What are Shot Cottons???

I hesitate even telling you about these fabrics because they were so hot at Market that the first printing is already sold out!  But if you want to be a part of the second run, place your orders now!!!  They are expected to arrive in September, so that is still in plenty of time for peak sewing season.

Shot cottons are fabrics that are woven out of two different colors.  Since the warp and weft vary, the fabric takes on a different look depending on the angle that you are viewing it!  They feel like raw silk and have an irredescent or chambray look.

“Peppered Cottons” by Studio E feature color choices chosen by Pepper Cory.   There are 25 to choose from – and they come on 10 yard bolts!  You are going to want a wide variety of colors!

Item #PEPPER-25

Item #PEPPER-28

Item #PEPPER-50

The colors are gorgeous but I love to embroider and can’t wait to use these basics as foundations for red work!

Item #PEPPER-39

Item #PEPPER-35

Obviously, pictures can’t do these fabrics justice!  Ask your sales rep to show the fabric card – and FEEL it!  See the entire collection at:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/search?keywords=shot+cotton&relatedto= You’ll be glad you did!

Counter Displays

Many of us focus our time and energy on fabrics and classes.  But we forget about those impulse buys which sell themselves right at the register.  Always have a great selection of these items on hand – they make great secret sis gifts and stocking stuffers as well.  Many of these selections aren’t just for quilters…


Kiss-Off stain remover is a nontoxic product that will find a home in every customer’s purse.  Just apply a little water and rub the stain with Kiss Off and rinse.  This product removes lipstick, blood, and even oil paint!  The display includes 24 tubes.  Check our website for pricing.

Item #136D

Best Press

This is a CHECKER EXCLUSIVE COMBINATION!! This 16 ounce assortment includes 1 bottle of Lavendar Fields, Caribbean Beach, Linen Fresh and Peaches & Cream, plus 2 bottles of Scent Free.   This is quilter’s perfume!  Let them try a new scent!

Item #60057CD  Retail $7.95

This is my favorite new assortment!  Who can resist these little snails???  They won’t be available until August – just in time for stocking stuffers.  The assortment includes 36 – 12 of each color.  Check the website for pricing.

Item #253SNAILDB

This is my all time favorite notion – so it always surprises me when people don’t know about it!  Have one open at the register with a needle and spool of thread – they sell themselves…

Item #4057CV  Retail $15.50

Your customers fell in love with the standard size Seam Fix.  Now they can buy this mini version – and have one with every project.  There are 60 per jar – check the website for pricing.  Once again, these are expected to arrive in August – just in time for stocking stuffers.

Item #SFM60D

Tooltron is releasing a Flag of the World series of scissors.  Wouldn’t these be great gifts for a Quilt of Valor group???  We also carry a United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United States.  Each display contains 12 pair.  See the website for pricing….

Item #TT00878UAST

To see the complete selection, visit:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/search?f_c=38716&page=1&limit=100&sort=score&f_cat1=32731

Scarves – the Perfect Holiday Gifts

Summer is upon us so this may seem like a very strange post!  But, in a quilter’s world, Christmas is just around the corner!  They are already looking for patterns for quick, easy gifts that they can have on hand.  And these are simple projects that are great mother/daughter classes for summer.  How much more meaningful are teacher gifts if the actual student is involved!

They won’t want to just make one of these – they will make them by the dozen!  All it takes is a sample – and these can be whipped up in a matter of minutes…

Infinity Pocket Scarf

This one is due to hit the door any day.  It features a hidden pocket that is a great place to stash a cell phone and those essentials – cash and credit cards.  You can make the pocket out of fabric or re-purpose a back pocket from a man’s dress pants.

Item #IJ968  Retail $9.99

Twisty Twirly Scarf

This one is simply charming – and is fast and easy with the Cuddle fabrics on the market!  Check out our selection at:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics/?v=S364

Item #MMM0050  Retail $6.00


A shop owner was sporting this one at Checker one day and we all fell in love with the hooded version.  I am sure the other versions are just as adorable – three scarves in one!

Item #ABQ150  Retail $11.99

Inessa Jane
One yard of fabric makes one scarf – but it can also be made with two coordinates….  These patterns are so reasonable that you can kit the fabrics with the pattern and offer the package at a reasonable price.

