Dress Up the Dolls in your Life

Summer is approaching quickly.  Children will be out of school and parents – and grandparents – are looking for projects to keep them busy!  Why not offer a selection of doll clothes patterns and books?  We have quite a selection that fit the ever popular 18″ dolls.

Vanilla House has created a very simple dress that is sewn from rectangles!  What could be easier than that???  Four different styles are included.  Be sure to include a variety of fat quarters and trims in your display…

The Rectangle Dress

Item #VHD186  Retail $9.00

Sew Today’s Fashions includes a variety of outfits – from beginning to advanced.  I am sure there will be several that your favorite doll collector will love!

Item #772-4  Retail $22.99

Here are a few of the choices....

This book – also by Joan Hinds – includes more patterns that can be mixed and matched to create an infinite number of outfits.

Item #375-3  Retail $19.95

And, here are some of the choices…..

House of White Birches has combined 10 different patterns for those cool weather occasions…

Item #151028  Retail $14.95

And here are some of the options….

Once they have mastered making clothes for their dolls, this book is a must!  They can make matching outfits.  That’s right – this book includes patterns for little girls with matching doll outfits!  Maybe Mom or Grandma can make the child’s version while the child is making the doll version.  Talk about creating memories!!!

Item #Z5668  Retail $29.95

How cute is this????

Melissa Stramel has designed several patterns for 15 to 18 inch dolls.  These are all sold separately.

Item #MAS203  Retail  $10.00

To see the complete collection of her patterns, visit our websiste at:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/search?d=34076

Every doll needs it’s own carrying case – and this one is impressive!  Sister’s Common Thread has created the “Dolls on the Go”.

Item #SCT10127  Retail $9.00

By the end of the summer, you have created a new seamstress – and a lifetime of memories!

Reasonably Priced Books in All Your Favorite Styles

Martingale is releasing a series of “mini” books next month that are reasonably priced and feature a variety of patterns for less than two bucks a piece!!!  What is not to love???  In this case a picture IS worth a thousand words so here are the books and some of the quilts that are in them…..

Use up those fat quarters in new and creative ways!  This book features an assortment of nine different projects in a wide variety of colorways.

Item #B1227T  Retail $12.99

Super Quick Quilts includes ten patterns for those easy go-to quilts that you can work up in no time!  Many of the geometric designs are perfect for the men in your life.

Item #B1225T  Retail $12.99

Cut those scraps into 5″ squares or buy some of the pre-cuts on the market.  This book features 10 ways to show them off to perfection!

Item #B1226T  Retail $12.99

These quilts will make you smile in bright and happy fabrics.  Your favorite little ones will love these quilts.  Choose from nine patterns appropriate for boys or girls.

Item #B1229T  Retail $12.99

Decorate for the holidays with the warm and comfort of quilts.  Decorate your table, your walls, and your beds with a variety of nine quilts.

Item #B1230T  Retail $12.99

Use up your scraps while creating quilts designed by some of your favorite designers.

Item #B1228T  Retail $12.99

These will be available the end of next month – just in time to kit for Mother’s Day and summer classes!

Dress It Up with Buttons

Dress It Up buttons have been a favorite for a long time – and now new designs are expected at the end of the month! They should arrive just in time for your counter displays for the holidays. Yes, there are holidays after Christmas! Buttons are the perfect addition to a St. Patrick’s Day card, an Easter basket, or Mother’s Day gift.

What little girl wouldn’t love to see these in an Easter basket???

Flower Fairies

Item #JBT7022 Retail $2.49

Once Upon a Time

Item #JBT7021 Retail $2.49

Adults won’t be able to resist these new entries:

Head Over Heals

Item #JBT6963 Retail $2.20


Item #JBT6953 Retail $2.20

Flip Flops

Item #JBT6937 Retail $2.20


Item #JBT6961 Retail $2.49

And, some that no one can resist….

Spools and Scissors

Item #JBT6942 Retail $2.20

Kit N Kaboodle

Item #JBT6971 Retail $2.20


Item #JBT6930 Retail $2.20

To choose the selection for your store, visit our website: //www.checkerdist.com/products/search?v=D780

USB Ports for the Sewing Enthusiast

Ladies and gentlemen take note! This is the first time I have EVER seen a new product introduced – and all seven versions reach the top 20 immediately! The demand for these USB ports has been so intense that the initial order has already been delayed to the end of April. That means that if you want these for shop hops this summer, order them now! When they are hot, they are hot – and these are hot NOW!

These USB ports hold 2 GB of storage and are both MAC and PC compatible.

