Teach Yourself to Applique – and Pass It On!

Many of our vendors offer D.V.D..’s which showcase their methods and techniques.  Use these resources to train yourself and your staff.  Once you have learned from the expert, you will be able to teach your students in depth.  And, when they ask if they can take you home with them, you can offer the DVD!  Who doesn’t want someone holding their hand at home if they forget something?

P3 Designs offers a DVD showcasing her applique techniques.


Item #P3150  Retail $25.00

She offers several block of the months such as….

Baltimore Autumn



Item #P31800  Complete Set $78.00
Individual Patterns Retail $6.00

Liberty Album


Item #P31700  Complete Set $78.00
Individual Patterns Retail $6.00

Baltimore Christmas


Item #P31600  Retail $78.00
Individual Patterns Retail $6.00

She has developed several products to aid in achieving her spectacular results:

Her brand of freezer paper…


Item #99003  Retail $7.50

Perfect Bias Stem Directions


Item #P3141  Retail $7.00



Item #20105  Retail $15.00

Applique and Pressing Tool


Item #99002  Retail $15.00

She loves Roxanne’s glue and needle threader….


Item #RXTHREADER  Retail $2.30







Item #RX-GL1  Retail $8.84

And, size 11 needles for applique and embroidery.


Item #N-108  Retail $3.50




Item #N-140  Retail $3.50

Her embroidery thread of choice?  Sulky 12 weight thread!  I can’t wait to try it.

Why not set up a complete display for your applique customers?  Patterns are just the beginning….




A Few of My Favorite Things…

I love Karen Kay Buckley’s scissors so I was thrilled when she came out with pins that have very fine points and come in a tube of 50.


Item #KKBPP  Retail $8.95

This Hunter’s Star Simplified pattern is created with squares and half-square triangles.  It cant get any simpler than that!










Item #CCQD153  Retail $10.00

If you are a shop owner, Debbie has a wonderful video demonstrating her technique on CheckerYou.  (CheckerYou is offers videos exclusively to shop owners so they can learn new techniques to share with their customers.  It is not available to the retail public.)

Plum Tree Quilts has created this reversible table runner that would be a spectacular class.  Grab a 40 strip pack of 2 1/2″ strips and go for it – can’t get any easier to kit than that!










Item #PTQ035  $9.00

Your customers will love these!




Block of the Month Sidekicks

Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts has followed up the success of her Hex n More ruler with the Sidekick.  These two rulers can be used separately – or combined to create even more stunning quilts.

The secret to her success?  She offers lots of support for the patterns.  This eight month block of the month pattern is perfect.  By the time your students finish the blocks, they will be comfortable using every shape and size that can be cut with the ruler!  Each block is used twice so you can also study color and fabric placement.  With a little practice, these blocks will look like totally different patterns – an added bonus.  No y-seams required!











Item #JBQ139  Retail $29.95

This block of the month program uses both of her rulers – the Hex n More AND the Sidekick:


Item #JBQ202  Retail $17.95








Item #JBQ201  Retail $23.95

Once they are comfortable using the Sidekick, they can move on to these other projects:










Item #JBQ135  Retail $6.50











Item #JBQ137  Retail $10.00









Item #JBQ136  Retail $10.00

These patterns feature the Hex n More so they will be glad they bought them both…

This baby quilt is fast, easy and colorful.










Item #JBQ133  Retail $6.50










Item #JBQ134  Retail $6.50

The machine quilting accents the designs beautifully.  There is a block of the month program for the Hex n More as well….










Item #JBQ130  Retail $29.95


Taupes are Tops on our List

Yoko Saito is a Japanese designer who has THREE books in the top 50!  Her followers grow with every book she releases.  She owns a shop in Japan and is an expert teacher and artist, specializing in embroidery and those beautiful taupes that we love…

Her book of 120 original embroidery designs includes individual patterns for people, animals and flowers.  I also love the borders and random patterns….


Item #YSOED-1113  Retail $42.95

The book is organized by category…



All of these designs can be incorporated into your own special project or you can make one of the projects in the book.  She makes even the smallest projects into heirlooms.  Her eye for detail is exquisite!


Her book, Japanese Taupe Color Theory, teaches the novice how to incorporate these colors into a project that will have a depth and subtlety that is striking!


Item #YSTCT-1113  Retail $37.95

The cover shows a glimpse of a bag – look at the entire project!  It literally takes my breath away!


