Gifts any Quilter would love…

Cindi McCracken has created gift cards from her favorite Judy Niemeyer quilts – and they are spectacular!  Each box includes two of four different designs.  Simply beautiful!

Feathered Star


Item #CMD103  Retail $12.00







Item #CMD104  Retail $12.00

Mariner’s Compass

Item #CMD105  Retail $12.00

Wedding Ring


Item #CMD106  Retail $12.00

A written note is such a treat in this techie age.  Why not send someone special a memory today?

These pens feature beautiful quilt designs…


Item #20233  Retail $17.95


Item #20234  Retail $17.95

Great gifts are a perfect display opportunity!


Creating a Better Mousetrap

Numbered Q-Pins

I love this concept….Marilee numbered the flat tops of quilting pins – 1 through 20.  The case is two sided. One through ten are on one side and eleven through twenty are on the other.

Item #NQPINS  Retail $28.00

When laying out the blocks in a quilt, place a pin in the top left corner – numbering in the order they should be sewn.  By placing the pins in the same location every time, you avoid twisting or turning a block.

In many books – including mine – the cutting requirements are numbered.  Keep the entire block organized by pinning all of the like units together.  When you are ready to sew the block, it is organized and ready to sew!

If your pattern uses letters instead of numbers – no problem.  Simply write on the reverse side of the pins with a permanent marker.

If you need more than 20 numbers, you can write those on the back as well – or do what I do.  Pin 1 through 20 in the top left corner right side up; 21 through 40 wrong side up.  Simple and easy!

Steam Fast










Item #SF-717-A  Retail $29.99

I fell in love with this iron when I saw a shop owner demonstrate how she used it to bind placemats.  She sewed the binding to the front of the quilt and pressed it to the back side of the quilt.  This little iron was so lightweight and easy to manipulate – but POWERFUL!  She easily mitered and pressed the corners of the binding.  But here is the best part – she placed a few drops of Roxanne’s glue on the edge before pressing.  So, when she pressed, the glue dried and held the binding in place until she stitched it down!  Brilliant!

Everyone watching that demo wanted this iron AND the glue – now that is a demo made in heaven!

It weighs just under a pound and comes with its own little travel case and measuring cup.  Plug it in and in less than a minute the iron is hot and ready to go.  It even has dual voltage for overseas travel!  This would be a great Mother’s Day gift for any quilter.  They are due in the end of this month!

Don’t forget the glue:










Item #RX-GL1  Retail $8.84

The glue comes in several sizes, so visit our website to view the complete line:  //’s Glue


USB Thumb Drives Just Got Prettier

Many of you have embroidery machines and need a way to store embroidery designs.  These new 4GB thumb drives may be just the ticket!  Color coordinate them for an easy visual.  Baby blue for boy designs, pink for girls,etc….








Item #USB4GBLBL  Retail $21.49 (Light Blue)
Item #USB4GBPNK  Retail $21.49 (Pink)
Item #USB4GBGRN  Retail $21.49 (Green)
Item #USB4GBWHT  Retail $21.49 (White)
Item #USB4GPCFE  Retail $21.49 (Coffee)

There are also some 2GB versions available:

This tomato pin cushion has come of age…


Item #E10210  Retail $23.99

Or why not re-purpose a classic thimble design?










Item #E10211  Retail $23.99

Filling a stocking takes on a whole new meaning!


Item #E10212  Retail $23.99

To see the complete collection visit our website:  // Drive

Many of these are in stock – and more are arriving every day so order them now for summer events.  These make a great register display!


This one has Curves in all the right places!

Creative Grids is giving birth to triplets this Spring – and we are so excited we couldn’t wait to give you a sneak peak of each one.  Our first “baby” is due the end of this month.  Five Cut Loose Press patterns are ready to order, the video is on-line, and the storyboard is done!   Everything is ready – all you have to do is place your order and schedule the demos!

The Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool creates the illusion of curves by sewing two narrow strips to adjoining sides – and two wide strips to the other two sides.

Look how it adds movement to this simple log cabin quilt – Carousel.



Item #CLPJAW021

These Zen Table Runners look totally different when you switch the lights and darks.  The “circles” are actually four curvy log cabins so this table runner only requires 12 blocks – which really can be made in a couple of hours!



Item #CLPJAW023

Hopscotch is funky and fun – combining four blocks set in a circle with four blocks set as a quarter circle block.



Item #CLPJAW024

Visit our website to see the product video on this one…










Item #CGRJAW5  Retail $20..95

Since this ruler creates eight inch finished blocks, it can be combined with the original Log Cabin Trim Tool.  In I love America, the heart is created with the Curvy Log Cabin blocks.  The blue border is made from traditional log cabins – twice the design potential!










Item #CLPJAW020


Item #CGRJAW1  Retail $19.45

But this ruler just doesn’t make circles – Texas Two Step shows what happens when you sew Courthouse Steps.