These are listed in the order of popularity the first week:

#1 – Tape Measure

Item #E10201 Retail $17.99

#2 – Sewing Machine

Item #E10209 Retail $17.99

#3 – Spool

Item #E10204 Retail $17.99

#4 – Patched In

Item #E10205 Retail $17.99

#5 – Zipper

Item #E10202 Retail $17.99

#6 – Safety Pin

Item #E10203 Retail $17.99

#7 – Owl

Item #E10207 Retail $17.99

Gift items are always a big hit – and the perfect present so order accordingly!

Why Karen Kay Buckley Scissors SELL

Karen is world renowned for her exquisite applique work and spent three years developing the perfect applique scissors.

Her scissors feature one standard blade and one micro serrated one. The flat blade can be sharpened. The serrated blade stops the fabric from shifting by grabbing the fabric when cutting. Therefore, multiple layers can be cut at one time. The micro serrated blade is like cutting with a miniature pair of pinking shears – minimizing fraying.

Each pair of scissors comes with a protective plastic cover to protect the blades.

The 4″ size have very sharp points and are great for trimming individual pieces.

Item #KKBPSS Retail $19.99

The 7 1/2″ size have sharp points and are great for cutting multiple layers.

Item #KKBPSL Retail $27.95

The Perfect Curved Scissors have curved tips so you can cut threads very close to your work.

Item #KKBPSC Retail $22.95

All scissors have ergonomically designed handles which fit left and right handed sewers comfortably. Open a pair and leave them on your counter with some scraps of fabric. This is definitely a case of “if they try them, they will buy!”

Quilt Moments Twist in Multiple Sizes

Marilyn Foreman has developed some patterns that feature multiple sizes of the same pattern. The size is determined based on the size of the Twister template. Brilliant!

If you want to make these quilts in a baby or Throw size, use the Lil Twister and piece them from 5″ squares (Item #LILTWISTER Retail $9.85). If you want to make the queen size piece them from 10″ squares and use the Twister (Item #TWISTER Retail $19.15).

These patterns from Quilt Moments will be the top selling patterns in your shop as well.

Twister Illusions

This version is so dramatic and is a great way to use those tone on tones and solids that seem to multiply in your store!

Item #QM131 Retail $8.50

Twister Tapestry

This quilt looks like a wonderful Trip Around the World – a fun and dramatic way to use up bolts.

Item #QM130 Retail $8.50

Triple Twister

This one includes even more sizes including a table runner and bed runner.

Item #QM127 Retail $9.50

Marilyn has several patterns that don’t feature these rulers. To check out her entire line of patterns visit our website: //www.checkerdist.com/products/search?v=Q245. Enjoy!

You have Permission to get Out of Line!

The Straight Out of Line ruler by Karla Alexander is one of my favorite gadgets!  This ruler cuts four to ten inch squares in half on an angle so you can cut seven different sizes from one tool for under twenty bucks!  NOW I’ve got your attention!  This ruler is so much fun that Karla has designed four more patterns around it so you have even more reasons to add it to the top of your demo list!

Item #CGRKA3  Retail $18.95

I love the quilts that feature these wonky style pinwheels but most of the tools on the market create bias edges.  Since the Straight Out of Line ruler cuts the pieces from squares, the bias edges are cut and pieced so the integrity of the block is maintained!  The outside edge of the block is totally on the straight of grain!

This ruler was created to piece wonky four- patches.  But in Against the Rail, only one seam is sewn, so the resulting piece is a rectangle – unless you add a strip of red!  Talk about adding the AWE factor!  This is the perfect beginner quilt because there are no seams to match in the blocks.  All of the blocks can be squared up to the same size, so as long as the seam is consistent, your students will be successful!  There are the same amount of seams per row, so everything will fit together!  And, since this is a Cut Loose Press pattern, it is reasonably priced and a great companion to a ruler demo!

Item #CLPKAL001

“Twirl” uses the same template to cut and piece a diagonal seam – but this time, the coloration creates the paddle wheel effect.  Again, beginners can square up the blocks to a consistent size and everything will match as long as their seam allowance is consistent – and everything will be on the straight of grain!!!!  Again, this is a Cut Loose Press pattern so you can entice your customers at a very reasonable price!

Item #CLPKAL002

“Fresh Cut” uses the same tool to create wonky four-patches for an entirely different look!  It gives the illusion of curves without the work!

Item #SSQ401  Retail $9.00

Take those same four-patches and piece them into sixteen-patches in “Window with a View”.  Look how different this looks when a sashing and corner posts are added!

