A Mother – Daughter Purse Series in the Making

Love, love, love these simple and affordable patterns by Fishsticks Designs!  What a great way to teach basic sewing skills – but experienced sewers will want to make dozens to give to all of their friends and family!

The Time to Go Shopping Sack

No more plastic bags!  These bags have a four inch gusset so they hold everything – and a great class on how to create a bag with a gusset!  It only requires two fabrics so they can pick out their fabrics when they come to class!

TGSS-00   TGSS-00_1

Item #TGSS-00  Retail $4.25

On the Go Travel Pillow

This “pillow case” complete with handles and a pocket holds a standard 14″ square pillow.  The pocket can hold a favorite book or toy and provides another teachable moment.    Road trip anyone???


Item #OGTP-00  Retail $4.25

The Sew and Go Messenger Bag

Then you may want to move onto The Sew and Go Messenger Bag.  This bag uses a fusible interfacing – a new skill.

SGMB-00   SGMB-00_1

Item #SGMB-00  Retail $4.25

The You Go Girl! Backpack

This backpack has style and adjustable elastic straps – that’s right, another teachable moment.


Item #YGGB-00  Retail $4.25

The Wherever You Go Wallet

This wallet includes four pockets for credit cards and gift cards with a snap enclosure – once again introducing a new skill….

WYGW-00 WYGW-00_1





Item #WYGW-00  Retail $4.25

The It All Goes Here! Sewing Organizer

Now that you have converted a whole new generation of sewers, they need to keep everything organized.

IAGH-00 IAGH-00_1









Item #IAGH-00  Retail $4.25

Fishsticks Designs also creates darling children’s clothing.  Come see the designs at the Checker Open House.  I see a bag of the month class coming on…..




The Perfect Take and Teach Project

Deborah Miller of PlumEasy has created two of the best Make and Take It demonstrations in years.  These simple projects are a great way to use up scraps and create hostess gifts in just a matter of minutes.

The Folded Star Hot Pad comes in two versions – round and square.  Just press, place, and stitch in the ditch!  The pattern includes an interfacing foundation.


Item #PEP101  Retail $11.00


Item #PEP102  Retail $11.00

Additional packages of interfacing are available because who can make just one???

PEP201 (1)

Three Pack – Item #PEP201  Retail $5.50

Twelve Pack – Item #PEP202  Retail $16.00

But if that isn’t enough, why not buy the stencil?  Then you can trace it.  They even have a foundation paper that is transparent.


Item #PEP205  Retail $25.00

PEP204 (1)

Item #PEP204  Retail $13.00

They have thought of everything.  If your shop would like to kit these projects, this packet tells you how to do that as well...Item #PEP101-LIT.

For those of you who like one, you will LOVE this table runner that incorporates three hot pads.


Item #PEP105  Retail $22.00

Watch the video on our website to see how Deborah uses curved tweezers to machine quilt the folded star points in place:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/PEP101


Item #507SP  Retail $7.45

Using the same technique, what quilter wouldn’t love a pin cushion?  And, once again, additional foundations are available.










Item #PEP104  Retail $11.00








Item #PEP203  Retail $5.50

Each pincushion requires two cups of ground nut shells.  They are available in unscented or lavender.


Item #PEP301  Retail $3.00


Item #PEP302  Retail $4.50

Deborah Miller will be at the Checker Open House in August – a wholesale show where shop owners come to learn new techniques.  Come and learn from the creator herself – you will be glad you did!