The Creative Grids Tumbler has a Little Sister

Before I tell you about the newest member of the Creative Grids family, we need to take care of some business!!  As a company, we decided not to release any rulers until we had companion patterns/books to go with it – and, everything would be in stock and ready to ship the week we told you about it!  We have released four rulers this month -that will be showcased at Spring Market – and have been true to our word.  We have also started advertising in retail magazines and have developed a very active Facebook page.  SOOOOO now your customers are contacting us because they can’t find the rulers!!!

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Feel free to copy and paste one of the banners from the Creative Grids website for your Facebook page, blog, or newsletter.  Let everyone know that you carry our rulers!!!  There is a banner for every new ruler as well as generic ones for the entire line.  Just right click away…

I love tumblers – and with the success of the Creative Grids Double Strip Tumbler – we know you do too!  That is why we decided it was time for a “mini”!  The original cuts tumblers that are four inches high  – fast, fun and easy!

Item #CGRDBSTUMB  Retail $26.95

To see the patterns that support the original, visit our website:  //

But today, I want to introduce the next generation!  This baby cuts tumblers that finish 2″ high!

Item #CGRSRTUMB  Retail $24.45

The negative space between the Tumblers is the exact same shape and size as the acrylics so you can cut NINE tumblers each time you position the ruler.  If you cut the fabric on the fold, you can cut 18 tumblers out of each 2 1/2″ strip…..and if you stack four strips, you can cut 72 tumblers in less than five minutes!!!  There is even a horizontal line through the center of each tumbler so you can cut them from pieced 1 1/2″ strips!  What a great way to use up scraps!

And, as promised, Carolyn Griffin has written several Cut Loose Press patterns that showcase this ruler.

Jelly Jars is a wonderful version of a scrappy tumbler quilt!

Item #CLPCGR001

This place mat is cut from pre-cut 2 1/2″ squares.  Just place one of the acrylic shapes over a stack and you can cut out them out in a matter of minutes!

Candy cups is fast, fun and easy!

Item #CLPCGR002

In Tablelands, Carolyn cut every other template!  How clever is this!  I want to try it with ALL of our strip rulers…..

Item #CLPCGR003

These three patterns are Cut Loose Press so they are simple to sew and easy on the pocketbook!  And, don’t forget to demo this puppy!  Your customers will love you for it!

College Fabrics

March Madness is upon us so it is the perfect time to share the new College prints that will soon be available from Sykel!  They have added several new lines.  To see them all, visit our website at:


But, I live across the street from one Ohio State campus and the Buckeye fans are insane!!!  And they will finally have their own fabric line arriving in July – just in time for football season!  So I will show you examples of that line.  There are 100% cotton versions as well as fleece.

Let your customers know these are coming so you have enough in stock!  They are going to want QUANTITIES of these prints so they can make curtains, quilts, bedskirts, throws, purses, and yes even clothes!!!  And, they won’t make them just for themselves – they will make them for every crazed fan they know – even if they aren’t one!!! Tailgating and Christmas are just around the corner! They will buy these prints by the bolt so let them pre-order now!

Item #OHS-093  15 Yard Bolt

Item #OHS-027  15 Yard Bolts

Item #OHS-045  15 Yard Bolt

Item #OHS-046W  15 Yard Bolt

Item #OHS-020  15 Yard Bolt

Item #OHS-084  15 Yard Bolt

Item #OHS-097  15 Yard Bolt

These are the fleece versions….

Item #OHS-012  12 Yard Bolt

Item #OHS-035  12 Yard Bolt

Item #OHS-158

Item #OHS-069  12 Yard Bolt

Item #OHS-095  12 Yard Bolt

Remember, you can back a quilt with fleece – which is 60″ wide – and you don’t need batting!  So  you can make a two-sided quilt by backing a pieced quilt with this fleece!  There is also a “barbecue kit” available:

Item #OHS-052K

Feel free to copy any part or all of this e-mail for your website or blog – or copy and paste the images from our website.  Remember, there are more colleges available.  Your shop might actually have some Michigan fans?????

Making your Life Easier – Changes to Website

Checker, as a company, strives to improve every day – and make changes when it will make your life easier.  Today, I want to bring some of those changes to your attention…

Visit our homepage at:  //

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But don’t just “like” us!  Leave comments, let people know that you carry the products and that you are willing to ship them!  Remember!  Checker, Creative Grids, and Cut Loose Press do NOT sell to consumers.  They must buy these products from an Independent business.  We host these Facebook pages to generate interest in our products to increase traffic to your store.