Item #CLPJAW022

If you are a store and would like a story board to demo this baby, contact us at:  To get your Storyboard files, e-mail


A Few of My Favorite New Patterns…

This new strip club pattern is gorgeous!  Show your customers how easy it is to sew a no-measure bargello.


Item #CQD01114  Retail $9.00

Ohio State just hosted the Spring game last week-end so it is time to make some samples for those tailgate parties…


Item #CCS143  Retail $9.00

These new hot pads Susie C. Shore begins the new Hedgehog craze.  Rick rack never looked cuter!










Item #ST1421  Retail $5.95

The top selling Carpenter’s Star Bali Sky has been revised.  Your customers love Debbie’s patterns and will love this too.










Item #CCQD150  Retail $9.00

All of these patterns would be the basis for a series of great classes!

Snow Happens – even in April

I love everything Bird Brain – including her new fabric line and the machine embroidery C.D.for the embroidery pattern that inspired it all!

I live in Ohio so I feel your pain when I write about a snowman inspired fabric line – when it snowed last week!  As shop owners, you know that the winter lines start arriving in June so you need to start thinking about classes and samples NOW!


Item #BBD568ME  Retail $24.00 (Machine Embroidery)

Item #BBD568  Retail $10.00 (Hand Embroidery)

The fabric line comes in red and blue versions in 10 yard case assortments, fat quarter packs, and 2 1/2″ strips.








Item #FQ-FWDNHBL (Fat Quarter Packet)







Item #FQ-FWDNHRE (Fat Quarter Packet)

To see the complete line, visit our website at:  // happens







Paying Homage to a Legend

Five inch squares are called by many different names now – most commonly charm squares, but originally they were simply nickels!  Pat Speth was the first to explore all of the design potential from these simple squares – and has become a legend in the process.  She developed many of the techniques that started the craze….that continues….and only seems to grow!


Item #B1244T  Retail $27.99

For a new generation of quilters, her first two books are no longer in print – until now!  Martingale has combined 40 quilts from these books, including instructions for three different sizes AND even includes tutorials on using 4 and 6 inch blocks as well!





























This book is a must have for every quilter’s library!  This is just the tip of the iceberg – there are 34 more just as striking.  When is the last time you got such a collection of patterns for less than $1 a piece – and that isn’t including the possibility of doing them in three sizes!!!



Jane Austin Speaks to a Quilter

Karen Gloeggler loves everything Jane Austin – her books, her letters, and, most of all the one quilt that she is know to have made!  She used this quilt as an inspiration for several new projects – all based on a central design set on point and surrounded by blocks – also set on point.


Item #AQS1415  Retail $24.95

This quilt pieced out of reproduction fabrics comes to live with the addition of a prairie point border….

AQS1415-5 (1)

The dramatic black sashings and shades of orange, gold and yellow reminds me of a sunset.


The allure of colorwash quilts is alive in well….


Or bed inspired by the colors of Fall…










The book includes exerts from her own papers.  What a treasure for any fan – I am watching Emma as we speak!

A Modern Twist

I LOVE this book.  The quilts are geometric works of art.  Picture any of these quilts on a bed – with a smaller version stretched over canvas and hanging on the wall!  Talk about making a statement!!!


Item #L11310  Retail $16.95

But, to me, this book is more a study in color!  I look at these quilts as inspiration for choosing fabrics for other projects.

This quilt in many shades of grey and black, comes to life with the addition of a muted red.


Grey is the new black – and shines when combined with these bright hexies….and look at the backing which ties it all together.







These muted solids seem to glow when the light stratas are added.


Look what a difference a collection of jewel tones can make…


The lines in this quilt showcase the print – and what an awesome picture!




The blues, greens, and yellows remind me of a day at the beach!


Yes, all seven projects can be made in a week-end – but  savor the process. Each one is an excellent opportunity to showcase those fabrics that you just couldn’t bare to cut!

They also offer fantastic space for a talented machine quilter to do her magic!




A New Twist for the Twister

It isn’t often that a notion catches the imagination of an entire industry – and becomes a staple.  But that is exactly what happened with the Twister – and the sizes that followed: the Lil Twister (Item #LILTWISTER); the  Bitty (Item #PRI946); and the Itty Bitty (Item #PRI321).

This series of patterns by Handcrafts by Jennifer shows just how versatile this tool is!  Many of them can be made in different sizes just by choosing a different size of Twister.

Bunny Twist


Item #HBJ003  Retail $9.00

Shamrock Twist


Item #HBJ004  Retail $9.00

Crab Twist

HBJ005 (1)

Item #HBJ005  Retail $9.00

Snowman Twist


Item #HBJ007  Retail $9.00

Candy Cane Twist


Item #HBJ011  Retail $9.00

And, a Tree Skirt….



Item #HBJ010  Retail $9.00

To see all of the patterns that Jennifer has created, visit our website.  These patterns are perfect impulse buys for the upcoming Shop Hop series…