Color Me Quilted

The coloring craze is in full swing and these newest releases from Landauer are the first to focus on quilting patterns.  In fact, Quilt Blocks & Designs showcases blocks from one of my books.  My children and grandchildren are now impressed!  Who would have thought that a coloring book would finally get their attention???


Item #L113428  Retail $9.95

They not only all wanted a copy, they wanted them for their friends as well.  That means that this coloring craze is a perfect way to introduce a new generation to the art of quilting.  Think about it.  They are using these books as a way to create and play with color – a natural progression to playing with fabric!


Item #L113435  Retail $9.95

Why not introduce your customers to the relaxation and joy of playing again.  And, in this case, it is a perfect opportunity to give a class on color.  They can color each block in a different colorway.  You will instantly be able to point out their color preferences and translate them into bolts of fabric.

Be sure to have the tools they need on hand as well….

This Gel Pen set includes 48 pens including metallics:


Item #12-27457097J  Retail $24.63

These colored pencils turn into a watercolor effect if brushed with a wet brush.  They come in 12 and 24 color sizes.


Item #700GP-24A  Retail $24.39

Item #700GP-12A  Retail $12.29

These pastels by General include 12 soft, beautiful colors….


Item #4400GP12A  Retail $18.71

These PaperMate flairs include a rainbow of 14 colors?


Item #1919653  Retail $17.63

These 24 colored pencils come in an easel type box which makes a great presentation…


Item #CB699-4  Retail $13.99

Wouldn’t the ultimate colored pencil set be the ultimate Christmas gift?


Item #3598T  Retail $86.55

These are the perfect Christmas gifts.  If you ARE hosting a color class, offer gift certificates to the class on display as well.  What a great addition to the gift!


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