We also host two Facebook pages for shop owners.  Susie answers technology questions and showcases the features of our website and mobile app.  Checker You features classes, demos, and school houses presented by our vendors.

And, since Checker is the home of Creative Grids USA and Cut Loose Press, we have added links to go directly to those if you are on the Checkerdist website. products:

We also noticed that tea towels were in two different locations.  The Dunroven and Indo-US towels were under crafts and the Aunt Martha towels were under Needlecraft.  We carry all three – which means we have hundreds of choices!  Now they are all under the Needlecraft tab.

The Indo-US towels:  //

For Nancy Halvorsen fans, the towels used in her book are shown here.

The Aunt Martha towels:  //

The Dunroven towels:  //

We also carry top quality hand-dyed wool by two different companies:  In the Patch Design and Weeks Dye Works.  In this case, the In the Patch Design wools were listed under the Craft tab and the Weeks Dye Works were shown under the Fabric tab.  Now, they are both under the pre-cut category of the Fabric tab.

In the Patch Designs:  //

Item #5396  Retail $15.95

In the Patch Designs offers pre-cut circles; 5″ charm packs; Chubbies; larger background cuts and bundles – and they are all beautiful!  They have even written some Cut Loose Press patterns to showcase the bundles.

Weeks Dye Works: //

These hand-dyed wools come in 16″ x 26″ pieces in a multitude of colors – and have hand-dyed flosses to match!

You can copy and paste images, videos, and descriptions directly from our website into your newsletter!  You can even link them to our website and ask them to make a wishlist – which you can order for them!  Take advantage of all of these opportunities!  We succeed when you succeed – as a team we will both grow and prosper!

Machine Quilting for Everyone Including the Tools

I love it when a best selling book and a new line of tools can be showcased together for a perfect class!  Angela Walters wrote Free-Motion Quilting and it has been in the top 20 ever since!  She shows how to machine quilt on a domestic machine.  Her techniques and designs are fresh and creative and a favorite of the Modern Quilt movement.

Item #10860  Retail $22.91

Many of her designs can be created with the following templates.  Accents in Design has created a line of quilting tools that are cut from 1/4″ thick acrylic with laser scored lines that increase the design possibilities dramatically.  Finger grips are placed 2 1/2″ apart so they are easy to manipulate but they stay in place when pressure is applied thanks to the resistance strip centered on each tool.  These tools work on any machine – long arms or domestic machines and are available in several shapes and sizes.

Continuous Curves

Item #FLQRCC10 (the 10″ version)
Item #FLQRCC125 (the 12 1/2″ version)
Item #FLQRCC65 (the 6 1/2″ version)

Half Ellipse

Item #FLQT35E

Half Circle

Item #FLQT35HC ( 3 1/2″)
Item #FLQT55HC (5 1/2″)
Item #FLQT75HC (7 1/2″)

Straight Line

Item #FLQRS6 (6″ long)
Item #FLQRS8 (8″ long)
Item #FLQRS12 (12″ long)

Check our website for pricing.  These gems will be arriving any day – and could be in your customer’s hands by the end of the month!!

Spider Webs have Come of Age

Spider Web quilts have been around since quilters had scraps – but this generation of spiders are simply stunning.  Karla Alexander has done it again!  She has designed the perfect Creative Grids tool to make these striking quilts welcome additions to your bucket list.

This banner – from the Creative Grids USA website – celebrates the release this week of our latest addition.  (If you would like to use any of these banners, just right click on them and save or copy them into your blog or newsletter- we would love for you to help spread the word!)

Usually, at this point I would feature the tool – but in this case, the quilts are so stunning they are getting first billing!

Marco Polo

Don’t you just love the name – and the way the pattern blends into the background?  Karla’s color choices are amazing!

Item #SSQ423  Retail $9.50

Junk Jewelry

Look what a difference color placement can make!  The dramatic contrast between darks and lights in this quilt creates a secondary pattern.

Item #SSQ424  Retail $9.50


This is why I love Karla’s tools!  She celebrates the math geek in all of us.  She figured out a way to “float” the designs – our grandmother’s would have been so proud!!!  And, yes, the markings are on the ruler!

Item #SSQ423  Retail $9.50

Now for the tool that makes it all possible…..

Item #CGRKA6  Retail $20.95

The 45 degree kaleidoscope segments can be cut from one end.  The kite shapes are cut from the other end by placing the corner of a square on the white lines.  The markings in the center even tell you which size to cut these squares!  No charts needed!  Told you she was one smart cookie!!!