Item #VRD780110  Retail $2.00

Circle Scarves

Make two different variations of this scarf.  Batiks, wool, or fleece give the finished product a totally different look……and feel!

Item #IJ878  Retail $9.99

Love of Quilting Chenille Scarf
This scarf works best when it is made out of homespuns since they are reversible.  We have a great selection of Dunroven fabrics that would be great for these:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics/?v=D840
Item #CS-P  Retail $ 6.95
North Bay Accesories
This scarf has a more tailored look.  I love the button accents.  I can picture this as the perfect companion for a dress coat.  Or for a sports enthusiast, this can keep them warm without getting in the way.

Item #GC2535  Retail $12.00

Why not make a display featuring the scarves – and the fabrics that work best for them!  Finally you can offer a class where they really WILL go home with a finished product!

Oh Sew Easy Baby Quilts – Part Three

These panels and coordinates are so adorable, your biggest problem is going to be choosing which ones! Why bother? Set up a display them all! Your customers will not be able to choose either!

Introducing Flip the Pig:

Item #SB20174-520

And the coordinates: //www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=9294

Meet Lewe the Ewe….in Blue…..

Item #SB20042-710

And, the coordinates: //www.checkerdist.com/products/SB20042-710

Which also coordinate with Sky Lewe over the Moon:

Item #SB20152-710

Green Norton the Mouse….

Item #SB20160-820

Or Blue….

Item #SB20160-920

And the coordinates: //www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=9292

Lavender Meet Bird:

Item #SB20139-620

And the coordinates….//www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=9286

This Sunflower Panel comes in three colors….

Item #SB20167-920

See all three colorways and the coordinates: //www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=9295

Now, how are you going to choose! I wasn’t kidding! It’s not going to be easy! If you sell machines, why not try embellishing the panel? The embellishments could do double duty as the quilting – and your samples will be different from everyone. If you don’t sell machines, use a panel as a basis for an embroidery class. If it is for an older child, buttons and bows would be fun as well. The possibilities are endless – so you decide…..

Oh Sew Easy Baby Quilts – Part Two

These children’s panels are all darling! Some include border prints. Others include growth charts. Who can resist any of them?

As a grandmother of five, I would love for everyone to have a Christmas quilt but that wasn’t realistic until now! Meet Norton’s First Christmas:

Item #SB20168-560

And, check out our website to see all of the companions: //www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=9297

Or, if you prefer snowmen, meet Lewe’s First Snow Day:

Item #SB20173-740

And, see the companions: //www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=9298

There are lots more choices that aren’t seasonal – and will sell year round. Meet Zig the Flying Ace Dog….

Item #SB20001-730

And the companions: //www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=9290

Or Norton the Mouse & Knightley the Elephant….

Item #SB20081-710

This one includes a border print:

Item #SB20085-710

Now you can decorate an entire nursery – drapes and bedskirts or borders….//www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=9291

Orange Zoe the Giraffe…

Item #SB20054-430

This one includes an adorable growth chart….

Item #SB20059-430

I told you they were irresistible! See the entire line: //www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=9289

And there are more…..on to Part Three…..

Oh Sew Easy Baby Quilts – Part One

I can’t remember the last time I have been so excited about fabrics at Market! Susybee is one example of a great fabric line that is guaranteed sales for shops! These lines are brilliant – small affordable lines with darling prints for children!!! Everyone needs a supply of fast and easy baby quilts – and you can’t get any cuter or more inexpensive than this.

They are all adorable and make perfect kits. Let me introduce a typical example – Paul and Sheldon….

Who can resist frogs, turtles, and fish???

Item #SB20032-850

Coordinates include an allover print that would be a perfect backing – and make the quilt reversible.

Item #SB20033-850

These squares are framed by coordinating prints so they can be trimmed to any size you need. We all know that panels are difficult because what is supposed to be a square isn’t once it is removed from the loom! These designers have solved that problem!

Item #SB20034-740

And, look at the coordinates??? How cute are they???

