Book Signings At Market – Booth #138

Come to the Checker Booth to meet the authors and receive a signed copy of their newest book.  This year I have the honor of being the first author to participate!  A picture is worth a thousand words – but having the schedule for the book signings is priceless!

Quilt Block Fusion – Penny Haren
Saturday 11:30
Item #L113008  Retail $24.95

Knockout Neutrals – Pat Wys
Saturday 12:30








Item #B1180T  Retail $24.99

Just a Quilt? – Dalen Keys
Saturday 1:30








Item #DK568  Retail $16.00

Gimme 5 & Make It Scrappy – Tricia Cribbs
Saturday 2:30









Item #FF127  Retail $14.95

Get Adicted to Free-Motion Quilting – Sheila Sinclair Snyder
Saturday 3:30







Item #11011  Retail $19.95

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls – Lindsay Wilkes
Sunday – 11:30







Item #U2256  Retail $27.99

Stitch it for Fall – Lynette Anderson
Sunday – 12:30







Item #U7133  Retail $12.99

Strip Smart Quilts II – Kathy Brown
Sunday – 1:30



Item #B1176T  Retail $24.99

Easy, Elegant Punchneedle – Marinda Stewart
Sunday 2:30








Item #STB1226-2  Retail $19.95

Come join us to spend some quality time with the authors!


Make an Impression with Charm Elements

Checker is pleased to host a school house at Fall Market featuring the talented Judell and Judy Niemeyer.  Visit us in Room #362B at 4:15 p.m. to learn more about their new programs – Elements and Impressions – and how they incorporate Cut Loose Press!

Pinecone Mocha Placemats

Item #CLPQLT002

This is the perfect introduction to Judy’s amazing techniques!  These placemats are created with a paper-pieced flying geese “charm element”.  All three points of these flying geese triangles actually float!   Even beginners will be able to produce them in a matter of minutes with every point and angle perfectly aligned!  Ten Flying Geese paper-piecing foundation units (with the cutting instructions) are available in Charm Element Pack #2….

Item #JNQ132P  Retail $6.00

Think of these Charm Elements as a notion that is required to make a pattern.  They are simply packages of paper-piecing foundations that you can pull out when needed and incorporate into your own designs. The placemats above, for instance, are made with four of the ten flying geese foundations in Pack #2.

Once you have removed the intimidation factor, you can move on to the Farmhouse Window Table Runner that combines this flying geese technique with the Compass Rose in Charm Element Pack #1…

Farmhouse Window Table Runner

Item #CLPQLT003

The intimidation factor in these Compass Roses is eliminated because the bulk created by multiple seams meeting in the middle is halved – and the seams are pressed toward the sashings.

Item #JNQ119P  Retail $10.00

Then combine them in Midnight Blooms…

Item #CLPQLT001
In this pattern, two new techniques are introduced:  paper-piecing complete compass rose designs and adding the new Quiltworx Impressions.  These Impressions are laser cut applique shapes that are already backed with a fusible – just place and press!

Desert Blossoms
Item #IDB-JNQ-01  Retail $23.50






Item #ILP-JNQ-01  Retail $29.00

Once your customers have learned Judy’s paper-piecing techniques, anyone can move on to her complete pattern series.  The techniques they have learned with the Cut Loose Press and Charm Element series opens the door to these quilts.  These true heirloom quality quilts are no longer intimidating!

Compass Rose Table Runner

Item #JNQ114P  Retail $26.00
Captain’s Wheel

Item #JNQ116P  Retail $61.00

If you want to add a little bit of Judy to your next project, consider inserting some Charm Elements.  Or add a touch of applique with the Quiltworx Impressions.  The possibilities are endless…..

























































Support the Hexie!


Join Jean Ann Wright, Gurdrun Erla of GE Designs, and Rita Fishel as they showcase the newest member of the Creative Grids family – The Hexagon Trim Tool. They will be officially launching it at the Creative Grids school house at Houston – Room 362B at 3:40.

Item #CGRJAW4 Retail $24.95
I promised a few weeks ago that there would be more patterns to support this ruler in the near future – and here they are – just in time for Market!

Cobble Stones was made with a package of 40 pre-cut 10″ squares. You can’t get any easier than that! Combine the pre-cuts with a Cut Loose Press patterns – instant kit!
Item #CLPPBE001

Gudrun Erla of GE Designs created Hexie Harmony with the same Trim Tool for a totally different look!
Item #CLPGER003
Then Gudrun stepped WAY outside of the box to create her two newest patterns…Strip Lash includes cutting instructions for Crib to King side, all pieced from 2 1/2″ strips!
Strip Lash








Item #GE160 Retail $9.00

Frankly, I have used the ruler many times and need to go to the school house to figure out HOW she created Strips to Shore! Again this pattern has cutting instructions and yardage requirements for crib to queen sizes….








Item #GE161 Retail $9.00
Round out your display with these more traditional hexie patterns – piecing the hexagons log cabin style…

I Spy a Hexie

Item #CLPJAW014
Have a Cuppa Hexie
Item #CLPJAW013
Hexie Confetti
Item #CLPJAW012
If you want to start on a smaller scale, why not try Margaret Travis’s Muggy Ruggy….
Item #CLPMTR006

As you can see, this pony has lots of tricks in its saddle bag! Come join the fun and see what makes the Hexie Trim Tool a must have!

Oh Christmas Tree…

Cindi Edgerton has designed the perfect Christmas tree!  It comes in two sizes so it fits any decor.  This tree hangs on a wall so it is the perfect choice for anyone with space limitations – or those who don’t want to deal with a real tree.


Item #VSC306  Retail $8.00

The pattern includes enough tissue to piece two trees!  This tree measures 27″ x 77″.

But, right now I am surrounded with “littles”!  I have five grandchildren under six who love to decorate the tree.  In fact, they love to decorate so much that most of the ornaments hang just beyond their reach!  So you can imagine how thrilled I am that Cindi came out with a smaller version.  This 17″ x 41″ version is the perfect size to hang on their bedroom doors – and with wool ornaments, they can decorate (or UNdecorate) to their hearts content!


Item #VSC307 Retail $6.00

Rachel of Greenfield has adorable ornaments that are perfect decorations.  They come as kits or as patterns – you choose:

Warm Hands


Item #P0811  Retail $5.99
Item #K0811  Retail $15.99

Snow Folk


Item #P0406  Retail $5.99
Item #K0406  Retail $15.99

Warm Feet


Item #P0513  Retail $5.99
Item #K0513  Retail $15.99

Gift Bag Ornaments


Item #RP1009  Retail $5.99
Item #RK1009  Retail $15.99

Christmas Woolens


Item #P0803  Retail $5.99
Item #K0803  Retail $15.99

If you would like to choose your own wool, visit our website and check out all of the colorways available from In the Patch: //

Or buy one of these assorments:


Item #4800

Hillcreek Designs has packaged 25 red buttons so that you can turn either one into an Advent calendar.


Item #BV306AVSC  Retail 6.16

If you piece this out of flannels, the tree will act as a flannel board and the ornaments will stick right to them.  Add a pocket or make the mittens and stockings to create a pocket and you have an advent tree!  Get stitching because everyone will want one!  And, since it is paper-pieced, you can have them done in time to give at Thanksgiving so they can enjoy it the entire holiday season!

Strip your Way to These Glorious Quilts

When you have a friend like Kathy Brown – who designs such amazing quilts – it is time for me to just shut up and let the quilts speak for themselves.  (And if you know me, these quilts HAVE to be amazing to leave me speechless!)

Strip-Smart Quilts II is the sequel to her best selling Strip-Smart Quilts which was on our Top 20 list for over a year!  All 16 projects are made with the Creative Grids Double Strip 90 ruler – Item #CGRDBS90.


Item #B1176T  Retail $24.99

Each quilt is shown in a stylized shot as well as an entire image to aid in piecing – but also shows how dramatic they can be!

01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd


01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd

01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd

01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd

01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd

01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd

01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd

01-80 B1176 Finals.indd   01-80 B1176 Finals.indd

And, this is only HALF of them!  Once your customers learn how to use the ruler, they will want to make them all.  AND, if they already know how to use the ruler because they loved the projects in the original Strip Smart Quilts, they will be chomping at the bit to get this book as well – so order accordingly!  The book is due in this month!

Don’t forget to order the ruler as well….


Item #CGRDBS90  Retail $27.45

And for those customers who missed the first book, why not order them as well so you have a complete display…

Item #B1097T  Retail $24.99

What a great Christmas gift!

Save ALL the Dates

I love calendars – and especially love day planners – and this is the best one I have ever seen!  This 2014 calendar is due in this month – and is a great Christmas present for everyone on your list!

I want to give credit where credit is due so in their words…..The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art showcases the most elegant, exciting, and groundbreaking fashion through the centuries. A sumptuous gift for fashion lovers, this brand-new date book features the finest pieces in the Institute?s collection.

Look at the cover!


Item #SP536-0  Retail $14.99

Each week features another exquisite design with a quote from the designer.



For those who want wall calendars, these are in the top twenty…

No wall would be complete without Edyta’s annual calendar.  This one features twelve designs using her popular silhouettes.


Item #L113046  Retail $12.95

The Piecemakers annual calendar called Times and Seasons features appliques fruits and vegetables around a center cornucopia.  Love the setting….


Item #C2014  Retail $19.00

You won’t be able to keep them in stock!  But order now.  This is when people are buying calendars – they are already scheduling events for next year!

Why not include printed stickers that include dates for your shop hops, classes, quilt shows, and other important events.  Your customers will love you for it!

Reproduction meets Modern

Tula Pink has put her modern spin on the sampler quilt – as only she can!  Her new book combines 100 quilt blocks in vibrant colors.  Tula Pink’s City Sampler is as much a study in color as it is a block library.  No matter why you buy it, your customers will be glad you did!


Item #V8200  Retail $27.99

These 100 blocks are set in three different ways.  Gray is the new black – and combining the two is outstanding in this graphic version.


This version provides opportunities to teach your customers elements of color and the color wheel.


The fabrics that she designs with Free Spirit would work beautifully.  Visit our website to see her designs:  //

Choose your favorite fabrics and start stitching!  This is a class waiting to happen….

Embroidery Hints from the Expert

I got an opportunity to speak to Robin Kingsley this week about her incredible embroidery designs.  Every time I see her booth, I just want to start stitching!  She has several new patterns out and has even started combining pieced blocks.  It can’t get any better than that!

This Santa’s quartet table runner is a perfect example.



Item #BBD633  Retail $10.00

From a shop owner’s point of view, here is what you need to know….

Robin uses four different colors of backgrounds for her designs – all Kona cottons:  snow (Item #Kona-snow); bone (Item #Kona-bone); white (Item #Kona-white) and sand (Item #Kona-sand).

She uses four different colors of DMC pearl cotton:  red (Item #116-8-0498); black (Item #116-8-0310); blue (Item #116-8-0311) and green (Item #116-8-0367).

Her favorite embroidery needle is a #4 Richard Hemmin Embroidery Needle (Item #HW235-04).  It is very sharp but has a larger eye so they are easy to thread with the thicker pearl cottons.

And, last but not least, to make transferring the design easier, she uses Sticky Fabri-Solvy.  You just run it through the printer and it dissolves after all of the embroidery is complete.  You can’t get any easier than that!

Here are some more of her newest designs which will have your customers coming back for more.

Witches Hooray Table Runner


Item #BBD620  Retail $10.00

Trick or Treat Pumpkins


Item #BBD634  Retail $10.00

Santa Claus Door Stop


Item #BBD627  Retail $10.00

Mr Snowman Door Stop

Item #BBD626  Retail $10.00

Not all of her designs are seasonal.  There are patterns for you dog and cat lovers as well…

It’s a Dog’s Life


Item #BBD663  Retail $24.00

Bonefed Best Friend

Item #BBD664  Retail $10.00

Kitty Lover Reunion

Item #BBD665  Retail $10.00

Set up your display today!  All it takes is four bolts of fabric, four boxes of pearl cotton, some needles; Sticky Fabri-Solvy and patterns.  How often can you make an impact with a display without breaking the bank???  Her pattern covers are so well done that you don’t have to have samples of each one.

Visit our website to see all of her patterns://

Spruce Up your Shop in Minutes

Whimsical signs make you smile – and make your customers feel at home.  Why not give your shop a face lift in a matter of minutes by adding these to your decor?

If you sell sewing machines, this is a must – and if you don’t, it should still be hanging in your classroom….


Item #CF1859BLK  Retail $16.00 (+ freight)

The perfect sign for a needle display…


Item #CF1984BLK  Retail $13,75 (+ freight)

A kitchen area…


Item #CF1839BLK  Retail $12.00 (+ freight)

A display of disposable bobbins…

CF1926GRY (1)

Item #CF1926GRY  Retail $8.00 (+ freight) 

Fat Quarters…


Item #CG136GRN  Retail $8.00 (+ freight)

That thread display….


Item #CF1663BURG  Retail $4.50 (+ freight)

And, of course, the fabric aisles….


Item #CF1308NAVY  Retail $18.00 (+ freight)

And the flannels and wools should be well represented…


Item #CF1532BLK  Retail $16.00

Let’s not forget the notions…


Item #CF1711BLK  Retail $5.15  (+ freight)

And just for fun….


Item #CF1458WHT  Retail $5.00 (+ freight)

Many of these signs also come in a variety of colors.  And there are a multitude of sayings.  Sprucing up your shop – or your customer’s sewing room – has never been easier!  To see the complete collection, visit our website at:  //