Crazy about Crazy Quilting and Embroidery

I saw these quilts up close and personal at Fall Market – and immediately put one on my bucket list!  Jan does the most exquisite applique and embroidery that I have ever seen – and writes directions that even a novice like me can understand!  Combining both talents is rare indeed…










Item #L11314  Retail $27.95

The cover quilt is a variation of an antique quilt and is also available in a wall hanging size. The red and creams are luscious!  I’ve already started collecting them!



Jan used the fan element in the larger quilt and repeated it into this quilt.  The black background is so sophisticated…


What a great opportunity to try new embroidery stitches.  Jan shows how to combine stitches in new and interested ways…
















This book includes 16 embroidery stitches and additional combinations.  For more stitches and an easy reference guide to all of your embroidery projects, check out Hand Embroidery Stitches at-a-glance which features complete step-by-step how-to instructions for 30 favorite embroidery stitches such as backstitch, blanket/buttonhole stitch, chain stitch, feather stitch, fly stitch, French knot, running stitch, stem stitch etc…

This is the only embroidery guide that also includes needle and thread charts for easy reference – lots of information presented in a clear, concise format and a handy, 4” x 6” carry-along size.



Item #L113213  Retail $8.50

Jan combined her favorite Valdani pearl cottons in either 8 or 12 to complete these projects.  When completing an heirloom project, why not start with the books and notions that Jan uses?


Item #FFVPC12SMPLR  Retail $70.00

Item #FFVPC8SMPLR  Retail $70.00

All of these products are due in in the next couple of weeks so order them now…


Enjoy some Slow Sew with Kathy Schmitz

These small projects combine embroidery with patchwork to create a block of the month program that will have your customers coming back for more!  Each one stands alone so who can stop at just one?  These are great gifts all through the year!


Item #KS1306  Retail $8.00

They measure 13″ x 24″ so they can be used as place mats, hot pads for casseroles, candle mats – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Make the entire set as a special wedding or Christmas gift – or pick and choose your favorites for a shower.  Include a few with some Fiestaware or a ceramic casserole dish for a kitchen shower.

Don’t  overlook the charming book marks with each pattern.  These could be stitched to the back and used as a label.  Once again, let your creativity soar!



Item #KS1307  Retail $8.00


Item #KS1308  Retail $8.00


Item #KS1309  Retail $8.00


Item #KS1310  Retail $8.00


Item #KS1311  Retail $8.00


Item #KS1312  Retail $8.00


Item #KS1313  Retail $8.00


Item #KS1314  Retail $8.00


Item #KS1315  Retail $8.00


Item #KS1316  Retail $8.00






Item #KS1317  Retail $8.00

These patterns are arriving in the next few weeks so order them now.  These are great summer projects for quilters on the go.  Why not offer classes to help them piece the blocks so they can do the embroidery on vacation?








New Notions Arriving Soon

Karen Kay Buckley fans will love this silver chain which keeps the point protector with the small scissors – and adds a touch of class.


Item #KKBSPC  Retail $10.00

This product is designed to fit her small scissors:


Item #KKBPSS  Retail $19.99

I wish I would have had these glasses when I was choosing fabrics for a recent log cabin quilt series.  Wearing the red glasses immediately changes the color to grey scale so you can see the contrast between the fabrics.  These are a must for scrappy quilts and are available as clip-ons as well.


Item SRGGL01  Retail $20.00 (glasses)

Item SRGGL02  Retail $18.00 (clip-ons)

Measure twice – cut once has never been easier with this new product from Alicia’s Attic. These reusable markers can be used on either side of a ruler and come in a variety of colors so they show on any fabric.










Item #TOD007  Retail $7.99

These products are in stock now – but they are all due in in the next few weeks, just in time for your next demo day!

What is Zentangle?

I have spent a lot of time reading long and descriptive definitions – and have even included one at the end of this post.  But, in simple terms, zentangle is doodling for adults!  I’ve seen this art form for years – I just didn’t know what it was called.  So if I am not alone,  here you go….The covers of these books are worth a thousand definitions!


Item #8358-2  Retail $19.95










Item #5360  Retail $16.99

This example from the book would be the PERFECT quilt label for a Halloween quilt!  And that,  my friends, brings into the quilting world and makes it a perfect class!



















Item #DO5398  Retail $24.99

Another great label….










And some fun monograms….