Item #SB20038-740

Item #SB20040-850

Item #SB20039-740

Six bolts of fabric if you order the entire line! Design a simple quilt and pick and choose if you prefer. We even have CLP patterns to support them! Change up the panel and include the pattern in the kit! This one has three fabrics – and can literally be made in an afternoon! Panels are consistent in size, so these patterns work for ANY panel!

Item #CLPISE002

Or use all three coordinates in this version…

Item #CLPISE001

Substitute the gridded print for a different look…same pattern….

These quilts are adorable enough to become a child’s security blanket – but so simple to make that you won’t cringe when you see them in the sandbox! Since there is no waste to the fabric, your customers will pick them up like candy! They are due to arrive next month – so order them now!!!

Your Favorite Notions in Some New Sizes

Wonder Clips have become the quilter’s favorite “multi-purpose clip” for a reason.  We keep finding more and more uses for them – from binding clips to hair clips!  And, these do not put holes in the fabric so they are perfect when working with the popular vinyls that are on the market.

The new 100 pack is the most economical at just 60 cents a piece….

Item #3159CV  Retail $59.95

They are still available in the original 10 pack at approxiimately 70 cents a piece….

Item #3155CV  Retail $6.95

Or the in-between 50 pack size at 66 cents….you do the math!

Item #3156CV  Retail $32.95

And, don’t forget the larger size for those bigger jobs….

Item #3157CV  Retail $24.95

Meet the Bitty Bag – the baby sister of the Midi and Mondo Bags.  These bags are so popular because they are a great beginner project!  Iron the squares on to the gridded interfacing and then fold and sew!  The interfacing adds just the right amount of stability to the bag.

The Bitty Bag Fun Pack includes the pattern and interfacing for just $15.95.  This bag, made by Carolyn Griffin, gives you a visual for sizing…

Item #  Retail $15.95

But who can make just one????  Additional bolts of the interfacing panels are also available in 50 (Item #QS60054) or 25 panel (Item #QS65064) bolts.  Or, buy the pattern separately (Item #QS50039).

This purse is a great introductory class to prepare your students for the other two sizes.  The Mondo Bag is the original which is a great beach bag this time of year…

Item #QS10037  Retail $15.95

You can also purchase a bolt of 50 panels (Item #QS60039) or the instructions separately (Item #QS50037).

And, don’t forget the in-between size – the Midi Bag!

Item #QS10038  Retail $15.95

Buy a bolt of 50 panels (Item #QS60040) or the pattern (Item #QS50038) separately.  These are great classes for summer classes so stock up now!

Bobbin Savers have become a staple in every sewing room.  Meet the new size that is appropriate for M bobbins!

Item #GBSV  Retail $9.95

Try these other sizes of your favorite tools – you and your customers will love them!  They loved the originals, so these are sure to be a winner!

New Books Hit the Top 20

Three new books have reached the top 20 – two books of scrap quilts and one by our favorite masters of applique – Blackbird Designs.

Scrap-Basket Beauties includes a variety of quilts that work in any color way – traditional country, modern, Civil War, brights, and batiks!  Whichever color palette you choose, the quilts will be spectacular!

Item #B1157T  Retail $24.99

Peaks and Valleys is a fun, colorful quilt in the current popular craze – zig zags.

Porch Swing is a gorgeous red, white, and blue quilt that leaves great spaces to show off machine quilting.

Six Degrees South of the Equator reminds me of Fiesta pottery.  What a fun tablecloth this would be for your collection….

Irene’s Vexation is a fun colorful quilt that would make any child smile….

Pointsettia is aptly named and the blocks add motion to the quilt….

Star Blossoms “float” in a colorful pieced border…

Sue Pfau’s “Quilts from Sweet Jane” includes 10 scrappy quilts from precuts.

Item #B1194T  Retail $16.99

The triangles in the corners of these blocks combine with the sashing strips to create floating quarter-square triangles…

These reverse image blocks would be a great choice for a masculine quilt…

The geometric shapes in this one remind me of a maze.  Can’t you picture children following the white lines???

Why not center photos in the center squares of this one?  What a great graduation gift!

How many of us grew up playing tic-tac-toe??

And then there is just totally scrappy….