The book includes other projects that are great lessons in color:












But the detail in the smaller projects turns simple every day items into works of art!


YSJTCT-1113-7 YSJTCT-1113-8















And, lets not forget her wool book….










Item #YSW0813  Retail $32.95




Make a display by including all of her books and pull similar fabrics.  Woolie Flannels by Maywood, Whimsicals by Terri Degenkalb and hand dyed wools may fit into your display.  You may be surprised that you already have inventory that can be showcased in a vignette.

Your customers who are interested in this, LOVE it so why not start a club?







Heat Press Batting Together Now Patented

We all know that when someone has a brilliant idea, there are copy cat products that immediately jump on the band wagon.  That is why I was thrilled to receive a press release from Jeanne and Linda Harwood of Heat Press Batting Together.  They just received a patent that protects their idea.










Item #HP1574  Retail $7.99

Heat Press Batting Together is a 1-1/2in x 15yd roll of cloth tape that will fuse two edges of batting together. It’s soft, it’s thin, it stretches, it needles easily for hand or machine quilting. This can be used on any batting fabric content. (This replaces Item #HPBT).

It is available in two different widths and two different colors – black and white:

Item #HP10074 – 1 1/2″ x 100 Yards of White – Retail $50.00

Item #HP34 – 3/4″ x 10 Yards of White – Retail $3.99

Item #HP34BL – 3/4″ x 10 Yards of Black – Retail $3.99

Item HP74BL – 1 1/2″ x 10 Yards of Black – Retail $7.99

There are also counter displays available.  Check our website for details…

Here is the official press release:

Los Angeles, California, Jan. 9, 2014- HPBT, Inc. is happy to announce the issue of its United States Patent for the Heat Press Batting Together TM Fabric Batting Tape, Patent No. 8,435,634.

Jeanne and Linda Harwood are the inventors of the batting tape and own a USA manufactured family- run business that specializes in quilting, crafting and sewing products.

Jeanne Harwood was merely a hobby quilter, who specialized in Long Arm quilting. Jeanne and her daughter Linda invented the batting tape when Jeanne continued having a problem with the quilt batting size changing, while loading the quilt on the long arm machine.

“The U.S. patent issued in 2013 and it was very exciting for us. Since the launch of the business, the company has expanded with distributors throughout the U.S. and around the world. It’s the American dream of innovation. We created a unique product that makes quilting and crafting so much easier! We are very grateful to the quilting, crafting and sewing industries for their continued enthusiasm for our patented products.”, says Linda Harwood

HPBT, Inc. plans to bring many new Heat Press Batting Together TM quilting, crafting and sewing products to the market in 2014.

So, buy the original and see what all of the fuss is about!



A Gingerbread Village on Crab Apple Hill

Crayon tinted embroidery has become Meg’s passion.  And, this gingerbread house block of the month is the perfect project to showcase this technique.  So grab your box of Crayola’s and go to town.  Remember when we were in school and drooled over the box of 64?  Now they have a box of 152 so let your inner child play!

Block #1 – Peppermint Arch House


Item #CAH2512  Retail $6.75

Block #2 – Snowman with Cocoa


Item #CAH2513  Retail $6.75 

Block #3 – Holly Garden House


Item #CAH2514  Retail $6.75

Block #4 – Church


Item #CAH2515  Retail $6.75

Block #5 – Town Square Gaqebo


Item #CAH2516  Retail $6.75

Block #6 – Candy Cane Quilt Shop


Item #CAH2517  Retail $6.75

Block #7 – Sugar Hill Inn


Item #CAH2518  Retail $6.75

Block #8 – Ribbon Candy House


Item #CAH2519  Retail $6.75

Block #9 – Main Street Shops










Item #CAH2520  Retail $6.75

These blocks showcase her Snowflake line from Lecien:


This quilt measures 68 3/4″ square so it is a perfect wall hanging size.  These patterns are also available as a set – Item #CAH2521 – Retail $60.75.

Most of them are in stock – and the rest are on order – so order them now so you will be able to start your shop sample as soon as possible!


Quilt size 68-3/4in Square. Block 12-3/4in. What could be better than Victorian Gingerbread? Crayon tinting adds so much depth and life to the oh so simple embroidery, with just enough sparkle to make it extra fun. Uses Snowflakes by Meg Hawkey from Lecien.

