $10.00

And, a Cut Loose Press pattern for good measure:


Item #CLPGER007

Kathy Brown of Teacher’s Pet released the Strip Smart Mini to rave reviews.  This ruler may be mini – but it is mighty!  Make all of the quilts in her popular Strip Smart books in a smaller size.  But that is just the tip of the iceberg.  When the wheels start turning in the head of this Louisiana gal, you know there is more to come!


Item #CGRY2  Retail $14.95

She has a book and CLP pattern to get you started as well…but once you have it in your hot little hands, you will start designing your own versions.  I know I did!

The Book:


Item #TP9000  Retail $15.00

The Cut Loose Press Pattern:


Item #CLPKBR007

We got in the second order of Jean Ann Wright’s Curvy Log Cabin last week.


Item #CGRJAW6  Retail $17.95

And, yes, there is plenty of Cut Loose Press pattern support for this ruler as well!

Wiggly Worms


Item #CLPJAW028

Fly Away with Me


Item #CLPJAW029

Ice Cream Cones


Item #CLPJAW031

Rainbow Swirls


Item #CLPJAW032

Citrus and Berries


Item #CLPJAW033

Sunshine Butterflies


Item #CLPDKR012

Package the rulers and companions together for great Christmas presents.  Order them NOW – you know they are selling fast.

Oh Christmas Tree

These paper-pieced Christmas tress are sure to be a hit – and there is plenty of time to finish them before Christmas.

Cindy Edgerton has created these trees in several sizes.  The original “Tall Tree” is a little over 6 foot tall…


Item #VSC306  Retail $8.00

This pattern includes the foundations for two trees.  Adorn the tree with a button pack so you can add ornaments each day – instant Advent tree!


Item #BV306AVSC  Retail $6.16

The Little Bit Shorter Tree also includes foundations to make two trees that measure 17″ x 41″.  This is the perfect size to hang on a door.  Why not make one for each grandchild so they can decorate their room?


Item #VSC307  Retail $6.00

Need a Tree Skirt?  This one is 48″ and is sure to become a family heirloom!


Item #VSC280  Retail $8.00

Or, make an even smaller version of the original in three sizes (two foundations of each):


Item #VSC270  Retail $6.00

Why not start a new tradition and give Christmas decorations for wedding gifts?  Who wouldn’t love this tree skirt or a wall hanging to commemorate their first Christmas together???

Quilt as You Go has Never Been Easier

One of the hot new releases at Quilt Market was this product by June Tailor.  The block patterns are literally printed right on the batting.  The backing is fusible so there is no wrinkling or puckering of the backing fabric while sewing.  As you are sewing the block seams through the fabric, batting, AND backing, you are literally completing the quilting with each sewn seam.

Each package includes the printed batting for six – 12″ blocks which measures 24″ x 36″ when completed.  There are four different blocks to choose from:



Item #JT-1403  Retail $7.99

Fair and Square

Item #JT-1402  Retail $7.99

Mosaic Magic


Item #JT-1401  Retail $7.99

Rolling Stone


Item #JT-1404  Retail $7.99

Here is a video of Jill showing just how it works:  //

This is a great product to incorporate into a machine quilting class.  Or use these foundations to teach girls how to quilt!  These are new so order now so you can get the first shipment.  This is a good thing!

Mickey and friends have never looked so good!

Once again, Checker has purchased exclusive prints from Springs Creative.  These prints are not available from the Springs regular catalog or other distributors.  These must be pre-ordered by November 11, 2014 to guarantee delivery.  After that there will be limited availability.  The panels will arrive in May, the coordinates in April.  But enough of that….drum roll please…..


Item #CP55017-110


Item #CP51320-H21


Item #CP51331-D65


Item #CP53515-G55


Item #CP55018-858


Item #CP52273-858


Item #CP55019-647


Item #CP53512-647


Item #CP55020-A62


Item #CP53364-A62 


Item #CP54069-651


Item #CP49249-G55


Item #CP51566-A62

Don’t forget – you need to place your order by November 11th to guarantee delivery.