To get your customers started, Karla has designed a Cut Loose Press pattern which can be the showcase of a great demo…

Item #CLPKAL003

Vertigo was created with a Paula Nadelstern fabric which gives it that wonderful kaleidoscope effect.

Karla will be sharing these quilts in a school house, Take and Teach session, and demonstrating in the Checker Booth at Spring Quilt Market.  Stop by and see these quilts in person and learn how to use the ruler.  You will be glad you did!

Everything will be in stock this week so let your customers know that you have it BEFORE they see it on Facebook!!!

Square-agonals, Technique with Tape???

I love quilts that are set on point – and Sandi Blackwell has made a career out of it!  Her technique – called “Square-agonals” – creates diagonal set quilts without cutting setting triangles or figuring out complicated math!

She has just released tapes that make the whole process easier.  Choose a 5 yard or 12 yard roll..

Item #SQAAGT  Retail $3.98 (5 Yards)
Item #SQACGT  Retail $6.98 (12 Yards)

Many of you based a block of the month program on Sandi’s last book…

Item #L112971  Retail $16.95

If you have not, it is not too late to start!  What a great way to introduce your customers to this technique!  Then introduce them to her book that started the craze…

Item #L11261  Retail $24.95

And her patterns….

Item #SQA88  Retail $10.00

Item #SQA89  Retail $10.00

Item #SQA90  Retail $10.00

Item #SQA91  Retail $10.00

Item #SQA92  Retail $10.00

Item #SQA93  Retail $10.00

Item #SQA94  Retail $10.00

Item #SQA95  Retail $10.00

And there is a new book in the works so the craze continues – why not share it with your customers today???

Postcards and Purses and Projects, Oh My!

Cut Loose Press patterns are Checker exclusives and available to quilt shops to showcase notions.  Since they are Checker exclusives, they will never be sold in any chains.  They are personalized for each shop; printed on protected paper so they can not be copied; and are reasonably priced.  What is not to love about this program????  And that is why we have sold thousands of these patterns since the first of the year!

But these patterns are not just quilts!  There are lots of other projects which make great Take and Teach classes because they can be completed in a class setting – no quilting and binding required.

This tray, for instance, is reversible and has a 10″ square base.  What a great “wrapping” for a quilter!  Cut up scraps into 10″ squares and fill up this tray.  Tie a bow on it and this will be the top bid for any guild auction.  Or what secret sister wouldn’t want one of these as a gift???  Oh, and the non-quilters in your life will love it as well!

Item #CLPKPO001

The stability of the project is maintained by using Inn-spire Plus, a product that your customers may not be familiar with – which means it would be a great class!

Item #IC4350  Retail $19.99

This water bottle cover is one of my favorites!  I want to have a supply of these on hand.  What a great gift for a friend who needs a little TLC!  Take them a quart of chicken soup and a hot water bottle – what a kind gesture! Or add a pocket and tuck in a bottle of Midal for the young lady in your life.

Item #CLPDJD001

In the photo, one is made in flannel – the other is feminized with Texture Magic and bows.  A class is a great way to show your customers how to use Texture Magic.  It also incorporates Dreamy Fusible – a fusible batting.  Once again, a great Take and Teach….

Item #SLG106

Item #TM18

This cell phone wallet is on my list for Easter baskets.  Stick some gift cards in it and you are good to go!

Item #CLPSMA001

It showcases vinyl….

Item #20176  Retail $11.95

and D rings….

Item #88138DNKL  Retail $1.35

This ditty bag is darling!  The circles are cut with a Creative Grids ruler and the base is formed with a Bosal coaster!  How clever is that????

Item #CLPMTR003

Item #437B-6CR  Retail $5.99

Item #CGRMT1  Retail $16.99….

Karen Eckmeier has designed some post cards which are a perfect opportunity for your customers to play….

Item #CLPKEC002

Item #CLPKEC001

This is a great opportunity to show them how to use the Applique Pressing Sheet.

Item #BTD206  Retail $14.99

Check out these patterns – and the entire CLP line by typing in CLP in the Search field of our website:  //  There is also a CLP logo on the home page with two links.  One takes you to the CLP page.  The other shows the most recent patterns.  Shop to your heart’s content!

Creative Grids goes Crazy!

Crazy quilt blocks have never been easier!  Use this set of templates developed by Karen Montgomery to cut five different shapes which can all be cut from a 10″ square or a 6″ strip.  A block consists of one A; one B; two C’s; and one D.  The A and B are cut from the same template.  Each template has grip around the outside edges so there is no slipping when cutting.  The corners are clipped so it is easy to line up the units when piecing.  And, when pieced, the finished block will measure 8″.