There are even kid friendly versions – which would be a great Spring Break class or, in my case, Easter basket stuffers for my grandchildren…










Item #DO3481  Retail $9.99

Pigma Pens in all different thicknesses are recommended – 01; 03; 05 and even 08. Pen sets will be arriving any day so order them soon!

This eleven piece set includes five pens, a pencil, and Zentangle tiles.  There are also three (Item #ZT50012  Retail $9.99) and nine (Item #ZT50010  $13.99) piece versions available.










Item #ZT50011  Retail $21.99

There are over a dozen books on our website – just search Zentangle.

Why not try combining this technique the new Kraft-tex product?  I haven’t tried it yet, but this is how they describe it:

Wait till you get your hands on this rugged paper that looks, feels, and wears like leather, but sews, cuts, and washes just like fabric. kraft•tex is supple, yet strong enough to handle projects that get tough wear, like totes, belts, wallets, book covers, luggage tags, and more. Sew it, stamp it, draw on it, fold it, inkjet print it to bring an exciting new texture to craft-sewing projects, mixed-media arts, and bookmaking. Durable fiber-based texture softens and crinkles with handling and washing.

It is available in white, brown and black by the package or by the bolt:










Package:  White – Item #20244  Retail $12.95; Brown – Item #20211; Black – Item #20245
Bolt:  White – Item #20246; Brown – Item #20228; Black – Item #20247CT

Not everything is in stock – but will be soon, so I wanted to give you a heads up!  This is too good to miss!

And, now, for the official definition….

Zentangle® is a meditative process of creating art, wherein simple shapes and lines combine to make a complicated and interesting final piece of artwork. The focus of Zentangle is on the process of creation, rather than the end result. The beauty of Zentangle is that there is no right way or wrong way. If you can draw a line and a circle (perfectly or not), you can Zentangle. Zentangle is an art concept that is engaging, approachable, and fun enough for someone who has never picked up any art tools or created a piece of art, yet is still meditative, productive, and creative enough for an advanced artist to enjoy. While many popular Zentangle books share tips, inspiration, and final artwork, there are few that break down Zentangle into a step-by-step process. Structured to be part instruction, part inspiration, and part doodling, The Art of Zentangle will first demonstrate how to create Zentangle art by showing intricate patterns broken out into several steps. After artists have warmed up and are ready to give it a try on their own, they’ll be invited to practice creating their own Zentangle designs on the beautifully designed blank pages of this inspirational sketch journal.

Yep -let’s doodle!

Beautiful Hand-Dyed Burlap

I must be fixated on Spring – and putting this winter behind us as we are bracing for yet another storm!  But when i saw and felt these hand-dyed burlaps, the wheels started spinning.  Once again, these could be the start of something big – and a perfect Spring break class or Shop Hop Make and Take.

There are a few patterns available but I’m sure you can come up with dozens of ideas of your own…


Item #FOWP-7037  Retail $6.00

Or this Wine Bottle Gift Bag….










Item #FOWP-7041  Retail $4.00

This burlap is available in luscious colors in fat quarters that measure 17″ x 29″ or 14 1/2″ x 18″ pieces.

Item #FOWB6479  Retail $9.00










Item #FOWBS-7011  Retail $5.40

There are also bundles available with 7″ x 9″ pieces of four different colors:


Item #FOWBC-7051  Retail $11.00
Visit our website to see the complete collection – Fiber on a Whim – and let your imagination run wild….

Judy Niemeyer Makes an Impression

The Quiltworx Impressions are laser cut applique shapes that are backed with fusible web. So for those of you who have always considered applique, the “A” word, it is time to embrace the art form!

Desert Blossoms includes 46 individually laser cut fused pieces for just $23.50.


Item #IDB-JNQ-01  Retail $23.50

Lily Patch includes 74 pieces….


Item #ILPJNQ-01  Retail $29.00

Judy has designed a Cut Loose Press pattern that features both of these products. If you have a shop sample,and will be needing them for your classes – order them now – first come first served!!!  Judy has already selected fabric that will make any quilt pop and sizzle.  You just have to place and apply!  It doesn’t get any easier than this – and you save the cost of the fusible and fabric.

As we all know, fabrics change frequently so the colorways of these Impressions are only available while supplies last – and you can only get them here folks – because we have the entire inventory!  If you have a shop sample, order them now – first come first served!!!

Judy has designed a Cut Loose Press pattern that features both of these products. Create an heirloom quality quilt in much less time….

