New Patterns from your Favorite Designers

When a favorite designer puts out a new pattern, it is like an author releasing a new book!  You just can’t wait to see what they have been up to.  And in these cases, you won’t be disappointed!

Meg Hawkey of Crab Apple Hill has four new embroidery patterns that combine her coloring technique with exquisite drawings.  The Stitch Sampler is a wonderful way to teach your students her top 15 embroidery stitches.  Their final efforts are suitable for framing.

Item #CAH273  Retail $10.00

Item #CAH276  Retail $10.00

Item #CAH276  Retail $10.00

Item #CAH279  Retail $10.00

Judy Niemeyer is releasing her new Feathered Star design – simply brilliant!  I have seen this quilt in person – and it is breathtaking!!!

Item #JNQ108P  Retail $75.00

Auntie’s Two has been busy as well.  Why not teach their techniques now?  Their bag patterns were in the top 20 all last summer so if you aren’t using their methods, your customers are missing out!

I love this hassock which is formed around a Bosal form which comes in two sizes.  The 12″ x 14″ size is Item #1412B; the 18″ x 15″ is Item #1815B.

Item #AT261  Retail $9.00

Or your customer’s can make the perfect quilter’s fruit basket…

Item #AT262  Retail $9.00

Or this bedroll is the perfect choice when you want to curl up with a good book!

Item #AT263  Retail $9.00

You probably already know which customers will want to be the first to try these, so order them now so you will be the first to get them when they arrive…..

Edyta Sitar’s Silhouettes Arriving Soon

Edyta Sitar’ s latest pattern – Spring Bouquet – is available in pattern form, as well as laser cut fabric kits!  We all love Edyta’s fabric choices – now you can offer the exact fabrics she knows and loves….

Item #LBQ0300  Retail $25.00

The nine center squares are available in kit form for $22.95 per kit:

Item #LBQ0311

Item #LBQ0312

Item #LBQ0313

Item #LBQ0314

Item #LBQ0315

Item #LBQ0316

Item #LBQ0317

Item #LBQ0318

Item #LBQ0319

Item #LBQ0320

This is the case of a picture – or ten – being worth a thousand words!  Remember, these are available later this month!!!