Item #CGRMT4  Retail $22.95

Karen designed this pillow that is created from four pieced blocks which are trimmed down to 14″ after the embellishments are completed.  Do you have a wedding in your future???  What a great shower gift.  Make it more special by using laces, buttons and ribbons from family members.  The rings can be tied to the bow in the middle.

Item #CLPMO004

This Bead Gravy has a great selection of embellishments so they are the perfect companion.

Item #BDGR2  Retail $4.98

This booklet by Leisure Arts can assist with basic embroidery stitches if needed.

Item #LA56019  Retail $4.95

This baby quilt in pastels is even more special since it is backed by a plush fabric.  What baby wouldn’t want to snuggle under this???

Item #CLPKMO005

Karen has also created two other patterns that support the ruler and takes this tool to a whole new level!  Look how you can “control crazy”:

Item #TQC332  Retail $8.50

Gone Scrap Crazy is a great way to use up scraps in a controlled way…

Item #TQC333  Retail $8.50

How fun is this?  These templates are a great way to use up scraps because if the template fits on the scrap, you can cut it!  Just organize the cut pieces by shape and start your scrap collection!

Zig-Zag Quilting at It’s Best

UThis Zig-Zag ruler by Cotton Cottage Press comes in two sizes.  The original cuts a 5″ square from a strip set – and when the squares are pieced together, unique zig-zag patterns are formed.

Item #ZZLG  Retail $16.00

Look at the patterns that they have already designed with it!  This geometric pattern called Diamond Trip features the design in four sizes.

Item #DTZZR  Retail $8.00

Setting the blocks in a different way accents the pieced diamond that is created in Unchained Pattern.

Item #UCZZR  Retail $8.00

And, look at the unique pinwheel that is formed by turning the blocks and setting them together with sashings and corner posts.

Item #WDZZR  Retail $8.00

This template is also available in a 2 1/2″ size – so four of these can be combined to form one of the larger version.  Windy Day combines both sizes to maximum effect!

Item #PPZZR  Retail $8.00

Here is the “Mini” size….

Item #ZZSM-2  Retail $8.00

And to think they were all created from simple strip sets!  Talk about a great demo!!!

Pineapple Blocks the Easy Way

I have made literally hundreds of log cabin blocks since the Creative Grids Log Cabin rulers by Jean Ann Wright were released.  They are so addictive – and such a great way to use up scraps – that I have added log cabin blocks to the borders of several of my new quilts!  And I am not alone.  Log Cabin Quilts – The Basics & Beyond – has been in the top 20 since it’s release.

Item #L112964  Retail $27.95

This book features the Log Cabin Trim Tool – which is used to create 8″ finished log cabin blocks; and the Log Cabin Trim Tool Two – which is used to create 6″ or 12″ finished log cabin blocks.

Item #CGRJAW1  Retail $18.95

Item #CGRJAW2  Retail $24.95

And, now you can use the same method to create perfect Pineapple blocks!  And, yes, the results are just as spectacular!  In this drawing all of the markings are black so you can see them – but the actual ruler has black and white markings.  Use the white markings when you are cutting the angles sides.  Use the black when cutting the right angles.  The block is squared after each round of strips are added.  The ruler makes 6″; 8″ or 10″ finished blocks – and they are so easy I am including them as a border element in my next quilt as well.

To see how easy it is to use this ruler, visit the Creative Grids website:  //

You can view the instructions, watch a video of the ruler, and see the patterns that support it – all in one place!

Item #CGRJAW3  Retail $22.95

And…..drum roll please… every CGR ruler that is released has companions to support it!  These are arriving this week and there are three Cut Loose Press patterns to support it!  Cut Loose Press are reasonably priced and come with your shop name printed on them.  What could be better than that???

Pineapple Salad

Pineapple Salad is a scrap quilter’s dream!  In this version, scrap strips are cut at least 1 5/8″ wide and added randomly with no preconceived notion of where lights, mediums, and darks should be placed.

Item #CLPJAW006

Pineapple Playtime

Pineapple Playtime is a true planned version.  In this case, the “logs” are planned and the same medium and dark shades of a color are used in each block to create a totally different look!

Item #CLPJAW007

Tropical Fruit

Tropical Fruit showcases a planned placement of light and dark fabrics which creates a more traditional look – but the batik border gives it a modern look.

Item #CLPJAW008

You don’t even have to make the whole quilt – just make a block of each and your customers will be hooked!  This one is on everyone’s bucket list – now you have a reason to add it to the top of your list!