Come Join Terry in the Kitchen

Terry Atkinson always dominates the top 20 patterns on the Checker website – and this is why!  She knows I want something before I do.  That is the case with this apron.


Item #ATK176  Retail $9.50

This apron is fully lined with a large pocket.  It comes in three sizes – adult, child, and toddler.  What grandmother can resist?  Terry always adds that awe factor.  In this case, I love the folded asymmetrical triangle and button trim.  Her fabric choices are always spot on as well.

Terry collects Fiesta dishes in all colors so these napkins fit right in.  Each luncheon napkin requires two fat quarters.  There in also yardage and instructions for the dinner size.  Choose fat quarters so every napkins is different for a more casual look or follow the yardage requirements for matching sets.

Natalie’s Napkins










Item #ATK175  Retail $6.50

The awe factor here?  They are reversible and she includes napkin folding techniques!





Mosaic Tiles for Inspiration

I love this book because all of the quilts were inspired by beautiful, historic mosaic in Costa Rican churches, schools and homes.


Item #L11309  Retail $22.95

As quilters, we always comment on tiles whenever we are together so I love that Patricia finally did something about it!  Look at the cover quilt – strikingly beautiful – makes you want to book a trip to Cost Rica doesn’t it???

And the other eight projects will inspire you as well….










The pieced borders are striking as well – and could be incorporated into any project.










And the photography accents the quilts and turns striking quilts into works of art.  The appliqued border in this quilt would be a wonderful wool accent.










Not all of the projects are large…



Let Patricia inspire you to turn your favorite mosaics into quilts.  Inspiration can be anywhere!





Snow and Tell with McKenna Ryan

After the last couple of weeks when the entire country experienced record cold temperatures and snow, snowmen are a reality for the next couple of months.  Why not embrace them and showcase them in this new series by McKenna Ryan.  Just the names will make your customer’s smile!  Each pattern has a companion embellishment kit that adds that awe factor to each 8″ design.

Snow and Tell











Item #BUD01  Retail $11.50
Embellishment Kit Item #BUD12  Retail $3.00

It’s Snowing











Item #BUD02  Retail $11.50
Embellishment Kit Item #BUD13  Retail $8.00



Item #BUD03  Retail $11.50
Embellishment Kit Item #BUD14  Retail $6.00

A Winter’s Tale


Item #BUD04  Retail $11.50
Embellishment Kit Item #BUD15  Retail $4.50

Frosted Flakes










Item #BUD05  Retail $11.50
Embellishment Kit Item #BUD16  Retail $4.00

Just Chillin










Item #BUD06  Retail $11.50
Embellishment Kit Item #BUD17  Retail $2.50

Iced to Meet You










Item #BUD07  Retail $11.50
Embellishment Kit Item #BUD18  Retail $2.50

Seasons Tweeting










Item #BUD08  Retail $11.50
Embellishment Kit Item #BUD19  Retail $6.00

First Frost






Item #BUD09  Retail $11.50
Embellishment Kit Item #BUD20  Retail $2.00

Pick your favorite and start a class.  Most of them are in stock – and if they are not – they will be shortly.  (Everyone starts with #1.  Why not start with a simpler one until everyone feels comfortable with the technique?)



Let it Snow so we can Sew….

As I am writing this, much of the country is preparing – or in the midst of – a winter storm that is a record breaker.  So what do quilters do when they are snowed in?  Light a fire, and let us sew, let us sew, let us sew!

The perfect project to celebrate Winter is this ten month block of the month by Shabby Fabrics.  That means you still have time to start this one – and be done in time for Winter 2015!










Item #SF48580  Retail $42.00

This quilt has lots of embellishments – 93 to be exact – and they all come in a kit to make your life so much easier!








Item #SF48582  Retail $28.00

The snowflakes can be cut by hand – but who would want to cut 15 by hand when they are available in a laser cut version?  These would be great embellishments for any quilt – not just this one!








Item #SF48583  Retail $24.00

Your customers will also need DMC floss in a variety of colors:  Item #117UA-310; #117UA-838; #117UA-3875; #117UA-561; #117UA-562; and 317W-E168 (a silver metallic).  She also recommends a Black Pigma Pen – Size 005 – Item #SDK00549.  So when quilters get snow days, turn up the fire and let the quilting begin!