Item #SSQ408  Retail $9.00

“Whirlwynd” is created with the same ruler – but looks completely different!  These quilts are a great way to study fabric choices and placement!  It will be available to ship by the end of the month.

Item #SSQ420  Retail $9.00

“Chain Reaction” puts a whole new spin on a Double Irish Chain!  And, yes, it uses the exact same tool!  This one will also be available at the end of the month.

Item #SSQ421  Retail $9.00

When have you ever had this much variety for under $20.00???

It is even featured in her book:

Item #B1121T  Retail $24.99

With this kind of added support, it is time to re-visit a ruler that is destined to be a classic!

Judy Niemeyer has Entered the Building

You never know who is going to walk through the door at Checker on any given day.  And, sometimes that person makes memories that will effect shops for a lifetime.  We experienced just such an occasion recently – and those participants will never be the same!

Judy Niemeyer is a legend in our industry and was the featured presenter at our Open House last summer.  When she told shop owners about her Certified Shop program, they wanted to participate but, of course, there was a waiting list.  Class act that she is, she offered to come to them!

Judy taught a three day symposium just down the street from Checker for over 20 shops located East of the Mississippi.  These shop owners and their assistants learned six different techniques and actually sewed samples so they could demo and wow their customers as soon as they got home!

As a shop owner, how often do you actually have a chance to sew???  They could watch everything that Judy did on a big screen T.V….

But the quilts are always the stars of the show!  And it always helps when Judy is available to pick out all of the fabrics for your quilts – and classes!  Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words – and this is one of those times!  Being surrounded by heirloom quality quilts for three days is the quilter’s version of heaven!

Visit our website to see all of the products developed by Judy:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/search?d=31658

We can’t wait to hear how they use the techniques they learned to encourage their customers to try new techniques.  We will keep you posted on the Checker and Creative Grids Facebook pages.  Why not “like” us today???

Rulers that aren’t just for Left Handers

The Creative Grids website got an e-mail this week about rulers that are ideal for left-handers.  I AM left handed – and as is true of every left hander- have learned to adapt  a right handed world.  Most left handers can read upside down, so reading numbers upside down on the rulers is just par for the course!

But, I realized that my go-to rulers – the ones that I will search out when another ruler is laying right there – is the Creative Grids Basic Range.  These rulers have markings that are the same for everyone!  That is why I love this series – they are my entrance to a right handed world!

The squares come in two different sizes – 4″ and 6″.  The diagonal line makes them the perfect tool for squaring up half-square triangles.


Item #CGRBR1  Retail $9.45

Item #CGRBR2  Retail $14.45

These rulers have basic markings – 1/4″; 1/2″; and 1″ – that’s it!  By removing the 1/8″ markings, literally half of the markings are gone which makes this one clear and easy on the eyes.  The vast majority of quilts can be cut with this ruler.  Think about it – how often do you really cut 1/8″ markings???  And, when you do, you already have a ruler for that!  The numbers are big and easy to read.  The gripper is 1/4″ around the entire outside edge of the ruler so they do not slip at all!

Item #CGRBR3  Retail $16.95

3″ x 18″ Rectangle

Item #CGRBR4  Retail $16.45

4″ x 14″ Rectangle

Item #CGRBR5  Retail $17.45

6″ x 12″ Rectangle

Item #CGRBR6  Retail $23.95

6″ x 24″ Rectangle

These rulers do not have the added 1/2″ on two sides so the numbers required for the Turn-a-Round features are removed as well.  But my favorite feature of these rulers is the dashed lines printed in both white and black.

The black markings on white are simply striking!

The white markings on  black are easy to read as well!

Now THAT is amazing!  The numbers along the side of the ruler read horizontally while the numbers on the top and bottom read vertically so they are easy for everyone to use.

Try them – you will love them!

Patterns from a New Designer straight from the Bayou

I always love it when we pick up a new designer – in this case, Paula Toups of Bayou Patch Designs.  She is probably best known for her stained glass designs, but there are many more layers to this gal!

Check out all of her patterns at:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/search?v=B170

Here is a sampling of her diverse style:

Item #BPD100  Retail $10.00

In some cases, she combines applique with traditional pieced blocks for maximum effect.

Item #BPD109  Retail $10.00

And, in other cases, she gives a whole new look to traditional…

Item #BPD503  Retail $10.00

Item #BPD504  Retail $10.00

Item #BPD505  Retail $10.00

Whether your customers love applique, stained glass, traditional piecing, or a combination of them – your customers will love stepping outside of the box and seeing traditional in a whole new light.  Coming soon…..