Thanks for the Memories – Open House in Pictures – Part Two

There were learning opportunities everywhere – but there was also lots of eye candy – quilts from some of our vendors,  The lunchroom was turned into a quilt show…




The food was great – and with six lunch periods, the lines moved right along….



After lunch, some shoppers got organized….


Nancy Weber, the pattern buyer, treated the vendors and customers to plates and plates….and plates of cookies….


When it was time to head home, our cheerful, friendly staff loaded their cars with a smile….



Thanks for the memories…..See you next year…..

Thanks for the Memories – Open House in Pictures – Part One

This event is all about education – and our vendors are eager to share their knowledge with everyone.  Inspiration resides in every booth – and around every corner…

Rita Fishel demonstrated the three newest Creative Grids rulers….


Dawn from the Warm Company was thrilled to announce that Steam-A-Seam 2 is back….





The mother/daughter team from Fishsticks Patterns shared their wonderful handbags and projects…


Both of Edyta’s new books arrived in time to be autographed at the Open House so she had a big smile on her face….


Maddie and Steve of Quiltsmart celebrated their anniversary with us…


Fran and Michael of Clover shared their newest notions.  Fran officially retires at Market so we were thrilled that we were one of her final shows….


They all got the memo – black was the official outfit for the Round Robin Rebels – Terri Degenkolb of Whimsicals; Kari Carr of New Leaf Stitches; and Gudrun Erla of GE Designs….


Robin Kingsley of Bird Brain Designs was an absolute delight and wowed everyone with her new fabric and embroidery designs….


These sisters from Sister’s Common Threads are the brains behind the iron caddy and shared their new patterns…


Jill Finley of Jillily Studios shared her new program.   She is famous for her wonderful applique projects so you may know her as the inventory of Appli-glue…


Kendall from Silhouette amazed everyone when they saw what is possible when quilting meets technology…


Coleen helped shops design their space with the efficient fabric display cabinets built by her company…


The gals from Adornit provided that “awe” factor when they displayed their wonderful baby quilt fabric lines and patterns…


The girls from Sew Michelle showed everyone how to incorporate vinyl mesh into their projects…


They were all smiles – as you can see – and a delight to work with!


Hexies Hit the Open House

Hexies are everywhere – in every size!  They are so popular that there was a display of these quilts featuring the Hexagon Trim Tool at the Open House.


Item #CGRJAW4  Retail $24.95

Turtle Time

I love this quilt!  The turtle shells are made by using the log cabin style markings on the Hexie Trim Tool to create a spiral effect.  The feet and head are turned so they are three dimensional!  No mother/grandmother is going to be able to resist this one!  Display this one with all of your brights!


Item #CLPJSC001  

Many of these hexies are on steroids – which means they can be pieced quickly!

Hexie Flip

This quilt features half hexies that are sewn together base to base instead of across the center to create a totally different look.  Since they are half hexies, there are no inset seams.  The half-hexies are sewn in rows so adjusting the size is simple.  There are no borders so the outside edge is a series of angles.  And, yes, the pattern explains how to bind that as well.



Item #NN347  Retail $9.00

Cut the Cake Hexie

The hexies in this quilt are cut from 10″ squares – and then set with 60 degree triangles (CGRT60).  The star effect is stunning.


Item #CLPJAW019

Hexie Blossoms

Terri of Whimsicals pieces hexies with units cut with the Creative Grids 15 degree ruler (CGREU1) – and then sets them together with 60 degree angles (CGRT60).  It reminds me of beach umbrellas!


Item #WH171  Retail $10.00

But hexies aren’t reserved for quilts!  Check out this tote bag that is done in two different sizes.


Item #CLPSMA003  

Our grandmothers would have loved this!

Sunshine and Shadows

One of the busiest booths at the Open House was the Lumi booth!  Dyeing has come a long way, baby.  As a child of the 70’s, I have done my share of tie-dyeing.  It was messy and it was always a surprise – you never knew what the finished product would be.

Lumi has made the process fun and accessible to everyone!  You can buy everything individually, but the kits are a great way to begin.  You can try each process knowing all of the supplies required are at your fingertips – even a video to walk you through the process.

Shadow Printing Kit

The Shadow Printing Kit is perfect for beginners as well as children.  The canvas pouch is included.


Item #LUMI-SHDWKIT  Retail $24.99

The Sunfold Printing Kit

Whether you decide to print clothing or pillows, this is a fun way to spend an afternoon! And, once again, a video explains the entire process.



Item #LUMI-SN-FLDKT  Retail $34.99

Photo Printing Kit

Transferring photos to T-Shirts is so fun – expecially when you can manipulate your favorites to their best advantage…


Item #LUMI-PHTOKIT  Retail $38.99

The dyes are clear until they are exposed to the sun.  The individual foil dye packs fold in half to release a squeegie – so applying the dye is easier than ever.  No mess, no fuss!  They come in nine different colors.


Item #INKO-SP-MAG  Retail $3.99

Why not offer a series of classes?  It can’t get any easier than this – sell the kits with everything included.  Your customers will love it.

Remember the Joy of Osnaburg

I found the most interesting fabric on an end cap at the Open House!

Texture has become a design element in every aspect of quilting.  Cuddle has become a favorite backing.  Wool is the preferred fabric for applique.  And, now, osnaburg is back. These hand-dyed versions by Fiber on a Whim are beautiful.  The dyeing process shrinks the fabric and gives it the look of linen.

They are available individually as fat quarters in a variety of colors:



Item #FOWOS06547  Retail $5.00



Item #FOWOS-6548  Retail $5.00



Item #FOWOS-6545  Retail $5.00



Item #FOWOS-6556  Retail $5.00

Silver Fox


Item #FOWOS-6567  Retail $5.00



Item #FOWOS-6566  Retail $5.00

Why not use these as a foundation for your next wool project – or incorporate them as the appliques!  Once you see how beautiful they are, you’ll be piecing with them as well.  Visit our website to see all 20 colors: