Best Organizer EVER

I love to applique and – until now – have never found an organizer that fits my needs.  Karen Kay Buckley is known for high quality products because she produces heirloom quality quilts.


Item #KKBPTB  Retail $35.00

Now look what happens when you fill it up!


The threads fit in the see-through pockets and scissors, needle threaders, etc. fit in the bottom pocket.  But what really makes this bag special is the ultra suede strips above the zippers.

But why listen to me, when you can hear it from the expert?  Karen says, “I just love this thread bag.  It holds my Mettler, YLI and small Auriful threads for hand applique.  Each pocket has a strip of ultra suede and a zipper across the top.  To use…open the zipper and place spools of thread across the row.  Before closing the zipper…thread a strand of thread from a spool and then take the needle through the ultra suede.  Do this with each spool in the row before closing the zipper.

Now when you hand applique you can place the bag beside you and simply pull on the tail of thread that is outside of the pocket.  This bag keeps me organized which allows me to get a lot more applique completed.”

That’s right the threads will never get tangled because you never touch the spools!  And, you can drape it right over the arm of your favorite chair!

The outside comes in a variety of fabrics – we will randomly choose for you!


Order them now so you will be the first to share them with your customers!  I can’t wait to get mine.  They should be in stock soon….

Fleece – the new Quick Project for Christmas

June Tailor has designed three new products that make  fleece throws an afternoon project!  And they have even added a whole new other dimension – circles!

JT-784 (1)

Item #JT-784  Retail $14.39

Use the tool to rotary cut the circles – or if you are working with beginners who are afraid of these new fangled gadgets – mark the circles and use scissors!

Mark the stitching lines through the slots in the ruler.  Put two circles together and stitch on the marked lines.  Secure the folded edges with decorative stitches on your sewing machine!  What a great beginner project.

For those of you who love the fringed version, it just became a lot easier!  Align the fleece edge with the horizontal alignment guideline on the ruler.  Cut through the one inch interval rotary cutting slots to create the fleece fringe. You can cut 1″ to 6″ fringe cuts. Dotted lines mark the half inch lines.


Item #JT-786  Retail $23.40

For those of you who prefer to mark the fringe and cut it with scissors, use the Fringe Marking Tool….

Item #JT-768  Retail $5.59

These are all due in next month.  Order now to be the first in line….



Creative Grids adds a new Template to the Family

Wait until you get your hot little hands on this one!  In fact, it just arrived in the warehouse Friday so if you order it today, you will be the first ones to have it in your shop.  You will love it!

This 8 1/2″ hexagon can be used to cut 2 1/2″ to 8 1/2″ hexagons – and every even size in between.  There are holes drilled at each corner so you can mark the seam lines.  AND, there are markings so you can cut half hexagons and the 120 degree pieces needed to finish the outside edges.


Item #CGRJAW4  Retail $24.95

But that is just the beginning!  This hexagon has markings so that it can be used just like Jean Ann Wright’t other top selling templates – the Log Cabin and Pineapple trim tools!

That’s right!  You can cut a 2 1/2″; 4 1/2″; or 6 1/2″ hexagon and add strips to the outside edges just like a log cabin.  Hexies just became a lot more fun!  Look how easy this is….

In this case, I cut a 2 1/2″ hexagon using the markings on the ruler and added turquoise strips to alternate sides.

2013-09-22 13.19.42

Then sew black strips to the other three sides.  Don’t bother to trim off the blue points.  Just sew a straight seam right over them.

2013-09-22 13.19.51

Place the “Round One” hexagon over the center and trim all six sides.

2013-09-22 13.19.59

Add another round of lights and darks and trim again to create a 6 1/2″ hex.

2013-09-22 13.20.17

Add the final round to create an 8 1/2″ hex.

2013-09-22 13.23.11

Here is another colorway….

2013-09-22 13.21.41

What design potential~  combine any pieced hexies with plain ones – or try some of the following:

In this case, start with a 4 1/2″ hexie and add two rounds…

2013-09-22 13.20.44



Start with a 6 1/2″ hexie and add one round…

2013-09-22 13.21.28

Or, add a twist….by sewing a partial seam…

2013-09-22 13.21.17

To get you started, we already have three Cut Loose Press patterns – and there are more to come in just a few short weeks.

In Hexie Confetti, the hexagons are pieced like above with half hexies and 120 degree angles.  Start with the basic concept.

CLPJAW012 (1)

Item #CLPJAW012

In Hava a Cup of Hexie, Jean Ann fussy cut elements of a design for this cute and colorful table runner or wall hanging.

CLPJAW013 (1)

Item #CLPJAW013

In Muggy Ruggy, Margaret Travis creates a coaster using the “twist”.
CLPMTR006 (1)

Item #CLPMTR006

Be sure to like us on Facebook and tell our fans that you have this in stock!  They will love you for it!

How to Make Needles your Friend with a Little Help from our Friends

Schmetz needles will be your new best friend.  They are incorporating a new color coding on their needles.  By the beginning of next year, their entire selection of needles will have a color code for type AND, when applicable, size.



It is the perfect time to incorporate some needle education into your classes – and Schmetz will even provide you with the information!

This informational hand-out gives a brief description of each needle with helpful hints and tips.  Why not order a supply and have them on hand for your customers.


Item #D-87

Schmetz also provided the following information – which is a great cheat sheet for everyone to keep with their sewing machine!  I am not a needle person, so this is priceless!

Upper Thread Breaks


  • Incorrect threading
  • Knots or twists in thread
  • Tension too tight
  • Damaged/old needle
  • Needle too small


  • Rethread machine properly
  • Replace thread
  • Reset bobbin and top thread tension
  • Replace needle
  • Use correct needle for thread and application

Bobbin Thread Breaks


  • Bobbin case incorrectly threaded
  • Bobbin case incorrectly inserted
  • Bobbin does not turn smoothly in bobbin case
  • Lint in bobbin case
  • Bobbin tension too tight


  • Remove bobbin and re-thread with bobbin turning clockwise
  • Remove and re-insert bobbin case
  • Check that bobbin case and bobbin are in “round”; replace if necessary
  • Clean bobbin case and surrounding machine area
  • Check and reset bobbin tension

Skipped Stitches


  • Thread tension too tight
  • Needle damaged
  • Needle wrong size
  • Sewing machine out of adjustment


  • Reset top and bobbin tension
  • Replace needle
  • Use correct needle size
  • Have sewing machine adjusted for timing; hook to needle clearance; needle bar height

Frayed Stitches


  • Increase needle size
  • Reset tension
  • Replace thread


  • Needle too small
  • Tension too tight
  • Damaged thread

Thread Loops on Bottom


  • Thread not in top tension
  • Machine incorrectly threaded
  • Top tension too loose
  • Burr on hook mechanism


  • Rethread machine with presser foot “up”
  • Rethread machine incorporating take up lever
  • Reset top tension
  • Remove burr

Irregular Stitches or Malformed Stitches


  • Wrong needle size
  • Incorrect threading
  • Upper tension too loose
  • Operator pulling fabric
  • Bobbin wound unevenly


  • Ensure correct needle for fabric & thread
  • Un-thread machine and carefully rethread
  • Reset lower and upper thread tension
  • Check presser foot pressure
  • Rewind bobbin

Fabric Puckers


  • Excessive stitch length
  • Needle point is blunt
  • Excessive thread tension
  • Fabric is too soft
  • Thread displacement — too much thread in a small area
  • Fabric not feeding


  • Decrease stitch length
  • Change needle often
  • Check bobbin and upper tension
  • Use stabilizer
  • Decrease field density; scale embroidery designs; increase stitch length
  • Check presser foot, needle plate, feed dogs

Remember!  The value added service that you can offer is education!  Incorporate hints from this list in your classes to add that value added service that keeps them coming back for more.


My new book has arrived!

Writing a book is like giving birth!  You invest almost a year of your life into writing it – and then one day it arrives for all the world to see.

I know this is self-serving, but bare with me!  If I ever give birth to another child, you are going to see that as well!  At my age,Lord help us all!

Quilt Block Fusion contains ten techniques that I developed to make it possible for anyone to successfully piece miniature blocks.  But, all of these techniques can be used in larger blocks as well.  After all, if you can piece a six inch block, a larger version is a piece of cake!



Item #L113008  Retail $24.95

It is easy to achieve perfection when paper-piecing blocks.  This table runner introduces everyone to the basics – but notice that the fabrics are fussy cut as well.  All of the print fabric comes from the same stripe.


Any of the blocks in the book can be substituted in this simple design to showcase them beautifully.  Adding Pieced Applique to this basic block, creates a totally different look.

2012-01-04 21.15.05  2012-01-04 21.15.21

Adding four triangles to the paper-pieced foundation creates the flying geese units on point.  The triangles are turned so this creates an heirloom quality block.  And, by placing the applique on top, you can guarantee that all your points match perfectly.

Notice that the center square is fussy cut!  It is oh sew easy and adds a dramatic touch to all of your projects.  The cover quilt showcases all of the blocks and techniques in the book – and sets them in a fussy cut paper-pieced star.  It looks like you worked really hard, but again it is so simple!

2013-04-05 16.25.33

Once again, this dramatic setting can be used to showcase any block.   Since the star points are paper-pieced, the foundations can be blown up to any size you need.

In this basket table topper, your students can learn traditional paper-piecing by creating the flying geese sashings.  The basket is actually paper-pieced in a matter of minutes by combining paper-piecing with pieced segments and flipped back appliques.  It is so fast and easy that  you will want to reduce the foundation and createe an entire basket quilt of minis.  I can’t wait to start on mine….I’ve already got the fabric.


In Black Tie Affair, a 6″ block becomes a 36″ table topper by paper-piecing a star within a star!  Talk about getting a lot of bang for you buck!  This is a great project for those customers who have inherited a few blocks and want to share them with all of their family members.


In Grandma Emma’s Garden, Grandmother’s Flower Gardens were machine pieced and appliqued between strip pieced rows.  They were sewn totally on the machine in less than six hours!


Or fussy cut each hexagon and then piece them on the machine as well….

2012-08-05 18.46.21



Or, piece a round Dresden Plate by using a template so the outside edge is turned perfectly AND once again, you can make 24 of these in less than six hours!  The pointed version is even easier….


2012-08-05 16.39.39

   2012-03-26 14.47.31

This book has it all – new and exciting techniques; projects that incorporate them – and can be switched to showcase the blocks you want to teach; and enough illustrations to guarantee that even beginners will be successful.

Turn each technique into a class!


Hang It! for Charity

October is breast cancer awareness month.  Lisa Mullins of Wandering Stitches had a great idea for a program to support the cause.  She asked that her customers make the “Hang It” (protective clothes hanger cover) from the book Eazy Peazy Gifts by Margaret Travis.


Item #15102  Retail $9.95 Here are just a few of their entries..

They can embellish it to their hearts content.

. hangit3             hang it

The Hang Its are then displayed in the shop.  Customers vote for their favorite(s).  Each vote costs a quarter – and all proceeds are donated to the cause.
Why not “launch” the event by hosting a class?  These are great gifts – and the perfect gift for a bridal shower.  I can picture this in white – what bride wouldn’t love a personalized hanger for her wedding dress??
But, let your customers use their imaginations.  We would love to share pictures of YOUR event on the Checker Facebook page.  Keep us posted….


Wrap yourself up in Flannel with Primitive Gatherings

When Lisa of Primitive Gatherings releases a book, you are guaranteed instant sales!  Her new book on flannels is a sure fire winner.  This is a case of a picture is worth a thousand words – and these pictures make this post priceless!


Item #PRI3843  Retail $25.00

The photography in all of her books is spectacular – just look at the BACK of the book.  If the cover is this exciting, you know your customers will want to see inside….


I love log cabins so this is high on the list of my favorites…


Here is a close up of the star quilt that is on the back cover…


If you love pinwheels, this quilt is hard to resist…



Lisa’s book would not be complete without some applique…


The simplicity of this tree of life quilt turns it into a work of art…..



This book is due to arrive this month, so place your orders now!!!

Three Dimensional Art Meets Quilts

Kristine Poor of Poorhouse Quilts has mastered the art of working with the form-able stabilizer by Bosal.  Last Fall you fell in love with her molded leaves….


Item #PQD176  $9.00

This year, she has outdone herself.  These pumpkins are adorable – and the leaves are moldable as well!  What a great class – what a great gift – what a great opportunity to teach your customers about this product!


Once your customers love the product and have mastered the technique, you can move on to moldable flowers just in time for Christmas…poinsettias that don’t need watered!


Item #PQD178  Retail $9.00

All of these projects use the moldable stabilizer by Bosal:


Item #491B  $19.99

Kristine loves adding dimension to everything she does – including quilts.  These blocks look like Cathedral Windows – but are super simple!  Her grandmother would have been proud – and kicking herself that she didn’t think of it!  This is a great demo.  Why not kit the projects and demonstrate the technique for those Fall events?  The place mat is dramatic and will fit into any decor – and can be completed in just a few hours…



Item #PQD170  Retail $9.00

The same technique is used in all of these decorations….


Item #PQD180  Retail $9.00

Now that you have the tree skirt and mantle decorated, why not move on to ornaments?  These would be great for a quick Take and Teach session.


Item #PQD185  Retail $9.00

Don’t you love it – projects that work for demos, classes, and kits!!!

Halloween is in the Air…Books….Part Three

Just in time for the Fall holidays, Jeanne and Shelley have combined 15 different projects in one book…


Item #B1183T  Retail $24.99

This is a case of a picture is worth a thousand words – and several pictures are priceless!  I love this combination of applique and piecing which is featured in the cover quilt as well as many of the projects inside….






The pieced quilts are spectacular as well…These are gorgeous in fall colors but would be just as beautiful in any colorway…




Need’l Love combines rug hooking, embroidery, wool, and traditional piecing all in one book.  And they have caught the Twister fever as well!





Item #Q27  Retail $25.00

The setting and colors in this quilt are spectacular but would be great in any colors.









Or, feature their #1 pattern, Twister Jack….


Item #QP4  Retail $10.00

Buggy Barn knows how to celebrate as well…


Item #BUG609  Retail $24.00



For a more muted look, why not try Disa Designs…


Item #DD1003  Retail $16.00

Your shop will be all decked out for the season in a matter of minutes!



Halloween is in the Air…Embroidery….Part Two

For an embroidery display, pull out some appropriate backgrounds and scatter appropriate colors of floss on top.  This is a perfect opportunity to walk through your shop and pull out any buttons or trims that are seasonally appropriate.  Many of these patterns feature rick rack and button trims as darling embellishments.

Then pull out all of your bolts of orange and black.  They don’t have to be Halloween prints.  In these patterns, the embroidery provides the design so it is a great opportunity to showcase those ton on tones and solids that took a back seat over the summer.

Buttermilk Basin has some darling embroidery designs that can completed in just a few evenings.

Halloween Blackwork

Item #BMB17

Item #BMB17 Retail $9.00


Halloween Tea Towels

Add a border to a decorative towel and finish the edges with rick rack….


Item #BMB20  Retail $9.00


To see the complete collection of her darling designs, visit our website at:  //

Crab Apple Hill

Meg Hawkey is known for her darling seasonal designs and Halloween is no exception….

Halloween Journey

This framed embroidery can be the showcase of any table diisplay.  Add a few gourds or pumpkins from the grocery store and you have created a scene…


Item #CAH310 Retail $10.00






Or, combine piecing and embroidery in Dance by the Light of the Moon….


Item #CAH332  Retail $27.00


Vintage Trick or Treat takes me back to the days when I went Trick or Treating….


Item #CAH317 Retail $27.00


Or if Witches are your fancy, this boot “cornucopia” is just the ticket.


Item #CAH320  Retail $12.00

To see the complete collection of Meg’s designs, visit out website at:  //

Highlighting current merchandise and adding some books and patterns can create an instant display as soon as you open the Checker order!