Both of these books have a multitude of projects that can translate into a series of classes.  Why not choose a few that give you the opportunity to teach a variety of techniques?  Give your customers more bang for their book buying buck!

Tending the Garden is the latest addition by Barb Adams and Alma Allen.  This book offers at least two heirloom quality applique quilts as well as cross stitch and rug hooking patterns.  Their quirky style and color choices make all of their books must haves!

Item #KCS092-7  Retail $27.95

It’s summertime – and the reading is easy so grab one of these new additions and a glass of lemonade.  The porch swing is waiting!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas in Fabric

Now we have ALL of the pieces in place!  Just as I was inspired again by Nancy Halvorsen’s new book – Ho Ho Ho Let It Snow – we have entered the book, fabric, hangers, and buttons in our system.  Who wouldn’t be inspired after seeing her booth at Spring Market!  Who would have thought that Nancy’s special shade of blue would be the perfect background fabric?

I know this is a lot of pictures, but in this case, a picture is really worth a thousand words.  And I wanted you to see the detail and quality that goes into every one of Nancy’s designs!  There is a reason she is a legend – she is an expert quilter and it shows!!!

Item #ATH548B  Retail $19.00

All of these projects are from this book….

And feature this fabric line….

available by the bolt or in a 15 yard bolt collection….

To see the entire collection, visit:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=8423

If you have already ordered it, it should be arriving any day so it is time to get your ducks in a row and order the companions as well….

The buttons for the entire book are available as a kit – or can be ordered separately by project.

Item #ATH9722G  Retail $44.30

Buttons for the Christmas Tree Table Runner….

Item #ATH9723G  Retail $11.90

Buttons for the Gather Pillow….who would have thought that so much love could be communicated in just one word?????

Item #ATH9724G  Retail $9.00

Snowflake Snowman Ornament…

Item #ATH9725G  Retail $1.40

Mitten Snowman Ornament….

Item #ATH9726G  Retail $3.20

Top View Snowman….

Item #ATH9727G  Retail $3.40

Bird Snowman….

Item #ATH9728G  Retail $2.90

Windy Scarf Snowman….

Item #ATH9729G  Retail $1.60

Let it Snow Mini….

Item #ATH9730G  Retail $3.40

Snowman Mini….

Item #ATH9731G  Retail $7.50

And then there are the hangers…..

available in charcoal

Item #27792  Retail $17.35

or copper……

Item #27794  Retail $17.35

Item #22777  Retail $13.75

Item #27887 Retail $7.18

Item #27897  Retail $13.75

Item #88017  Retail $19.80

Nancy’s designs are the perfect opportunity to kit!  Combine the buttons, hangers, and fabric in one kit.  Include Print n Fuse in the kits.  Print n Fuse is available in 3 sies – 12, 50 or 100 sheets – PNF12; PNF25; or PNF100.  This fusible web is made to run through a printer so you can trace the shapes once and your customers won’t have to.  Remember, everyone still needs to buy the book!  But. this is value added service and they will love you for it!

A CheckerYou video featuring Nancy explaining how she uses the PrintNFuse will be uploaded this week.  If you have a Checker account, check it out!

New Books hit the Top 20

I LOVE books!  And, since Market several new titles have made it into the top 20.  Check out these titles from some of your favorite authors.  Eleanor’s new book includes block patterns for 6 inch and 12 inch blocks as well as recipes they inspired.  Quilters love cooking almost as much as they love sewing, so why not combine the two???

Item #1086QD  Retail $27.95

Mary and Connie have created some phenomenal quilts using Civil War fabrics.   They take traditional patterns to a whole new level!

Item #B1134T  Retail $24.99

Check out these examples….

Seamingly Scrappy has some gorgeous quilts in a variety of color ways from traditional to contemporary.

Item #B1172T  Retail $16.99

Take a peak inside….

The gals at Buggy Barn have done it again!  Love, love, love this book and the projects inside!!!

Item #BUG619  Retail $28.00

Gathering Friends has an affordable table runner book….in every shape and size…..

Item #GF132  Retail $19.99

The sequel….21 projects at an affordable cost….

Item #LA5962  Retail $9.99

Sometimes it is best to just let the projects speak for themselves….