Midnight Bloom



Item #CLPQLT001
This pattern also features Charm Elements.  These are paper-pieced foundations for some of the most popular elements in Judy’s designs.  These packets are intended to be a stepping off point to your own creativity. Charm Elements #1 includes the foundations and instructions for flying geese borders and compass rose blocks.
Item #JNQ119P  $10.00 
To spark your creativity and show the diversity of these elements, Judy has designed a second Cut Loose Press pattern, Farmhouse Window….
Item #CLPQLT003
Charm Elements Pack #2 includes Flying Geese units.
Item #JNQ132P  Retail $6.00
Include them in borders, sashings, or insert them into these Pinecone Mocha Placemats…
Item #CLPQLT002
If you are a shop owner, visit CheckerYou too view videos of Judy and her techniques so you can share them with your customers.  It is easier than you think!



Pin Cushions from Just Another Button Company

We love their buttons – now they are showcasing them in a new book by Martingale – Pincushion Appeal.  What a winning combination!  Kit these up for impulse sales at the register during those upcoming shop hops.









Item #B1221T  Retail $16.99

Look how cute!!!!  Who can resist this when we are all praying for SPRING!!!









And what a cute mushrooms….



And with all of these choices….









why not feature a different one each month?  Check out our website to see all of the Just Another Button Company buttons and pins that will make each one a unique work of art!

Spark your Creativity with Cut Loose Press – Part Two

Cut Loose Press also has many “crafty” type patterns that make great gifts – and are adorable beginner projects.  Since none of them are quilted, they literally can be finished in an afternoon!

These simple patterns by Becky Jorgensen may be just the ticket for baby showers or Easter baskets…

Bunny Bib









Item #CLPBJR001

This Travel Pillow is the perfect gift for any child who falls asleep in a car seat – and don’t they all???









Item #CLPBJR002

These little guys would be great bean bags and fun for kids of all ages…

Minion Monster









Item #CLPBJR003

This little guy comes with his own quilt….


Item #CLPPBJ005

Or, why not add your own inspirational words to these Message Mini Pillows?  These would be great favors, basket fillers, or graduation decorations.  They feature our favorite In the Patch Wool….







Item #CLPPME007

Or make some flower pins.  Once again, In the Patch wool comes to life in an everlasting garden – just in time for spring….

Poinsettia & Sunflower 


Item #CLPPME006

Spring Break is just around the corner – hard to believe when I am writing this in the middle of yet another snowstorm – and shop owners have to plan ahead.  Any of these would be great Make It Take It classes during the break.  What a great way to welcome the next generation of quilters!


Spark your Creativity with Cut Loose Press – Part One

There are several new Cut Loose Press patterns that feature Creative Grids rulers – a marriage made in heaven!  These reasonably prices patterns are great support for our specialty rulers.

Spinning Stars by Carl Hentsch is fun and easy when using the Creative Grids 120 degree (Item #CGR120R Retail $26.45) and 60 degree ruler (CGRT60  Retail $18.95). Hexagons are all the rave – and combining these rulers takes them to a whole new size!  All I can say is WOW!!!


Item #CLPCHE001  

Margaret Travis has created Huggy Muggie Ruggies that are fast and simple when you use the Creative Grids Pineapple Trim Tool (CGRJAW3 Retail $23.45).









Item #CLPMTR007  

Gudrun Erla is a gadget guru who brings them to life.  Winding Row features the Creative Grids Spider Web ruler (CGRKA6  Retail $21.45).










Item #CLPGER004

Hannah Rae showcases the Circle Savvy ruler Item #CGRSAV1 Retail $36.45) in Twerp – a darling baby quilt…










Item #CLPHRA002

Why not set up a display of the rulers and patterns – and host a demonstration soon?  There is plenty of additional support for all of these rulers so your customers won’t know which pattern to make first!

Coming Soon from Favorite Designers Part Two

Civil War fabrics and the patterns they inspire take classics to a whole new level.  These patterns have just arrived – or will be soon – so order them now.  You already know the customers who will want them….

Carol Hopkins has three scrap quilts with totally different looks…

Enduring Love


Item #CHD270  Retail $8.00



Item #CHD271  Retail $8.00











Item #CHD272  Retail $8.00

Red Crinoline



Item #RCQ064  Retail $10.00











Item #RCQ065  Retail $10.00

Baskets of Plenty










Item #RCQ066  Retail $10.00

Why not spruce up your Civil War fabric collection display by showcasing these new additions????